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7 most stylish glasses frame for men

7 most stylish glasses frame for men

If you feel like you’re stuck in a style rut, then some latest designs in eyeglasses can get you to think differently. Over the years, we’ve seen a plethora of great eyeglasses that have turned their attention to style that fits most occasions and outfit. 

Don’t we all want that?

A frame that blends seamlessly with special occasions, and at the same time, fits in with our day-to-day outfit choices. 

“Create your own visual style…Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Orson Welles

Glasses are an intimate accessory that enhance your face and allow a part of style to express through them. So, it’s essential to put an effort while choosing your next prescription and non-prescription glasses, depending on your needs.

To narrow your hunt for best eyeglasses for men, we’ve collected the best assortment of top 7 eyeglasses to try this year. But before we kick in with the list, here are some essential aspects you must know about glasses. 

Best Glasses For Each Face Shape

From a beginner to an eyewear connoisseur you must keep your face shape in mind while choosing glasses. We’ve all come across some hard and fast rules about it by now. Balancing shapes properly can help you look and feel good. 


Selecting contrasting frames from your face shape is the biggest trick to ace this category. For example, round face shapes must go for angular frames, like rectangular or square glasses. Apart from considering your face shape, it’s vital to keep the width of your face in mind. 


Wide frames aren’t suitable for narrow features, and narrow glasses can be a bit ill-fitting on other face shapes. Don’t worry, we won’t tell you to practice any more rules, here’s a simple and sorted trick to resolve what kind of frames would be suitable based on your face shape. 


Round - Stick to rectangular glasses with more pronounced angles and edges. Angular frames are more likely to balance out the soft features in circular faces quite easily. 


Heart - Pilots style would fit perfectly. Its smooth line and curved at certain edges complement a wide forehead.


Diamond/Square - Go opposite. Both of these faces feature angular shape so to soften the angularity, round glasses are the right pick. For sharper jaws and cheekbones, round pair frames are worth consideration. 


Oval - These face shape peeps are quite lucky! No frame style goes wrong with your face shape. It’s not fair but it’s true. So go for it, whatever you decide would fit perfectly. 


Frame that goes with Your Skin Tone & Hair

Colour coordination is the key to premium fashion. You must have heard about cooler and warmer skin tones complementing certain colours. For instance, cooler skin tones look supreme in blue and green colours, while warmer skin tones work well with orange and red colours.


These aren’t fixed rules, we can play with different colours. There's no particular rulebook to follow while choosing glasses, with hair and skin tone into consideration.


Check how well they fit

Colours and shape are significant factors, but the accurate size in eyeglasses is mandatory. How do you know that you’ve found the perfect-fitting frames? Let us help you -


  • Eyebrows are above the glasses rims

  • Temple smoothly sit on your ears

  • Temple isn’t too tight or too loose

  • Pupils are near the central area of each lens

  • Lenses don’t extend past the side of your face


If you ever have a concern with glasses quality and fit, you must opt for the free try glasses at home service. You can bring any of your 4 favourite frames, and ensure their size and how well it fits you. Based on your experience, you can proceed to buy them.


Now, skip to the good part


Top 7 glasses frames for men

Geometric Pilot Dark Royal Blue Gunmetal Spectacles

1. Reworked Pilots

The usual Pilots have become too common now. Now, we aren't saying Pilots Glasses are any less stylish, we just need to give them a little more details and modernise them accordingly. Pilots have always been men’s go-to style in glasses, so to make the new generation equally obsessed, we introduced Reworked Pilots.


The same magic, in the same design, with a few distinctions. As usual, these glasses rarely shies away from making a statement. Now coming in colours like gunmetal, gold, black and silver metals, it continues to have the same effect on people. A blend of retro, with extremely urbane colours.

Metal Browline Glasses in Crystal Brown and Tortoiseshell

2. Browline in tortoiseshell

Featuring the best elements of a sartorial men’s glasses fashion, Browline glasses with a pop of blazing tortoiseshell is a fine piece. Fusing the minimal metal frames with a Havana tortoiseshell to the upper rims and arms is a conversation starter in Pubs and Bars.


It’s also a mix-up, so people with a little this and little from different glasses would appreciate the unique aesthetic of these glasses.

Tortoise Shell Square Glasses Frames


3. Chunky Square glasses

These frames are a premium addition to any of your sophisticated looks. The square frame in chunky design gives a confident, and self-assured impression while also looking mature and well-read. 


Perfect for your job interviews or important meetings, these eyeglasses would want to bury your head into a great book. For the intellect vibe, dress these frames on mostly your formal outfit. 

Black Round Eyeglasses with Horn-Rimmed


4. Round Black Glasses

Fashion undoubtedly repeats itself. In our round black glasses, it’s for a great cause. This sauve take on the classic black glasses in rounded shape makes these glasses utterly creative. 


Black is no more ordinary now, it’s a smart colour that says a lot without trying too much. So, once you’ve found the outfit, these glasses would be the perfect finish. 

Navy Blue Full Rim Rectangular Glasses Frames

5. Angular Glasses


These sharp, rectangular glasses are one you’d want to wear with almost everything. These glasses are the most effective in enhancing people's faces and making them look sharply dressed. 


In deep colours like navy blue, the glasses' impact on any of your outfit would be incredibly attractive. The colours catch attention, while the shape accentuates your face shape. It’s an ideal frame for when you want to look extremely well dressed, without putting any effort into it. 

Silver and Black Thick Round Frame Glasses

6. Metal and Acetate Mix

These round glasses blend the best of every style: acetate and metal in it are a perfect minimal circular style. Subtly enough, these glasses suit not the only square but even faces with softer features.


Being the most interesting and unique choice in eyeglasses, you can pair them with a work suit to add a bit of sophistication and refreshing edge. 

Transparent and Black Temple Rectangular Glasses


7. Modern Translucent Glasses

Translucent acetate glasses have become a hot trend for being less harsh on colours and face shape. It allows for great fashion freedom. In its crystal clear style, the glasses look new yet suitable for people with different skin tone, and face shape.


We know, you’ve got your eye on any of these frames. So hurry up and get them today. Yes, with our next day delivery , all these glasses and more can be easily available to your doorstep within 24 hours. 


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