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Are bifocals cheaper than Varifocals?

Are bifocals cheaper than Varifocals?

By Jennifer. Published on January 17, 2020, 9:22 am

Bifocals or varifocals - selecting one of them is difficult. Those who are an ardent user of bifocals may find a little difficult for a few days to a week while adjusting to the varifocals glasses. But the user of varifocal will never ever shift back to the bifocals, considering the comfort and the visual quality. However, the choice to select any one of them depends on several factors.

On one hand, the bifocals have two separate zones for distance and near vision, it is easy to locate and spot both parts with a clear visible distinguishing line. On the other hand, varifocals do not display any such distinguishing factors. Moreover, the varifocals are divided into three parts for correcting near, distance and intermediate vision defects. Unlike Bifocals, wherein there is a quick move from distant vision area to the reading area. When it comes to varifocals, there is a very smooth transition from one zone of power strength to the other.

But the question that boggles the mind of the user is which of them are cheap and within a budgeted price. Although nothing is better than the good quality of the eyeglasses, the customer always prefers to buy a good quality product with comparatively less cost than the other product variant in the market. Let us do a small study and mathematics here to find out which is a better alternative among varifocal and bifocal glasses, cost-wise.

Cost of bifocals and varifocals in the market

The cost of a bifocal may range from £40-£55 in the UK market. A high-end seller could charge even higher than this amount. The varifocals give a progressive vision feature whereby the focus of the eyes shift from one zone to another very smoothly, therefore, considering this factor and the comfort, the prices of varifocals are a little higher than the bifocals. Some of the major specs seller and giants in the eyewear industry sell varifocal glasses at a price range of £50 to £325. This means that at £50 there is the availability of a very basic varifocal glass without any advanced coating like anti-glare and anti-UV. When it comes to advanced features of varifocal prescription glasses the cost rises to an astonishingly high amount of up to £100 or more. Besides, if you are going to opt for varifocal blue light glasses then any renowned eyewear seller may charge an amount higher than £125. The range of premium glasses can even go as high as £325.

Although the cost of any premium and luxury brand is out of the reach of common man, the prices of luxury varifocal glasses are far beyond the above-mentioned amount. The prices of bifocals appear cheap, but the benefits offered by the varifocal glasses cannot be denied. The best part about the varifocal glasses is the gradual or the progressive shift from one area of power strength to the other. This means that when the focus of eyes shift from distance to reading section of the lens, there is a smooth and gradual movement from distance to intermediate and then to the close by vision correction section. That is why they are also called progressive glasses.

What are the best Varifocal glasses at competitive prices?

Specscart is one leading seller of eyeglasses where the quality and vision clarity speaks volume more than the prices. Specscart has managed to keep the prices low for its products with the aim to make glasses reachable to the maximum people. Also, the availability of their own laboratory gives a competitive edge to Specscart to maintain accessible prices of their glasses including the varifocal glasses. To sum up the cost of a digitally advanced varifocals at Specscart can be as low and light on the pocket as £75.

By managing pocket-friendly prices, Specscart makes sure that the quality and the visual clarity of their glasses are not compromised at all. The three-step quality analysis at Specscart gives the best eyeglasses. Moreover, all glasses are already loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV, anti-scratch and shock resistance properties. That is, the user gets these advanced features on their eyeglasses free of charge. Apart from this, there is a facility to try on glasses at home even before you buy them. Regarding speedy delivery, Specscart provide same-day glasses dispatch to the customer’s located in the UK


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