Eyes Are Better When Little Ones Are Wearing Kids Glasses

Julie Topping

Published on June 23, 2022, 7:49 am

Eyes Are Better When Little Ones Are Wearing Kids Glasses

We have been talking about blue light for quite some time now. We all are aware of the fact that blue light damages our eyes and causes various problems and health issues. But do we take care of our kids who are more exposed to the blue light emitted from the digital screens? It is a matter of concern, and we should take precautions before the condition deteriorates!

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Details of Blue light

The blue colour is one of the spectrums of light. These elements produce other lights like the white light that is emitted from the sun along with red, orange, yellow, green, and red. There are different energy levels and wavelengths present in the visible light spectrum. The blue wavelengths are short, but the energy is high. Much research has shown that short-wavelength blue light is related to eye damage.

Blue light is not only emitted from digital screens or electronic devices but is also emitted from light bulbs, including fluorescent and LEDs. These devices that emit blue light have been connected to various eye problems, including eye strain and blurry vision. Other serious problems include cataracts, dry eyes, and macular degeneration. Blue is closely associated with the disturbance of sleep.

Blue Light and Eye Health

Blue light and UV light are powerful sources of high energy that raise the risk of eye diseases to a great extent. Eyes can also be damaged by bright lights. Since most kids are into using computers, their eyes are more prone to damage, and they often experience digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Hence, it is recommended to wear glasses for kids with blue light glasses protection so that your kid must experience the best and should be protected from the harmful blue light. Get a 50% discount on blue light lenses for kids to make their vision better, fun and enjoyable.

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Dry eyes, blurry vision, and irritation in the eyes are some of these symptoms. A condition caused by blue light is known as phototoxicity. The excessive amount of blue light can also damage the skin.

How did the pandemic affect kids?

Well, if we talk about the pandemic, it had a different effect on different people. But one common thing that has increased globally is the usage of digital devices irrespective of all age groups. People were given work from home, kids and students did their online classes, many influencers started with their gaming platforms, etc. Hence the usage increased way more than it was before the pandemic and remains the same even after the end of the pandemic and the demand for kids’ glasses have increased.

The reliance on technology and digital media to facilitate remote learning work and entertainment has deepened. There is a 35% whooping jump in the screen used (9 hours to 14 hours approx) for kids and elders. This has a great effect on the eyes of the kids and the adults. It has been seen that the kids of age 8-12 years are spending more than 65 hours in front of the digital screens including all the virtual learning. Hence their eyes are more exposed to the blue light and are prone to damage. Fake glasses for kids are made with a blue light coating to provide them with the best possible protection and help their eyes stay fit and healthy.

Glasses Frames for the Kids

Kids are very sensitive and need to be handled carefully. Making them convinced to do anything is quite a difficult task, especially if your kids are stubborn. But at the end of the day, they are kids, and they are very soft and listen to everyone. Thus we should try to convince them to wear glasses.

All frames suit the little kids. They look incredibly sweet and cute with every pair of glasses they wear. From colourful square glasses to clear glasses for kids, all bring out the inside innocence of the kids. Their face gets transformed, which also helps them with the best vision.

Since the kids deserve the best, and so are their eyes, we have got the best kids glasses that are flexible and long-lasting. The colourful and attractive look of the glasses makes them look more cheerful and colourful. Get a pair soon for your kids before it is too late to take care of their eyes.

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