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How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for your face


Published on July 30, 2020, 11:23 am

How to Pick the Right Glasses Frame for your face

Are you one of those people who have tried uncountable frames and think that eyeglasses or sunglasses are just not made for you? Do you feel shy while wearing your glasses because somewhere down the line you know that those glasses frames do not suit your face? If this is the case then you should change your mindset immediately as to whether you have a round face, a square face or an oval face, eyeglasses are meant to be worn by everyone.

Eyeglasses can become a major fashion accessory of your wardrobe if chosen carefully. An outfit can be enhanced or even become a disaster by adding a pair of glasses. Not considering them only for vision correction, glasses can take your fashion game to another level. Changing your everyday looks also becomes easy if you wear different glasses for different occasions. For the protection of the eyes, glasses should be worn all the time, be it varifocal glasses, sunglasses or blue light glasses, so it becomes important for you to find your best fit.

Glasses Frame for Your Face Shape

Before trying various glasses, the first step to do is to determine what your face shape is. To do that there are three features to notice primarily, forehead, jawline and cheekbones.

Round shaped face

If you don’t have edges or angles on your face and your face is pretty much circular then you have a round-shaped face. The length and width of a round face are almost similar.

glasses frames

To add edges and angles to a round face, the most suitable glasses frames are square, oval and rectangular. These help in adding extra definition to the face and also bringing out the best of facial features.

Wearing round frames should be a big no-no for people with a round face because it makes a face appear more circular and moreover, it hides the facial features.

Square-shaped face

Does your face have a balanced appearance? The jawline is the same width as the forehead? The hairline is also straight? If the answer is yes, then your cheekbones also must not be having many angles. That means that you have a square-shaped face.

round glasses

People with a square face should try wearing glasses frames which are round and oval. Pointed angles of your face will be softened by round glasses making your look completely balanced.

Diamond-shaped face

Fuller cheeks, a narrow forehead and a sharp jawline are the characteristics of a diamond-shaped face. People with this face type are considered to be the luckiest in terms of glasses because mostly all glasses frames look good on them.

cat eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses, round glasses or rectangular glasses, anything can go well with this face-cut.

Oval-shaped face

Considered to be a balanced shape, people with an oval face have a narrow forehead, fuller cheeks and sharp angles on the jawline. They have a lengthier face as compared to its width.

aviator glasses

Wide and oversized glasses can be pulled off nicely by people with an oval shape as it balances with the width of the face.

Heart-shaped face

People with a heart-shaped face have broad foreheads, a pointed chin and high cheekbones. Round, oval and rectangular glasses frames look best on them as they balance out the width of the face.

rectangular glasses

Specscart has a wide variety of eyewear for people with every face shape in different designs and colours. Glasses can be bought online from Specscart easily with a home trial of four frames for a period of seven days absolutely free. They even offer home eye tests in which an optician comes at your home to examine your eyes with top-quality equipment. In addition to this, NHS free eye tests are also conducted by Specscart and you can book a group eye test for corporate purposes or for care homes. All frames like aviator glasses, round glasses or cat-eye glasses are available at Specscart.

Do check out Specscart’s website and order your glasses now!

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