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Varifocal Sunglasses

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What are Varifocal Sunglasses?

Varifocal sunglasses are perfect if you need different vision correction for things close-up, far away, and in-between – all while protecting your eyes from the sun. They work just like your regular varifocal glasses but with the bonus of sun protection for outdoor use. All our varifocal sunglasses are tailor-made for your vision needs. The biggest advantage of Varifocal lenses is that you get a seamless transition when you are switching between different viewing distances.

1000+ Fashionable Styles for Varifocal Sunglasses

We have introduced a wide range of sunglasses styles with varifocal lenses. But if you want more styles or want to convert your favourite Specscart frame to varifocal sunglasses, you can do that as well. You can choose from any frames on our website and convert them to varifocal sunglasses. All you need to do is select the varifocal lenses of your choice during the checkout and add the sunglasses tint colour that you want. With 1000+ premium and fashionable frames at unmatched prices, you will get “A Frame For Every Game.”

Disrupting the Standard in Varifocals

Specscart offers the most advanced varifocal lens for the price that uses the latest Digital Raypath Technology. Our Innovator 4D is perfect for everyday use, and a digital lifestyle. You also get customisation on the lens based on your individual vision needs to ensure a seamless viewing experience.

How to Buy Varifocal Sunglasses?

You can order varifocal sunglasses on Specscart’s website in less than 1 minute. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to buy varifocal sunglasses:

Step 1: Visit the Specscart website and navigate to the sunglasses page.

Step 2: Find your favourite sunglasses style and continue to check out.

Step 3: Follow the further steps which hardly take a minute or two and make the payment to complete the order.

We offer a 60-day return policy on all varifocal glasses and sunglasses

Delivering Specscart Promise

With every sunglasses order from Specscart, you get a free anti-UV coating that offers complete protection from harmful UV rays from the sun as a part of our Specscart promise. Along with that you get premium accessories like a case, a microfibre cleaning cloth, a cleaning solution, and a screwdriver for free with every order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are varifocal sunglasses?

Varifocal sunglasses are prescription sunglasses designed for people who have simultaneous vision correction of near and far-sightedness. Just like regular varifocal lenses, they seamlessly blend multiple prescriptions into one lens. This means no more switching glasses between reading and gazing at the horizon!

Varifocal sunglasses have a gradual change in power from top to bottom. The top is for distance vision, the bottom is for reading, and there's a smooth transition in between for things like computer screens. By slightly moving your eyes up or down, you find the right focus point.

If you wear varifocal glasses and want the same convenience in your sunglasses, they're a great solution. They save you the hassle of carrying multiple pairs of glasses around. Your optician can advise you on the best option for your individual needs. You can book a free eye test at any of Specscart's stores if you live in Manchester.

Varifocal sunglasses from Specscart come with protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

You can choose any frame from our website including rimless frames for your varifocal sunglasses.

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