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With Women’s Sunglasses on, you can’t go wrong even if you try. These glasses and frames online are what fashion is made of! They’re cool, comfortable, and very nifty. They will give you an edgy, extremely fashionable look, no matter what outfit you pair them with. Glasses and frames for women should be as fashionable as they are comfortable. Whether you wear a light coloured dress, or bold formal attire, cateye prescription glasses and sunglasses have you covered all the way. Cateye prescription glasses and sunglasses are also popular as glasses for small faces. Wayfarers or square frame glasses have also recently become popular among women. Remember Emma Stone’s look in the movie Easy A where she donned Wayfarer sunglasses? The frames made her entire look very sassy which in turn made it absolutely memorable. The best part about square frame glasses is that they’re both a conventional, as well as an unconventional choice. It’s a fashion statement which came into existence to stay immortal. Utterly timeless, these sunglasses are best suited for people with rectangular or round faces. And of course, they look highly elegant on people with oval shaped faces, who are undoubtedly considered to be the luckiest people in the realm of glasses. But the most recent trend in women’s sunglasses is the butterfly or winged style. It is one of the bestsellers on While cateyes have an upward sweep, butterfly sunglasses have a more horizontal or sideway sweep. It accentuates your features and provides more definition to the face. More often than not, subtlety is the key. Women’s Oval Sunglasses are wide in their shape, and are not as tall as rounded frames. Round sunglasses attract a lot of attention since they are bold, and angular. But not everybody likes their sunglasses taking all the attention while their facial features hide in plain sight. If you are looking for new glasses frames, browse through hundreds of styles on By removing middlemen from the eyewear selling process, we are able to sell new glasses and frames at less than half the prices of monopolistic brands, while providing better customer service.

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