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anti-reflective glasses for computer and night driving anti-glare glasses for night driving and computer

At Specscart - it's Free and will always be.

Free protective coatings with every frame

Anti-UV coating

It empowers the lenses to block incoming UVA and UVB rays from the sun to offer crucial outdoor protection


A hard, thin filter used to cut down the reflection of light, allowing it to pass through

Impact Resistance
Impact Resistance

The strong material strengthens your lenses, helping prevent physical damages


A protective layer that helps prevent scratches, making lenses more durable and safer

anti-reflective lenses

Anti Reflective Glasses

No Pain - No Strain

We ask ourselves this question - in the 21st century we have power steering in every car, feather touch on every phone - then why not anti-reflective lenses on every pair of eyeglasses? And so, we took a decision that all our glasses will offer Anti-reflective, Anti-scratch and Anti-UV coatings as a complimentary service.
Anti-Glare glasses or Anti-Reflective glasses for night driving and computer use have a special coating that improves vision clarity and comfort, while reducing strain on the eyes. All Specscart glasses come with these coatings at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

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anti-reflective glasses

How do Anti Reflective
Lenses work?

Anti Reflective lenses provide enhanced vision clarity by transmitting 99.9% of light to the eye. They also reduce glare by providing uncoloured vision inside and out.

How anti-reflective lenses work?

Anti Reflective Lens Vs Ordinary Lens

Anti‐Reflective Lenses provide 30% more enhanced vision clarity when compared to standard hard coat lenses. Specscart only uses Premium Anti‐glare lenses which are built in with 100% UV protection as standard. One can say that Anti‐Reflection would bring life to a high definition visuals when compared to the old uncoated lenses which get smudged and scratched easily. Anti‐Reflective glasses also can be used to reduce eye strain from constant screen working and prevention against dry eyes.

anti reflective view
Anti-reflective lens
anti reflection ordinary
Ordinary lens
Anti-Glare Lenses Benefits
releive strain anti reflection

Relieves eye strain

clear vision anti reflection

Helps in clear vision

reduced glare anti reflection

Reduced Glare

perfect drive anti reflection

Perfect for Driving

Anti Glare Lenses Benefits

All specscart lenses are Anti‐Reflective, scratch proof and loaded with superhydrophobic coatings which makes them smudge free. This makes our fullyloaded lenses perfect for every day use.

How To Buy these lenses

All our glasses are come with Free fully loaded anti‐reflective lenses which are
scratchresistant, impact resistant and UV + protected.

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Questions On Your Mind ?

Everyone can use Anti-Reflective lenses for enhanced vision clarity and reduced eye strain against harmful. - Wether you have prescription or not.
Yes all glasses sold at Specscart come with Anti-reflective - UV+ protection.
You can add Clear Fully-loaded Anti-reflection lenses at no additional costs to anypair.
Clear lens package is pre-loaded with Anti-reflection, anti-UV, scratch resistant and impact resistant - we call them Fully Loaded.
Anti-Glare lenses are modern age lenses with a special anti-reflection or AR coating on the lenses that prevents any unnecessary reflection produced due to the surface of the lens. Traditional lenses are made from CR-39 material which contains plastic and an uncoated lens disrupts the light because it gets scattered all over the lens. Premium anti-glare lenses will allow the light to pass through keeping the vision crystal clear and preventing any glare caused due to the surface of the lens.
Anti-glare lenses provide crystal clear vision as the light passes through the lens without any disruption caused due to the surface of the lens. The anti-reflection coating on the lens prevents the light from getting scattered on the lens material which can be dangerous in night-time driving. The anti-glare coating with prevent the glare effect and helps in night time driving.
All Specscart glasses come with free complimentary premium Anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-UV coating.
Yes, you can choose non-prescriptive option during the lens checkout process and your glasses will be made with non-prescriptive lenses.
Anti-glare glasses provide crystal clear vision by eliminating unnecessary reflection or glare caused due to scattering of light on the surface of the lens. Premium Anti-glare lenses from Specscart are very helpful during night-time driving and reduce the effect of harmful blue light that comes from digital devices.
Yes, Anti-glare glasses are ideal for night-time driving. A lot of companies use the term night driving glasses and night glare glasses for Anti-glare glasses.
All Specscart lenses come with anti-scratch material as standard. This makes the lens last longer preventing scratches. However extreme rough usage can cause scratches on any lens material.
All Specscart anti-glare lenses come with a 1 year warranty on the coating. The anti-glare coating should easily last on a lens without any damage for a 1 year.