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What is Anti-Reflective or Anti-Glare coating?

It is a special type of coating that has one simple job - to reduce the amount of glare or reflection from your lenses. It is applied on both the sides of lenses and let most light pass through. Not only do anti-reflective glasses help in computer use and driving at night, they also allow other people to see you clearly. Since more light reaches your eyes, you’ll also notice an improvement in your vision. And the best part? Anti-glare (along with anti-scratch and anti-UV) coating is free of cost at Specscart.

Benefits of Anti-reflective lenses

Helps in night driving
Clear vision
Less Eye Strain
Photos without glare

Goodbye Glare!

With no glare, your lenses practically become transparent. Which means your eyes can take the spotlight! It not only improves vision, but is also less distracting. Better quality photos is an added bonus!

ordinary lenses
Anti reflective lenses

How to add anti-glare lenses to glasses?

Anti-glare or anti reflective coating comes standard with all Specscart glasses. It's free and always will be - that's a promise!

How do anti-reflective lenses work?

It's actually quite simple - we apply a coating on both sides of the lenses which lets 99% of the light pass through.

anti glare lenses
anti glare lenses active glare
No reflections = no glare = happy eyes!
No Reflections


Anti-glare coating significantly improves vision by eliminating excessive brightness from direct or reflected light.

It Comes complimentary with All our glasses!

Now the time for glasses
Now the time for glasses

Anti-glare coating significantly improves vision by eliminating excessive brightness from direct or reflected light.


Everyone can use Anti-Reflective lenses for enhanced vision clarity and reduced eye strain against harmful. - Wether you have prescription or not.
Yes all glasses sold at Specscart come with Anti-reflective - UV+ protection.
You can add Clear Fully-loaded Anti-reflection lenses at no additional costs to anypair.
Clear lens package is pre-loaded with Anti-reflection, anti-UV, scratch resistant and impact resistant - we call them Fully Loaded.
Anti-Glare lenses are modern age lenses with a special anti-reflection or AR coating on the lenses that prevents any unnecessary reflection produced due to the surface of the lens. Traditional lenses are made from CR-39 material which contains plastic and an uncoated lens disrupts the light because it gets scattered all over the lens. Premium anti-glare lenses will allow the light to pass through keeping the vision crystal clear and preventing any glare caused due to the surface of the lens.
Anti-glare lenses provide crystal clear vision as the light passes through the lens without any disruption caused due to the surface of the lens. The anti-reflection coating on the lens prevents the light from getting scattered on the lens material which can be dangerous in night-time driving. The anti-glare coating with prevent the glare effect and helps in night time driving.
All Specscart glasses come with free complimentary premium Anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-UV coating.
Yes, you can choose non-prescriptive option during the lens checkout process and your glasses will be made with non-prescriptive lenses.
Anti-glare glasses provide crystal clear vision by eliminating unnecessary reflection or glare caused due to scattering of light on the surface of the lens. Premium Anti-glare lenses from Specscart are very helpful during night-time driving and reduce the effect of harmful blue light that comes from digital devices.
Yes, Anti-glare glasses are ideal for night-time driving. A lot of companies use the term night driving glasses and night glare glasses for Anti-glare glasses.
All Specscart lenses come with anti-scratch material as standard. This makes the lens last longer preventing scratches. However extreme rough usage can cause scratches on any lens material.
All Specscart anti-glare lenses come with a 1 year warranty on the coating. The anti-glare coating should easily last on a lens without any damage for a 1 year.

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