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Reglaze Glasses

Service your Frames, with New Lenses

Reglaze Your Glasses from £29.99 with Fully-loaded Anti-Glare Lenses

Your Frames ‐ Our Lenses!

Love your own frames and want to reglaze your own prescription glasses? Our Reglaze glasses service allows us to put our finest new lenses to your existing frames with quality finish that’s made in the UK. Get Service of a high street at fraction of the costs which has been made possible through in-house state of the art glazing laboratory based in Manchester that allows us to Reglaze glasses online. We can turnaround your frames in 24hours with new lenses in old frames. Our Reglaze my glasses lens replacement service will allow you to reglaze your existing glasses frames with new customisable lenses with various coatings such as Clear Anti-glare, X-Blue, Transitions and Sunglass tints. Reglazing glasses service is a solution to replace your scratched lenses or update new prescription in existing frames.

How It Works

choose glasses reglaze

Step ‐1

Choose your lenses and prescription by placing an order with us. For any questions reach out to our team at 01613125767

post frame reglaze

Step ‐2

Once the order is placed, Post your frames to us and we will notify you when they are with us and do the necessary checks while processing.

dispatch reglaze

Step ‐3

Once the glasses are ready, We will dispatch them with complete care‐kit for you. Enjoy 30‐ Day warranty on lenses.

Transparent Pricing

If you have any doubt or questions with the pricing, please let us know at 01613125767.

Single Vision - Reglaze Pricing at £29.99 + Lenses
Coating Options Basic Lenses 1.5 index
(Prescription 0‐3)
Thin Lenses 1.6 index
(Prescription 3-6)
Ultra-Thin Lenses 1.67 index
(Prescription 6-9)
Clear Anti‐Glare ﴾Fully Loaded﴿ Free £25 £55
X-Blue UV+ Lenses £25 £50 £80
Sunglasses £15 £40 £70
Transitions Lenses £55 £80 £110
Advanced Varifocals - Reglaze Pricing £29.99 + Lenses
Coating Options Basic Lenses 1.5 index
(Prescription 0‐3)
Thin Lenses 1.6 index
(Prescription 3-6)
Ultra-Thin Lenses 1.67 index
(Prescription 6-9)
Clear Anti‐Glare ﴾Fully Loaded﴿ £75 £100 £130
X-Blue UV+ Lenses £100 £125 £155
Sunglasses £90 £115 £145
Transitions Lenses £130 £155 £185

Rimless glasses are subject to an additional charge of £25 on top of the above pricing.*

clear fully loaded

Clear Fully Loaded

sunglasses reglaze


transition reglaze


Digital blue reglaze

X Blue


It’s your responsibility to make sure that the frames are not broken and are in good condition without any cracks, undamaged screws and hinges.
We should be able to reglaze almost all kinds of frames except : Tag Huer, Serengiti, Polaris, Oakley Sunglasses, Lindberg and Cartier.
Sorry, we do not reglaze safety glasses at the moment.
Our dispensing optician or Lab Manager will contact you incase we need to customise your options in order to make the glasses better.
All order sent to us are subject to a mandatory shipping of £3.90. If the frame is non-grazable due to lens combination and prescription, this charge shall still be applicable as frames shall be sent back via 1st class tracked service. International orders may have additional shipping cost.
We can reglaze Clear, Blue-light, Sunglass tints and transitions to your frame.
Yes, You can call our team at 01613125767 for placing order or any questions relating to the order.

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FREE Protective Coating With Every Frame

Free Anti-UV Coating


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Free Impact Resistance Coating

Impact Resistance

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