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The pain of choosing new spectacle frames is often overlooked. But, Specscart solves the problem with its curated Home Trial Box.

The pack includes 4 of our most popular glasses based on customer reviews and ratings, delivered to your doorstep!

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Order Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses

Remember the time when Bob Dylan made his tour with his soul partner, a pair of cat-eye sunglasses? Exactly just like Bob Dylan, you do not need anyone else when you are with these feline beauties and cat-eye frames. However, breaking the stereotypes of feminine fit, focusing on evoking the musician's charisma in you, these cat-eye frames are exactly your fit for the year.

Order Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses

Cat-Eye Reading Glasses

A pointy glasses style that makes eyewear fashionable, the desirability of having a pair of designer reading glasses changes your attitude towards fashion. Re-imagine your wild child choosing whichever shape catches your eyes. Also, these timeless beauty women's cat-eye reading glasses fully master the art of capturing the maximum attention in a room.

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Designer Cat-Eye

Designer Cat-Eye Glasses
Designer Cat-Eye Glasses

The dream of the 50s and 60s is alive and is now creating a style statement with these glasses itself. Recall the excitement of runways and vacation spots, these pretty-looking frames have stolen the look in every picture. From your pretty serious business meets to after-work parties, these stylish glasses frames are in for every adventure

Women Cat-Eye Glasses

Be the owner of your own creation, break the monotony, and ditch the trends, do not let others know your next move. In addition to these super adorable cat-eye styles, there has been a perfect balance of sensuality and charm. A pacemaker, a trendsetter, a fashion icon in itself, there is no such mood these frames could not fit into

Women Cat-Eye Glasses

Buy Prescription Cat-Eye Frames Online

Be it round, square, geometrical, be it oversized, small, or a perfect fit, you can easily find your feline fit right on your screen. Swing it on your hair or just let it hang off your shirt, or make it your loyal partner in your travel handbag, it won’t be leaving your side anytime soon.

You can check out other styles over our website, whether your need is glasses frames for women or you are looking to buy men’s glasses.

You can check out other styles over our website, whether your need is glasses frames for women or you are looking to buy men’s glasses.

FAQs on Cateye Glasses

Why should I choose cat eye glasses?

These frames offer a very chic and high fashion look. They also help to accentuate your facial features.
Cat-eye glasses suit round, oval, square, and heart-shaped faces really well.
Definitely! Just go for rounded lenses with a subtle upsweep.
We dispatch all orders within 24 hours of receiving them. But, if your glasses need to have a bit complex prescriptions or additional coatings except anti-glare, anti-uv, and scratch resistant ones, you may have to wait for a maximum of 7-10 days before we make you a fantastic pair of lenses from scratch.
Yes, why not? Specscart gives you the opportunity to try glasses at home that includes 4 frames and 3 lenses for a week without any charge. You can return all the frames after 7 days of trying and order the ones you loved the most. We even have a returns label in our home trial package, so that shipping it is free for you both sides.
Indeed they are. That’s why they are so loved by women. They have the capability to lift your facial features and make you look years younger.
Yes, why not! We believe any person can wear any frame shape or style, according to their preference. If you don't feel comfortable wearing sharp, winged cat eyes, we also have slightly round styles with a subtle upsweep.
We make cat eye glasses in a variety of materials like acetate, stainless steel and titanium.
Yes! Check out our cat eye sunglasses here.
Heart shaped faces have a wide forehead, high cheekbones, and pointy chin. Women’s cat eye glasses with a subtle round shape will look great on them. Go for ones in acetate, like clear cat eye glasses.
Depending on the outfit you wear them with, cat eye glasses are very versatile. With metal cat eyes and trouser suits, they create a bold and professional look. Clear cat eye glasses are ideal for a casual day out - wear them with t-shirt and denims and you are all set. If you don’t want to experiment much, black cat eye glasses are always a safe choice.
Round face shapes will look great in glasses which add bold, angular lines to the face structure. That is why vintage cat eye glasses with a sharp upsweep are perfect for round face types.
At Specscart, you will find cat eye glasses in all shapes and sizes. From black cat eye glasses to clear cat eye glasses, there is a range of colours to choose from. What will be your pick?
Cat eye frames gained popularity in the 1950s as sunglasses. Celebrities like Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe made them extremely popular.
We recommend that you get Premium Thin lenses if your prescription is above 3, and Ultra Thin lenses if it's above 6. These high index lenses make sure that they're thin while accommodating stronger prescriptions.
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