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More than Glasses and Sunglasses

The new age of buying Glasses & Sunglasses is dawning and to buy glasses online and sunglasses online is fashionable, trendy and everybody is joining in. Specscart are changing the way people buy glasses online and Sunglasses online. Specscart is designing premium quality glasses and sunglasses for every occasion. Going out for dinner or going shopping with friends, never wear the same glasses for both again. Boost your style by adding matching eyewear!

New Ways For Buying Glasses Online and Sunglasses Online

Remember how many pairs of shoes average Joe had 20 years ago? one or at most two pairs. Times have changed drastically in the UK and prescription glasses are fashion accessories that people change for work, leisure and to match their clothing. We observed an industry which has been the same for years, dominated by certain big players - making a person's most intimate accessory simply a sight correction device that people hide away. Glasses online UK and Sunglasses online UK - Times are changing in the UK because Specscart is changing the way we people perceive glasses and now one can buy glasses online to suit their mood, jobs, clothes and holidays. The great news is we can now afford it with Specscart Glasses online giving us great quality glasses at affordable prices.

Why Specscart Started

We started Specscart in 2017 in Manchester University and decided to change the way people in the UK perceive prescription glasses. We believe that glasses are the most intimate accessory a person can have. We believe people should have a place in their wardrobe for many designs of glasses. However, due to the huge costs, people started to perceive glasses as a medical instrument. How could you consider having 10 pairs of glasses when certain retailers charge over £100-£150 for a decent pair of glasses without anti-reflective lenses. For example, if you want to buy extremely stylish frames like cat eye glasses, you would have had to spend a fortune. And why would a non-prescribed individual burn his pockets for this accessory when he’s has no need too. Specscart is born to solve this problem and change the prescription glasses online and offline industry for good.

Complimentary Anti-Glare Glasses and Anti-Reflection Glasses

Specscart are giving you free anti-reflective, impact resistant, scratch resistant lenses as a complimentary. Also, to encourage non-prescriptive consumers to buy UK glasses online we’ve introduced 50% OFF SOME SELECTED FRAMES. We are encouraging the use of glasses for anyone and everyone. We’ve been successful in connecting consumers direct to manufacturers while eliminating all the middlemen. At Specscart one can easily get a high quality pair of UK glasses online starting from just £30. Also, every pair is hand-glazed in the UK. Be it the charming rounders or fashionable cat eye glasses frames, you’ll find every style of glasses on our UK online store..

SPECSCART Award Winning UK Glasses Online Company

This has been made possible by winning the UK Venture Further Award 2018 and The Albert Gubay Award 2017. Specscart is backed by Manchester Enterprise Centre (University of Manchester) who awarded our startup with giving monetary funding and a free retail space for 2 years. What happens when there’s a great demand for an accessory, yet it is being sold at artificially high prices. A better alternative is born. You'll find every available style of frames on Specscart. We make shopping for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses online UK fun and easy!
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Our work speaks for itself ‐ Specscart has recently been awarded first prize in Venture Further 2018 Business Category. We are constantly working to innovate new ways and technology to become UK’s leading Eye Care provider.