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Step into the spotlight with thick frame glasses! They emit confidence and make a powerful fashion statement. These bold marvels merge style and functionality, commanding attention wherever you go. Get thick frames with thin lenses and enhance your vision in unparalleled style. Be the talk of the town!

Thick Prescription Glasses

Thick Prescription Glasses - Are They Heavy?

Thick frame glasses for men and women may appear heavy due to their thick and extra big bridge and frame size, but their weight is not necessarily heavy. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, innovative materials like titanium and acetate have paved the way for lightweight designs. Don't let their imposing thickness fool you, for these extraordinary frames have shed the burden of weight!

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Specscart Marvel Material Thick Frames

Marvel Materials

Get ready to unveil the secret behind the lightweight wonder of thick frame prescription glasses! It's all thanks to the incredible materials that are used for making these bold frames.

The primarily used material is acetate. It makes the frames lightweight and comfortable along with being more durable, flexible and stronger. It can sometimes be mixed with titanium, which is another featherlight and robust material.

Specscart Marvel Material Thick Frames
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Thick Frames, Thin Lenses
A Perfect Blend!

Discover the ultimate eyewear revolution: thick frames with unbelievably thin lenses! Unleash your vision’s full potential as these cutting-edge glasses transcend the limits of traditional prescriptions.
With Specscart, you can have higher prescriptions made in thin lenses and fitted in thick frames. Experience the joy of crystal-clear vision, and let your eyes revel in the freedom of lightweight brilliance!

Specscart Thick & Think Lens Frames

Thick Frames & Face Shapes

Thick frame eyeglasses: the bold, the daring, the game-changers! With their distinctive style, they're here to make a statement. But do they suit your
face shape? Fear not! These sassy spectacles flatter a range of face shapes.

Thick Glasses For Oval Shape
  • Oval faces, get ready to rock thick black frame glasses for a symmetrical and trendy appearance. Pair them white shirt and denims and see what magic they create.
  • Round faces, prepare to stand out with the striking contrast provided by angular frames. Pair them with a graphic t-shirt, jeans,sneakers and rectangular thick glasses and spread some cool.
Thick Glasses For Round Shape
Thick Glasses For Square Shape
  • Square faces, say goodbye to sharp edges as thick frames bring a touch of softness and sophistication. Pair them with tailored suits or co-ords and round thick frame glasses and get going.
  • Heart-shaped faces, get ready for some drama and make a bold statement with thick frames. Pair these with a flowy dress or beachwear along with a cat-eye thick frame for a beach day-out and show off some style.
Thick Glasses For Heart Shape

No matter your face shape, thick frames add audacity and flair to your unique features. Get ready to turn heads!

To explore more styles, browse through our extensive glasses collection. If you are looking for women’s glasses frames, we have fine-tuned our collection with the trending styles. When it comes to glasses frames for men, there are never ending options here too.

FAQs About Thick Glasses

Are thick frame glasses in style?

Thick frame glasses have been always in fashion over the years, and currently, they are quite popular and considered fashionable. Many fashion-conscious individuals and celebrities are embracing thick frames as a trendy accessory.
The choice between thick and thin frame glasses depends on your personal style, face shape, and the look you want to achieve. Thick frames can make a bold and statement-making fashion statement and they may work best for certain face shapes like round or heart-shaped faces. Likewise, thin frames go well with small faces and they enhance the overall look of the wearer. Thick or thin, it totally depends on how you carry it. Wear them with confidence and you’ll rock every look.
Any frame, when properly fitted and prescribed, should not restrict your vision. The thickness of the frames typically refers to the style and appearance rather than the lenses. The lenses in your glasses are what primarily affect your vision. Properly fitting glasses should not limit your field of vision.
After all the healthcare and economic falldowns of previous years, this year finally is the year of revival and going bold and strong. Since thick frames symbolises boldness, these are seen sported by a lot of celebrities and influencers as a showcase of being bold and more powerful and that’s why these glasses are fashionable currently.
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