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Featuring Our Actics Range of Sports Sunglasses

Athletes know that detail matters. The right gear can mean the difference between hitting your stride and falling behind. That's why we've designed the Actics range of sports sunglasses - crafted specifically to protect your eyes and optimise your vision on the field, court, or track

Ordinary sunglasses just aren't built for the rigours of competition. Actics sunglasses are engineered with the athlete in mind, offering superior protection and clarity to ensure optimum performance. Choose from a wide collection of styles to suit your sport and take your game to the next level.

Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Athletes with vision challenges know the struggle of finding eyewear that balances vision correction with protection against harsh sunlight. The pain point with respect to prescription glasses is that they do not effectively block the piercing rays of sunlight from getting into your eyes during outdoor sports. Specscart's sports prescription sunglasses are a game-changing solution.

We combine crystal-clear vision correction with the features of sunglasses you need for outdoor competition. Choose from single-vision, or varifocal lenses, all seamlessly integrated into your favourite Actics sports sunglasses.

Sports Sunglasses for Men

Upgrade your game and your look with Specscart's Actics range of sports sunglasses for men. Our collection is engineered for athletes who demand the best – superior eye protection, optimised vision in any condition, and ruggedly stylish designs.

Whether you're hitting the trails, the court, or the water, we've got the perfect sports shades to match your sport and your personal style. Ditch the distractions and focus on what matters- pushing your limits and dominating the competition.

Sports Sunglasses for Women

Specscart's Actics range of sports sunglasses for women combines the best performance with feminine style. We understand that female athletes need gear that protects their eyes, maximises their vision, and looks amazing - on and off the field.

Explore our collection designed with a woman's competitive spirit in mind. Find shades that will boost your confidence, shield your eyes, and perfectly complement your athletic wear.

Polarised Sports Sunglasses

Experience the power of polarised sports sunglasses with Specscart's Actics range. Glare from the sun can distort your vision, cause eye fatigue, and ruin your focus. Our polarised sports sunglasses cut through harsh glare, giving you crystal-clear vision in even the harsh sunlight or underwater.

Whether you're battling reflections on the water, squinting on the slopes, or navigating the blinding sun on the court, polarised sunglasses are a game changer. They can help you avoid distractions and focus on what matters the most.

Picking the Right Sports Sunglasses

The perfect sports sunglasses make the difference between struggling and soaring. Let's find the right pair for your sport.

Cycling, Running, and Skiing: Cycling, running, and skiing are sports where you move pretty fast. These sports expose you to harsh sunlight and require you to deal with dust, debris, and other airborne particles on the track. The best option is to go with Wraparound sunglasses in grey tint. It will not only protect you from dust, debris, and wind but the grey tint will also ensure better sun protection and less strain on your eyes during the daytime. You should avoid polarised lenses if you plan to go skiing as it can make it challenging to spot some icy patches.

Hiking or Trekking: Sunlight can be quite intense in the mountains, making it important for you to choose the right pair of sunglasses for hiking or trekking. You can opt for oversized sunglasses or those which cover your eyes well to stay protected from harsh sunlight. You can consider a tint in grey or brown, depending on the lighting conditions. If you're headed to snowy mountains, polarised lenses are the best for maximum glare reduction.

Water Sports: Swimming, snorkelling, underwater football, or any other water sports require you to have clear vision under the water. However, normal sunglasses can not help you cut the intense glare which makes it hard to see anything beneath the water surface. Polarised sports sunglasses are your best bet for water activities as they cut the glare and help you see clearly under the water. You can go with Wraparound frames to prevent water from entering your eyes.

FAQs About Sports Gunglasses

Are polarised sunglasses good for sports?

Polarised sunglasses are great for various sports. They reduce glare, enhance clarity, and are helpful while performing water-based activities.

Sports sunglasses are built for performance with features like Wraparound designs for better coverage, impact-resistant materials, and specialised lens tints for different environments. Regular sunglasses mainly focus on style and basic sun protection.

It depends on the sport of your choice. Some sports allow sunglasses with protective features, while others require specialised sports goggles or may even ban eyewear altogether due to safety concerns.

Absolutely! Sports sunglasses often offer superior comfort and durability compared to regular fashion sunglasses, making them a great choice for everyday wear.

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