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All about our lenses

A keen vision needs to know what fits in the frame for a clear vision.

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Glasses Lenses

Prescription lenses

Prescritpion lenses Single Vision, Intermediate lenses, Varifocal and Prism Correction are available at Specscart®
Single Vision

Opting for a single vision prescription lens means that either you have far‐sightedness or short‐sightedness. So these single vision lenses either become your reading glasses or your distance glasses. Cherish the premium experiences with glasses that make the world around you crystal clear.

Intermediate lenses

These are the computer lenses that you wear when you are seeing objects that are lying after the near point of your eyes but before the far end of your eyes. For example watching your computer screen, playing the piano.


After reaching a certain age our eye muscles weaken, and there are issues with the objects at distance as well as seeing the near things, while reading. You do not need two pairs of glasses. The premium quality lenses designed by Specscart in their advanced laboratory will let you see near objects, intermediate objects, and far objects correctly by having these lenses in your frames. We have a range of premium varifocals that include Innovator 4D and Innovator UHD. For existing Zeiss wearers we have Zeiss SmartLife Plus Varifocals our best all-day lenses for the modern connected lifestyle.

Prism Correction

If our or any other Optom prescribes any corrections like of prisms, cones we make sure that your prescription lenses rectify that too. For any specific information, you can let us know and not worry as we check the prescriptions with uttermost care so that you fall in love with your frames.

Protection Lenses

Your peepers need extra care. Therefore, all your protection lenses at Specscart come with some extra coatings without charging you a penny.

Anti‐UV lenses
Anti‐UV lenses at Specscart®

The world around you is changing and your fragile eyes need the advance care. So we have the Anti‐UV coating that blocks 100% UVA and UVB. UV protection lenses offer superb eye health.

Scratch Resistant Coating
Anti‐Scratch Resistant lenses at Specscart®

Screeeeechhhhh No! lenses at Specscart have an Anti‐Scratch coating. You take care of your eyes, the frames have a shock and scratch‐resistant coating on them to take care of them. There are times when you keep your frames upside down. No worries, as the frames won’t get scratched so that there are no “ In a Jiffy moment” for buying new lenses.

Anti‐Glare lenses at Specscart®

Time has flown where glare from the screen used to disturb you when the reflected light while driving used to be a problem. The Anti‐Glare or Anti‐Reflective coating is of premium quality to take the utmost care of your eyes and protect them from strains.

X‐Blue Coating
X‐Blue Coating lenses at Specscart®

Your healthy eyes focus on more than 50 things in a second. The X‐Blue ‐advanced digital blue protection lenses so that no computer strain strains you. Strain, strain go away, lenses have Blue‐light filter to keep eye fatigue at bay! For all those people who have long sitting hours in front of the computer or have to stare at screens for long hours, these blue‐light filter lenses are designed for all the modern age millennials.

Benefits of X‐Blue filter protection
Benefits of X‐Blue filter protection lenses

All our muse exist digitally, many of us win bread through the digital world, we go to the office a big screen is in front, on the way back a phone in hand, reached home televisions, PlayStations, movies, reading online. The digital world has surrounded all everywhere and so the hazardous blue light. Thus, you need the most advanced blue protective lenses. These lenses do not let the blue light get absorbed in your eyes and save you from the eye strains, headaches, eye fatigue and help in maintaining healthy eyes.

Digital lenses

Digital lenses
Clear lenses

The lenses that you are going to get with all the coatings be it Anti‐Reflective, Anti‐UV or X‐Blue filter they will be crystal clear, no tints until and unless you want one.

Transition lenses

Hack the switching action, lenses that can be your prescription lenses as well as your sunglasses. These lenses respond to UV so that your lenses are crystal clear when you enter a room and have dark tints when the sun is overhead. And for the in‐between light that makes you clench your eyes, there will be lighter tints in the lenses.

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 Sunglasses at Specscart with full UV protection

Sunglasses Lenses

Lens colors

 Sunglasses Lens colors - solid, gradient, and flash mirriored

The dark tints are perfect to enjoy the beautiful nature around you when you are on a beach, having a pool party, beach party or just taking a sunbath so that 100% UVA/B blocking occurs. Prefer dark tints at all these events.


The driver’s true friend as your sunnies will have fading hues of the tint that you prefer. The upper portion of the lens has darker shades whereas you will feel the lighter hue is occupying your lens as you see the bottom of the lens.

Flash Mirrored

Your mystery eyes look is easy to maintain with mirrored lenses. Block the sun, pull a steal look and flash people their faces.

Polarised lenses
 Difference between polarised and unpolarised lenses

The filter that blocks the horizontal glares coming from the flat surfaces, from the snow or from the water surfaces so that you can see properly and feel no eye strains.

Benefits of our sunglasses

  • All our sunglasses come with a polarised filter already added so you do not need to pay for it extra to us.
  • Sunglasses come with UV protection lenses that also without giving any extra penny.

This summer let your eyes feel cool, and your pockets too!

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buy prescription sunglasses at Specscart with 100% UV protection

Prescription Sunglasses

Lens colors

Lens colors in prescription sunglasses

To have sunglasses that block the sun rays and are also your vision correctors is a bliss. Any of your favourite sunglasses frames can become your prescription sunglass by opting for the tint that you wish your sunnies should have and the power that these lenses should possess.

Prescription lenses

prescription lenses type
Single Vision

Your sunglasses can be used to see the far or near situated objects clearly so that there are no more vision issues.


You can enjoy the sun, see the near objects, intermediate objects, and far situated objects clearly. And the best thing is that your sunglasses are doing all this for you.

So gone are the days when you used to wear contact lenses separately and then also used to have sunnies to protect your peepers.

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