Let 80s sunglasses styles help you express yourself better


Published on June 9, 2020, 8:49 am

Let 80s sunglasses styles help you express yourself better

80’s sunglasses helped celebrities like Marylin Monroe and Tom Cruise become trendsetters. Their fan following led to skyrocketing the popularity of many styles including the Aviators, Cat-eyes, Clubmaster and Round styles. The times were all about funky and cool pairs that could help you stand out. And celebrities knew this secret.

From actors to rappers, everyone donned their favourite styles to express their unique personality. Guess what? You can do the same too. Show your admiration for the 80s vintage sunglasses. Why not compliment the look with delightful old attire too. Well, we’ll leave that on you. After all, the frames have this speciality of going well with almost anything, so you have the freedom.

Buckle up for some knowledge of the past era. Now, if you love 80s retro sunglasses and the vintage vibes they bring along, we know you’ll love this article too. Let’s dive into the top mesmerising styles of shades, and if you can, find a dazzling pair of 80’s designer sunglasses for your pretty ensemble too.

Discovering the ten top 80’s sunglasses styles that still trend.

80's round sunglasses

John Lennon has to be given loads of credits for making the round style popular in that era. The 80s circle sunglasses could be seen on almost any fan of the songwriter soon after he began wearing them. As the 80s were known for everything but minimal, the sunglasses were big and sometimes chunky too. And the populous back then loved the style.

Here’s an inspired pair of 80’s polarized sunglasses that we have in our assortment. The utterly timeless pair of shades is in earthy hues of brown. That too, in John Lennon style metal. A stunner with sturdy yet comfy vibes, you are bound to love them. Especially, as they mesmerise those around you, reminding them of the era of the iconic John Lennon. Go, give this CILO a try to cherish its cosmopolitan appeal.

Wondering whether the style will suit you? Well, that’s the beauty of this pair. It goes well with almost any face shape with slight edges on it. No one can stop you from looking the prominent person in the room with a combination of the retro round style and prominent jawlines.

80s wayfarer sunglasses

Be it Tom Cruise in his movie "Risky Business" or Don Johnson in the series "Miami Vice”, the old times were brimmed up with celebrities wearing wayfarers. This led to people going fanatic about 80s sunglasses in the wayfarer style. So much that the style never left the trends since then onwards.

Yes, wayfarers are still loved, and that’s why we have the perfect pair for you to try on.

A modern pair that we call COLEMAN, these shades are a sight to behold. The pair is also a part of our 80s big sunglasses collection. The Gold and Brown colours add some glimmer with modesty and help express your individuality even when in a crowd. Its notable presence makes it flattering without any shouting out loud colours. That’s the reason why it’s so loved by people who love adding a hunky-dory spark of shimmering vibes now and then.

The Coleman and any other wayfarer for that matter suits faces with curvy edges. Round and oval faces along with the remaining shapes can use these to push the quality of their looks up a notch.

80s triangle sunglasses

A shape as spectacular as a triangle can’t be left unnoticed even in the crowd. From Marylin Monroe back then to Billie Eilish today the edged style has been loved by those who we call iconic. Thus, making its extravagance iconic enough.

Want to experience this 80s sunglasses fashion? All you need is a pair of 80s triangle sunglasses, to portray a look as chic and confident like these celebrities. Yes, you guessed it right. We, at Specscart, have exactly the pair you need.

For the hipster in you, we bring the micro triangle shades in tortoiseshell that revamps your appearance in a matter of moments. It’s a must-have if you wish to flaunt your love for the quirky along with the vintage vibes that stand out. So, get going and have the polarised pair right away. This way not only will you protect your eyes from the sun, but also protect your magnificence from a boring and the bland pair of sunglasses.

Still, wondering? Well, you don’t have to. The pair suits anyone with a few curvy edges. It looks splendid on any hippy attire and will help you garner loads of attention and compliments in no time.

80s aviator sunglasses

When someone says Aviators, we think of the pilots and Elvis Presley. Yes, both used Aviators to fly high in their careers (pun intended!). You might know already that Aviators were first used by pilots in World War 1. They were created to help them protect their eyes from the sun while flying high in the sky. However, soon after that, the common man fell in love with the mesmerising style and thus, Aviators became the trend in no time. And would you believe? They are still on the trend charts almost every year, making a statement, with no intention of leaving any time soon.

You can relish the beauty of Aviators as well. They suit and complement almost anybody. No matter, if you are headed to a formal or a casual meeting, the style, can't help but amp-up your fashion spirits.

Here we have a shimmering gold pair for you to cherish. Have a look at this pair inspired from Elvis Presley’s glimmery one. We call it MARIO. It’s a charismatic pair in red and gold with gradient tint in yellow and red. Grab it for yourself today to stick out a mile while relishing the compliments you get.

80s oval sunglasses

This style has travelled far from the 80s to now being the partner in fashion crime for celebrities like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. What makes them unique is the subtle shape, the small size, and no embellishments.

For those who love minimalist creativity, this is one of the most flamboyant pairs to don. That’s why we bring forth some varieties of this pair for you in our 80s vintage sunglasses collection. Go check out our website to surprise yourself.

80s cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eyes have been women’s love in the 80s. They help women express their feminine nuances with the utter beautiful shape. Suitable for almost any kind of face, square, oval or heart, cat-eyes make an incredible choice for any kind of attire to look confident without compromising on comfort.

One embellished pair that you would love to try is this pair we call HARROCKS. Its charming style and the power of the blue is a scintillating sight to behold. No wonder, you’ll be gathering appreciation in a matter of moments as you get out on the road with them on. Its gold temples and the bluegrey tint make it a flattering pair to don.

Another subtle looking pair of cat-eye sunglasses that Specscart has for you is EVA. It is a part of our extravagant 80s sunglasses womens assortment. With black and blue, blending both calm and power hues, Eva’s mirrored tint sunglasses can’t help but make you smile. This will be evident as you notice the way it attracts admiring glances. So, do give it a try.

80s wrap around sunglasses

Bono, the rockstar celebrity of the 1980s made wrap around quite popular for it to be worthy for some people even today. Sports enthusiasts, athletes etc. love the way wrap around helps them stay on track while in the sun. That too, while looking spectacular.

We bring you a pair that will help you relish the same fun and magnificence of wrap-around sunglasses like Bono and others do. HENERY wrap around Aviator sunglasses make the captivating pair you’ll love. These 80s black sunglasses make the nuances of the old era stand out and help you express your unique self with them.

You’ll be glad to know that wrap around sunglasses go beautifully well with face shapes like oval, square and heart as they add their curves to your prominent cheekbones and jawlines.

80s clubmaster sunglasses

Mostly seen to be loved by nerds, Browline or Clubmaster sunglasses make a cosmopolitan pair to flaunt. The first account of any celebrity wearing this pair is in the series ‘Moonlighting’ that went live somewhere in the mid-80s. It was Bruce Willis, the actor in the show who made the pair popular. Afterwards, the style didn’t trend as much. However, it has come back with a bang in recent years. People love its creatively positioned browlines and the way they garner attention to your beautiful set of eyes.

Want to experience the ‘break the mould’ style yourself? Check out GRACE in gold and black. It’s a part of our beloved 80s grey tint sunglasses collection as well. The frames help you dazzle no matter where you are, a business trip or a beach party. With a blend of styles like wayfarer, cat eye and of course, the browline, these scintillating frames can’t help but make you the celebrity in the room.

80s white sunglasses

The 80s were a time to be bold. That was the reason why people loved full-rimmed sunglasses in a bright and vibrant colour. White was one such colour that stayed balanced between too bold like red and too subtle like brown.

If you like the peaceful appeal of an all-white pair, then we have the right one for you. This micro cat-eye pair that also belongs to our 80s thin sunglasses collection is what you seek. Its triangle style along with the white makes it a captivating pair. Thus, ensuring you get a round of appreciation wherever you head.

White usually suits cool undertones, but the best way to know is to try the pair yourself with your favourite outfits.

80s purple sunglasses

Speaking of colours, purple was another favourite of the people in the 80s. Women especially loved including the hues of purple in every attire they wore and with sunglasses too.

But now the times have changed. Purple hues are an integral part of 80s sunglasses mens collections as well. For instance, these unisex dark purple-tinted sunglasses. The pair is a kickass splendour in the Aviator style. Being made of metal, it adds a subtle modishness to your appeal that’s unmatched by peers. This appeal adds to the magnificence of purple and makes these frames a must-try.

Where to buy 80's sunglasses

Specscart is your answer. With the utterly fashionable styles, comfort and eccentric quality, you are bound to be captivated. Ladies, we have a special collection of 80's womens sunglasses for you. And the same is for the gentlemen as we bring a variety you ought to smile at in our 80's mens sunglasses collection.

You might have gotten an idea about the style factor. But how does Specscart take care of comfort and quality? Well, we do it with the supreme and high-grade material used in our frames made in acetate or the 80s metal sunglasses assortment.

Also, the sunglasses come with an anti-reflective UV X-pro coating of the most advanced type. Our 80s polarized sunglasses thus, ensure to keep your eyes protected, but in style.

What’s more? You can also get prescription sunglasses or transitions from Specscart for preventing the hassle of switching between pairs when you are under the sun. If you want, you can also get a pair of blue light glasses with their advanced X-blue lenses that block the harmful blue light for you.

Coming back to the prescription or your sunglasses, if you don’t have the latest one we can help you out. All you need to do is visit the nearest Specscart store and we’ll provide an eye test for free. If that’s not possible for you, we can send an optician at your home to get the eye test done at a minimal rate.

Additionally, all the eyewear, and not only 80's inspired sunglasses, brought at Specscart is impact resistant. That too, with lenses that are loaded with anti-UV and scratch-resistant coatings. Thus, saving you some pounds on essential coatings as well.

So, get cracking! Choose from the delightful 80s sunglasses styles we have for you and treat yourself.

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