Andy Samberg’s Specs Appeal - 5 iconic eyewear moments

Julie Topping

Published on June 8, 2021, 10:25 am

Andy Samberg’s Specs Appeal - 5 iconic eyewear moments

If there’s something Andy Samberg is more famous for other than his comic timing, it’s his good looks. And he looks even more adorable when he puts glasses on. That’s not just me, a lot of people think that way. Now take this for example - some time back Samberg uploaded a pic on twitter with glasses and beard, which sent the twitterverse into a spiral. He has mentioned in a few interviews that he has 10 pairs of frames, including prescription sunglasses. He also dislikes wearing contacts (something we have in common!)

Andy Samberg Tweet

There’s even an account on tumblr with the name “Andy Samberg Specs Appeal”! Clearly, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has a lot of fans in this club (including me!) As a part of this fan club, I thought of compiling a list of my favourite moments of Andy Samberg glasses (along with similar styles from our collection!)

Andy Samberg Eyewear Collection

These are some of my favourite looks of Andy Samberg wearing glasses. Have a look and see if you like them too!

1. Playful and Off-duty Look

These are apparently his favourite frames, as you can see him wearing it most often at various events and behind the scenes photos on sets. With a greyish, crystal toned look, glasses suit various skin tones - making them perfect as fashionable glasses for men. The angular shape also adds character to the face, making them incredibly stylish. The ones we have featured here have a geometric shape (with extra angles at the bottom part), which make them look even more modern. The best part is that they go well with formal and casual wear.

2. Chunky Glasses for a Geeky Chic Look

Chunky black glasses like these are a regular on the red carpet. Celebrities prefer wearing them for a smart and fashionable look, especially with suits for black tie events. It seems to be perfect for Andy as well, whose dorky charm is perfect for these glasses. He wore these while hosting the Emmys in 2015. Thick wayfarers are no longer thought of as nerdy or too studious, in fact they are a very fashionable choice now. And like Andy here, these glasses particularly go well with formal suits. You can also pair them up with a turtleneck and jeans.

3. Keeping it Simple

One of the first few styles that Andy Samberg ever sported were these full rim curved rectangular glasses. They are quite reminiscent of Will McKenzie from the Inbetweeners. Although he has stopped wearing these, I think it’s a very functional style. And with a great price, it is also one of the best cheap glasses online. These might just be the new cool!

If you too are a fan of things old-school, then Peter might just be for you.

4. Retro Cool in Round Glasses

Apart from real life, Andy Samberg has sported a lot of different styles in his hit sitcom as well. Playing the character of Jake Peralta, he wore these round metal gold round glasses with a tuxedo in one of the episodes. With a retro, gentlemanly look, he looks like someone from the 80s. Retro styles like these have made a huge comeback, whether it is round glasses or aviators. Metal glasses look more sophisticated and elegant (especially gold ones), so they go better with formal wear.

5. Old School in Black aviators

Another one from his turn as Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Samberg is seen wearing classic black aviators here. Not just glasses, Andy Samberg sunglasses are eye-conic as well! And you can never go wrong with aviators. The classic teardrop shape has always been in style, and particularly suits people with sharp features. They are a great accessory for road trips, beach walks, etc. Wear them with a leather jacket and you are good to go! When it comes to our Oxton, they combine classy with a modern appeal, these will help you enhance your look. Be it an office party or a casual day at the beach, these aviators will help you stand out. When it comes to durability, these metal frames are sturdy enough to last for a long time.

These were some of my favourite Andy Samberg glasses and sunglasses moments. It was of course tough to stick to 5, but these capture how wearing frames can elevate your look. If you are looking for the best designer glasses frames online, make sure to check out our website. With free shipping and free home trial on glasses, I’m sure you will find something you love!

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