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Autumn and Fashion: Listing the 5 Hottest Sunglasses

Autumn and Fashion: Listing the 5 Hottest Sunglasses

‘Fall is here, hear the yell’- The White Stripes.

Autumn is all about early sunsets, damp mornings and cold nights- we undoubtedly love this part of the year, especially in the UK. Needless to say, this beautiful season is magical- taking an invigorating, long walk and strolling by the fallen colourful leaves feels like pure bliss. Oh, how can we forget the trees dressed in oranges, reds, golds and yellows? Much like a jaw-dropping backdrop, Autumn is all about scenic pleasure!

Ideal time for a break or romantic escape, the Autumn months have a lot to offer. Explore exotic locations and enjoy every sight to behold while donning the best sunglasses and looking ever-stylish. We are here to recommend some breathtaking sunnies that are curated to serve your vision and fashion purposes. Don them and appreciate the sun breaking through the trees- it’s just a thing of beauty!

Fashion in Autumn- A Quick Brief

The cosy vibes and bleak sky outside make Autumn the perfect time to try out the latest fashion trends. Doll up with trench coats and flannel shirts that are effortlessly chic and sophisticated- turn heads with outfits that make a cut. Looking for a cool shirt alternative? Say hello to the V-neck cardigans and sport them as a layering piece. While ladies can step out in their midi skirts and cool tops, gentlemen can always steal the show in suits and boots (not kidding). Your tailored suits and roll-neck tops are more than enough to make others drool!

Pair these gorgeous ensembles with our sunglasses which are perfectly exquisite. These sheer beauties make your frosty nights and wonderful sights worth remembering. Let’s dive in to explore the awesome collection.

Orange Sunglasses

Leaves turn orange in the Autumn months, hands down, they look like beautiful flowers. Also, the colour orange represents enthusiasm, warmth, optimism and confidence. Ace your look with these orange sunglasses and amp up in an instant. Show off your fiery passion subtly- with just a few clicks, you can get these sunglasses delivered right to your doorstep.

Red Sunglasses

Turn red this autumn just like the Japanese Maple, Forest Pansy, Sorrel Tree and of course, Red Oak. These trendy sunnies are taking the world by storm, you are bound to fall in love with these pairs. Grab your autumn outfits, do your hair-do, put on your glasses and be the showstopper wherever you pave your way.

Brown Sunglasses

Bid goodbye to the carefree summer days with brown sunglasses that are excellent fashion accessories. Their warm hues and earthy tones are to die for, try them out yourself! Infuse an instant twist to modern fashion trends with these sunnies and steal the limelight with great ease. Versatile, timeless, simply the best- brown sunglasses are always there to the rescue. Overlooking their classic appeal and compatibility with multiple skin tones isn’t an option anymore.

Green Sunglasses

Green sunglasses definitely deserve a permanent place in your existing sunglasses collection. Offering the best of both worlds, these shades reduce brightness and don’t affect colour perception. Equipped with UV protection and high-quality material, green sunglasses are undoubtedly stunning, comfortable and an incredible statement-making piece.

Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

A mixture of earthy tones and pretty patterns, tortoiseshell glasses are way too stylish and classic. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these sunglasses are potent enough to upgrade your style game. Take a step toward looking youthful with bright colours, thick arms and funky patterns.

Before determining the shapes, you need to know what your face shape is. While round sunglasses look great on square and rectangular face shapes, oval sunglasses are perfectly suitable for every face shape out there. You can check out our face shape guide, thus making an informed decision.

Place an order already, we have the best collection in store for you!

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