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Best Men’s Sunglasses for 2024

Best Men’s Sunglasses for 2024

When it comes to fashion, why should women have all the fun? Recently, we have witnessed a massive surge in men’s interest in grooming, beauty, and fashion.

From an alt category, men’s style and fashion have entered the mainstream. And, when we talk about fashion, how can we forget about eyewear? Sunglasses are a sure-shot way to elevate your personality and look devilishly handsome.

From Tom Cruise to Johnny Depp and Paul Bono, the hottest and the most inspiring celebrities swear by sunglasses. If you want to look uber-stylish and funky this new year, why not flaunt some super-trendy men’s sunglasses for 2024?

In this blog, our fashion experts have come together to curate the trendiest sunglasses of the season, especially catering to the tastes of the ‘modern man.’

What Style of Men’s Sunglasses Are in for 2024?

1.The Savvy Pilots

The Savvy Pilots

Pilots, style, and men’s fashion have a long history. These teardrop-shaped sunglasses emerged in the 1950s. Since then, they have become a quintessential symbol of fashion, style, and an uber-cool aura.

Initially, pilot sunnies were designed to protect pilots from the harsh glare of the sun. But, when General Douglas MacArthur’s photograph of wearing pilot sunglasses appeared on the front pages of newspapers in 1944, these sunnies became a fashion accessory very soon.

And, fast forward to present times, pilot sunglasses are rocking it. They are among the most popular men’s sunglasses of 2024. They are a great option if you want to make a statement without even uttering a single word. Tom Cruise is an excellent personality to take pilot sunglasses inspiration from!

Our ALVINGTON is ‘the’ pilot of the season. With a sleek double bridge, grey tints, and a rose gold body with tortoiseshell detailing, these frames will easily take you through the day to night.

Style Tip: Pilot sunglasses are the quintessential casual eyewear. So, pair them with your faded jeans, a basic T-shirt, and a denim jacket for an uber-cool look.

2.Ravishing Rounds

Ravishing Rounds

If you want to stand out, opt for rounds! Well, round sunnies are becoming ‘THE’ comeback this year. With the advent of K-pop, Korean glasses, K-dramas, and the dark academia aesthetic, it is quite understandable why these sunnies are everywhere.

Round sunglasses exude a vintage and retro appeal and come in an array of dimensions. From thin and tiny round frames to chunky pairs, there is something for everyone. Want to know if round sunglasses are for you? Our face shape guide can help!

Our BEOLEY 4-S1 is an absolute show-stopper. The charming round frames with exquisite gradient yellow tint will surely tug at your heartstrings.

Style Tip: Pair your round sunglasses with a crochet pullover and some laidback chinos for an ultra-high-fashion appeal. The charm and quaintness of crochet ensembles (they will be big in apparel fashion in 2024) pair incredibly well with the vintage aura of round sunnies.

3.Rectangles to the Rescue

Rectangles to the Rescue

The third most popular men’s sunglasses for 2024 are the rectangular sunnies. The crisp edges, sleek design, and mysterious appeal make them a great choice for everyone. The bold silhouette covers most of your face and infuses a dramatic touch to the appearance. Looking for some info on men’s eyeglasses trends of 2024? We have got you covered.

For rectangular sunglasses that look classy and timeless, look no further than our CHEADLE. These crisp black shades are going to become a staple in your closet, and most definitely, make you the style star of 2024.

Style Tip: Pair your rectangular sunglasses with a cool vest and some funky cargo pants for a high-fashion look. The bagginess of the outfit is incredibly compatible with the edgy appeal of rectangular sunnies.

4.Bold and Fearless Oversized Sunglasses

Bold and Fearless Oversized Sunglasses

The fourth trendy sunglasses for men in 2024 have to be oversized shades. These shades are an absolute heart-turner. The wider lens surface, chunky detailings, and eye-catching accents come together to create flattering men’s sunnies in a rectangular silhouette.

And, the best part is that oversized sunglasses are a spectrum. You can find moderately oversized shades to incredibly large variants with a wraparound style. Thus, the choice is yours if you want a more muted look or prefer to go all in with your fashion sensibilities.

Our KNOWLE 1 is the heartthrob among oversized sunglasses. The intricate white detailing on the frame paired with a crisp black colour will help you stand out from the crowd.

Style Tip: Pair your oversized sunglasses with a black shirt and basic denim pants for an effortlessly cool look. Top everything off with tiny silver studs or a dainty silver necklace.

5.Stunning Squares

Stunning Squares

Last but not least, any list talking about the best men’s sunglasses for 2024 is incomplete without square shades. These add some much-needed oomph to every outfit. And, the best part is that square sunglasses look good on almost everyone.

Revamp your eyewear vanity for 2024 with our READ 2-S. These square sunglasses for men come in an uber-flattering silhouette and high-quality dark grey tints for superb sun protection.

Style Tip: Pair your square sunglasses with an oversized jacket for a cohesive and super-stylish appearance.

Step Into 2024 with Style and Suave

Check all the right boxes of fashion with the best men’s sunglasses for 2024. From savvy pilots to ravishing rounds, the list has something for everyone. And, the best part is that stylish sunglasses for 2024 do not come at a hefty price with Specscart.

Our men’s sunglasses range assures fashion and functionality without compromising on quality. So, be the best version of yourself and grab some trendy men’s sunglasses for 2024 fast!

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