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Best Sports Sunglasses for Golf, Polo, and Horse-riding

Best Sports Sunglasses for Golf, Polo, and Horse-riding

Not every sport has to be a whirlpool of chaos and fiery adrenaline, as some like golf and polo, exude an uncanny calmness that only professional players and avid fans of the games would understand! Besides the obvious tools in a player’s arsenal, one unsung accessory has to be ‘ sports eyewear.’

For maximum on-course performance or something more laid back to wear off the course, the right pair of sunglasses will never let you down. From enhancing performance to accelerating the viewing experience, there is a ‘frame for every game!’ Being a superfan of golf, I truly worship players like Laura Davies and Charlie Hull, and can, definitely, recommend you the right sports sunglasses for the season!

  • Best Eyewear for Golfers

        Of Golfer

    After throwing on a hat or visor, you definitely need a pair of sports sunglasses to propel the sporting spirit, protect your vision, and also look uber stylish. Whether you are the player or the spectator, a pair of high-quality anti-UV sunnies are a must-have. Golf sunglasses shield your eyes from detrimental UV rays and also enhance colour contrast and sharpen your focus, thereby, making it easier to view the fairways and greens in front.

    If you are a golfer, then opt for sunnies with polarised lenses, as they minimise glare and offer a sharper image of lush green behind laid out. On the contrary, if your golf match is on a gloomy and cloudy day, then sunglasses with brown or amber tints are the best, as they heighten the colour contrast, and sharpen the visibility of the field. For compiled information on women’s sports shades, read our blog!

    For golf sunnies that do the job, look no further than our ROOT 1-S from our Actics Range. With frames made of TR90 and lenses equipped with an impact-resistant quality, these monocles are perfect for both professional golfers and enthusiasts of the game.

  • Best Eyewear for Polo Players

    Image Of A Women Playing Polo

    Professional polo players should prioritise eye safety on the polo field for maximum output and stellar performance. Thus, comfortable, snugly-fitting, and high-quality eyewear are essential. The probability of mishaps can be dramatically reduced when polo players use the right eyewear.

    The purpose of polo sunglasses is not only to prevent glare and protect from UVA and UVB, but also safeguard the player’s eyesight from physical damages by a ball in forceful momentum. Thus, polo sports sunnies must be incredibly strong, resilient, and impact-resistant. So, whether you have just dabbled into polo or are an experienced player, wearing a pair of sports eyeglasses that offer stellar protection and eye-safety around the eye socket and are also designed for good air flow is crucial.

    Made of high-quality and hypoallergenic TR90 material and affixed with impact-resistant lenses that pledge an immaculate fit, our KANE-2 from Actics is ideal for pro-level polo players who want to feel safe and offer maximum output on field.

  • Best Eyewear for Horse Riding

        Of Player Playing horse riding

    Although, there is an ongoing debate on whether or not one should wear sports sunnies while horse riding. But, a lot of anecdotal evidence and expert hearsay suggest that it is, in fact, a good idea to wear sunnies while horse riding, as you are protected from the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun, and can also enjoy enhanced visual perception and crispness by choosing the right model. Personally, I am in the ‘wear sunglasses during horse-riding’ team!

    The best type of sports sunglasses for horse riding are strenuous, durable, and tough enough to protect your eyes and the socket from any physical damage or impact. Besides, comfort, light-weight, and snug fit are also equally important for equestrians.

    Besides, the sports eyewear for horse riding should have anti-glare and UV400 coating coupled with important lens tints, such as yellow. For instance, yellow lens tints are excellent if you are riding in low-light conditions, such as dawn or dusk. To know why UV protection is important for eyes, read our blog!

    Similarly, blue and purple lens tints reduce glare and bolster colour difference, which can enhance your performance. Lastly, grey-coloured lenses mitigate eye fatigue, and are apt for all kinds of weather, as they provide true colour awareness and perception.

    For a thrilling horse-riding experience that is also safe, opt for our WILLIAMS 9 from our Actics range. Made of strong material and designed to take you through a ‘tumbling’ ride, these sports sunnies are designed for those who persevere!

Best Sunglasses for Spectators

If you are an avid fan of golf, polo, and horse-riding and have a spree match viewings lined up, then uber-cool pilots are the way to go! Our comprehensive and stylishly curated Sports range has something for everyone. Be it a game of golf or polo, stand out among spectators with sunglasses from Specscart!

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