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Gradient Sunglasses Lenses :- A Complete Guide

Gradient Sunglasses Lenses :- A Complete Guide

Sunglasses are among the most important summer accessories, keeping us safe from the sun’s scorching heat, harmful UVA and UVB rays, and uncomfortable glare. Besides, nowadays, sunglasses are among the most sought-after fashion accompaniment with the potential to elevate an outfit instantly.

Among the various styles of glasses, gradient sunglasses stand out because of their uniqueness and uber-cool frames. If you want to know how gradient glasses are different from regular blogs, read ahead!

What are Gradient Sunglasses?

  Gradient tint lenses look very stylish

Gradient sunglasses are dual-tone eyewears, which are darker on one section and lighter on the lighter. They gradually transition from the darker hue to the lighter hue, thereby giving a soothing and vivacious ombre effect. However, the best part of gradient sunglasses is that you can wear them both indoors and outdoors.

Gradient sunglasses are made by adding metal oxide to the lens materials. Metal oxide can be incorporated during the creation of the gradient or afterwards, onto the surface of the lens. It is noteworthy to remember that gradient sunglasses do not block UV rays, but do offer multiple benefits.

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How do Gradient Tint Sunglasses Work?

There are two shades of gradient sunglasses lenses-

  • Light
  • Dark

The main purpose of gradient sunglasses is to limit the intensity of the glare from the sun, while still providing the option to look through the lighter part of the lens. Besides, they also make reading outside, playing outdoor sports, driving, etc., more comfortable and easy.

Types of Gradient Sunglasses

There are two main types of gradient sunglasses -

  • Single Gradient Sunglasses

    In single-gradient sunglasses, the lenses are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. These sunglasses cut out glares from the overhead sunlight, while still allowing you to clearly see through the bottom of the lens.

  • Double Gradient Sunglasses

    They are darker on the top and the bottom but lighter in the middle. The double gradient design helps to cut out glares from both the sun and its reflection off the ground, such as from snow or asphalt.

Top 4 Benefits of Gradient Sunglasses

  sunglasses lenses help in driving

Though gradient sunglasses do not block UV rays, they are equipped with other benefits, such as -

  • Gradient sunglasses help to keep the eyes comfortable in the sun,yet ensure that the vision is not compromised, whether you are indoor or outdoors.
  • Gradient tint sunglasses are ideal for driving as they create a shield and protect the eyes from sunlight, which might create hindrances while driving. Moreover, gradient glasses also allow some light to seep through, so that you can read the dashboard.
  • Gradient sunglasses are super stylish and make a stellar fashion statement.

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How are Gradient Sunglasses Different from Standard Sunglass Tints?

Standard tints consist of only one shade. They might come in various colours, but the whole lens will be a single shade. On the contrary, a gradient sunglasses lens seamlessly ‘graduates’ from a darker to a lighter shade, and they also come in different hues.

Both sunglasses help inhibit the sun’s glare from hurting the eyes by limiting its intensity. The standard tint shades provide more coverage than gradient tint sunglasses, and are more appropriate for outdoor use.

On the other hand, gradient tint sunglasses are highly beneficial if you are going to use them for driving, as driving requires the person to look outside but still read the dashboard inside the car.

What is the Difference between Polarised Sunglasses and Gradient Sunglasses?

Both polarised and gradient sunglasses are designed to limit the amount of light reaching the eyes. They minimise eye strain and squinting and create a better visual experience. Polarised sunglasses have a unique chemical applied to the whole lens that blocks the horizontal light beams bouncing off the surface and creating a blinding glare. On the contrary, gradient sunglasses partially shield the eyes from the sun with a darker tint..

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, a crisp overview of gradient sunglasses. Within the world of eyewear, gradient sunglasses are, indeed, a unique creation that offer multiple benefits and look equally stylish.

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