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How the Shape of the Frame Affects Your Prescription?

How the Shape of the Frame Affects Your Prescription?

The funky and trendy shape looks cool. You can wear D shaped frames, butterfly-shaped or lolita glasses if you wish. They look funky and iconic. Even better if you are tying them like kaleidoscope glasses. They are best to lift the mood at the party. But for vision, funky glasses shapes are not the best or even satisfactory.

Why Does the Shape of the Glasses Matter for Your Eye Prescription?

Can the shape of the glasses affect your vision? The answer is - Yes. You might have been recommended a certain shape of frames for your eyeglasses by the opticians. Most of the time, those are not the trendy style of frames. You may think the optician is trying you to sell un-stylish and un-trendy glasses frames. But they might be trying to recommend a frame best suiting your prescription.

The lenses are manufactured according to your eye prescription. Each lens is different from another. For most people, the numbers in both eyes differ. You could have low myopia in one eye and very high myopia in another eye. You will need lenses that best suit the prescription. And to fit the lenses, the frames should also be appropriate. If you are a glasses wearer, then check the edges of your glasses. Do the lenses peek out of the frames? It’s not a manufacturing fault. Rather, the frames are bigger for the lenses that there are thicker edges. Keep reading to know the reason for this.

The Point from Where You See

The focal point of the lenses is mostly at the centre. It is the point from where you see. This point needs to be accurate to help you see clearly. In the case of oversized glasses frames , the focal point is not in the centre and rather slightly over it. It’s at the point from where you see straight. If the focal point is not made properly, you have blurry visions, headaches and other focusing problems.

Glasses for High Myopic Eyes

Can you put your prescription in any frames? In general, you can get any frame style and fit your lenses into them. The problem with the lenses and frames arises when you have a high eye prescription, that is, -3.00 D and above. For myopia, concave lenses are used. Concave lenses are thinner in the middle and thicker at the edges. If you choose a small frame, your lenses fit into the frames without any thicker edges. But if you choose bigger or oversized frames, the thicker edges protrude out of the frames

Best frames for High Myopia


The best frames for high prescription are rectangular glasses frames and round glasses frames. There are no ugly protruding edges left when getting your glasses made in this shape. Thin rims are not good for high myopic vision. The lenses are too thick for the frame. They will not have support and can break easily. Try thicker frames. Oversized glasses, cat-eye, pilots are not fit for this prescription.

Glasses for High Hyperopic Eyes

A convex lens is used for hyperopia. The centre is thicker and the edges are thinner. Choosing a larger frame will make the lenses appear thicker. Your eyes appear bulging out of the frames. You get the bug-eye effect which is not at all aesthetically pleasing. The higher the prescription, the thicker the frames will be. Eye prescription +3.00 D and above needs thicker lenses.

Best Frames for High Hyperopia


The best frames for a high prescription of hyperopia are small and narrower frames. Try rectangular, oval and round glasses. You can use thin rims for your frames. You can try out Korean glasses. Round, octagon or heptagon or any similar geometric shape will work well. Just do not choose too big oversized glasses. Cat-eye and pilot glasses are also not good for these lenses.

What Glass Frames to Choose for Varifocal Lenses?


Are bigger frames better for varifocal lenses? Yes. With varifocal lenses, you can see far, near and immediate distance effortlessly. If you have presbyopia, you need quality men’s glasses for seeing far distance and reading. Bifocal glasses provide vision in both distances but they inhibit your immediate distance vision. Varifocal lenses are perfect for seeing all distances without having to adjust your position or glasses.

To fit two prescriptions, one for reading and another for distance viewing plus, leaving enough space for immediate distance needs bigger lenses. Oversized glasses frames are perfect for making varifocal lenses. Big and thicker frames are appropriate varifocal lenses.

Cat-eye and pilot glasses cut away portions of the lenses. For reading vision, you need to have enough space at the lower segment of the glasses. Most pilot glasses are cut around that part. If you are choosing pilot glasses, choose a frame that has enough space for both reading and distance viewing.

High Index lenses


With a high prescription, glasses become thicker and make your eyes appear weird. To avoid this issue, you can choose high index lenses to make your frames. You can choose lenses of a high index like 1.67 or 1.74. These are slightly expensive but overall good for making high prescription lenses. If you want to choose any style of glasses and don’t want them to affect your look, choose high index lenses.

In a Nutshell

If you have a high prescription whether myopia or hyperopia, choose narrower and smaller frames. Rectangular, oval or round glasses are the best options for making glasses. Choose a thicker frame for myopia and a thinner frame for your reading glasses

For varifocal lenses, choose oversized glasses frames but avoid cat-eye or pilot style glasses.

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