Do I Really Need Glasses For Cycling?

Gemma Gough

Published on August 21, 2021, 8:09 am

Do I Really Need Glasses For Cycling?

After watching Olympics, I feel inspired. I take my old rusty cycle from the shade and prepare for a personal triathlon, nothing too serious, just a quick ride along the mountainsides. Maybe a bit ahead too. So, out are the cycles. But wait, I would need more than just bicycles. Helmets, knee pads and other safety gadgets. Plus eyewear too. Do I really need goggles for biking?

How are sports glasses helpful with cycling?

Before addressing this question, let’s list out why glasses are a no-go for cycling. If you are a prescription glasses user, you will know why your regular spectacles are such a nuisance when taking part in such sporty adventures.

  • Glasses are fragile and are very likely to break. They can be ill-fit and slip down your face too often.
  • Sweat can make glasses slippery. They can slip off and break.
  • With your helmet on, you can feel your glasses pressing on your nose. It’s uncomfortable to keep wearing them.
  • Rain can hinder your vision. Raindrops stick to your glasses and make it impossible for you to see. If your helmets have a face shield, you can avoid this problem.
  • Glasses become foggy when you are cycling on a humid or cold day.
  • When you pull off your helmet, glasses come off with them. This increase the chances of getting your glasses broken. I have done this plenty of times. And every time, I am close to tears thinking about my strained wallet. Thanks to the shatterproof glasses and my luck, my glasses never broke.

For cycling, you cannot use your regular glasses and not expect them to break. There might be some veterans who could maintain their expensive prescription glasses in pristine condition and still partake in rough sports activities. But you are neither a veteran nor have that many expenses to afford to break your glasses. Sports glasses are fit for cycling and other sports activities.

How are sports glasses different?

Sports glasses are different from prescription glasses. They have a better curvature and fit. They can snuggly fit into your face and not fall off your face. Unlike your plastic glasses frames or metal frames, sports glasses are made with special materials to withstand your sports needs.

Sports glasses from Specscart are made from TR90, a product of Swiss technology.

TR90 is durable, flexible and resilient to damage. This makes your glasses flexible and easy to bend. They fit your face quite aptly. They are close to your face, not too close to block your vision. You can wear a full helmet on your glasses and not feel the pressure on your nose or temples. The curvature fits your head and gives you comfortable vision while cycling or doing any other sports.


Sports glasses have better grip and curvature. Made of better and resilient materials. The curvature gives enough space from ventilation. Glasses become foggy when the hot air touches the cold glasses surface. When the air has a place to pass through, the glasses do not fog up. The curvature and specially designed frames make sports glasses better for cycling.

cycling glasses for women are made smaller to perfectly fit the facial structure of women. This makes the glasses comfortable, even with helmets. If your glasses touch your cheek and go way over your temples, you should change your glasses frames. They are of an ill fit. You might not notice it, but they are the reason why you are getting fog accumulates in your glasses.

The perfect fit also makes sure they do not come off if you pull your helmet first. So, fewer chances of glasses breaking. Also, even if your glasses fly off your face, the tough material will keep your eyeglasses from breaking.


One advantage that glasses-wearers have, that normal vision people don’t, is eye protection from foreign elements. Glasses wearers have fewer instances of getting dirt and dust in their eyes. While biking in nature, you are exposed to dirt, dust and even bugs. You cannot go around squatting bugs in front of your face all the time. (Believe me, insects have a weird fetish for eyes. I have many instances, when I am not wearing glasses and bugs (fireflies) try to get in my eyes. This has happened to me when I was inside a city. I don’t even want to think about mountainsides.)


Sports glasses can protect your eyes from dirt, dust and insects. Also, UV rays and harsh glares. The effect of UV rays is not that evident. It affects us over time. If you live in mountainous regions, you have an increased risk of getting UV rays related diseases. You should wear proper eyewear whenever stepping out of your home. If you don’t live in a high UV index region, you do not need to worry about sunglasses. But if you live in the UK, the US, near the beaches, mountains where UV rays are harsh, consider UV protective lenses. Get anti-UV coating on your prescription glasses too.

Light Adaptive

When you are out in nature, you are exposed to all sorts of lights. It can be harsh sunlight or headlights of a car from the opposite direction. The halos and beams from the streetlights are also very distracting. Another annoying fact about natural lights is that it doesn’t stay the same all time. You can call it the beauty of nature. I will call it frustrating as I have nearsightedness, and it is pretty daunting to see in too bright light and then with barely any lights.

Transition glasses make it comfortable for you to cycle in any light condition. You can smoothly pass through a tunnel and then into bright lights without your eyes going blind from the light changes.

Get these lenses for your cycling glasses for men or women and get a perfect and comfortable vision all the time.


Remember getting wet from the rain and your glasses giving you an all-white vision. It looked good in Notebook when protagonists romanced in the rain. But for glasses wearers, rain can never be romantic. They can barely see anything.

Sports glasses will not let you be hindered because of rain or sweat. The glasses are smudge-free, scratchproof and not hydrophilic. The glossy surface let the droplets roll-off. Water or sweat doesn’t leave behind marks like the usual plastic glasses surface.

Better visibility

The ultimate reason for you to buy sports glasses is this reason. It improves your vision.

You look down when you are reading, straight when talking. When biking or cycling, you slightly bend your body over the bike and see above, not in a straight direction or downwards direction.

The top of the sports glasses is a little higher than your regular glasses. The top is even thinner to give you a better vision. This simple change in design facilitates your vision.

Also, the addition of tinted lenses gives you precision. Red tints improve colour perception and depth perception. They are better for playing golf. Not just cycling, you can use your sports glasses for other sports activities and have a clear and comfortable vision, enhancing your performance.

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