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How to choose sunglasses?

How to choose sunglasses?

Stepping out into the sun feels so much better when you're wearing the right sunglasses. Not only do they add instant style to any outfit, but they are your eyes' best defence against the powerful rays of the sun. Of course, not all sunglasses are the same. Finding a pair that combines fashion and function is key. To find the perfect pair, think about how the sunglasses will complement your face shape, your style, and most importantly, how well they'll protect your precious eyes. A good pair of sunglasses acts as a shield against harmful UV rays, helping to prevent eye conditions like cataracts and macular degeneration. Here are some tips to help you choose the sunglasses that might become your new favourite accessory.

Tips while selecting the sunglasses:

UV Protection

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any season, but did you know they play a vital role in protecting your eye health? ​​Your sunglasses act as the ultimate sunblock for your eyes! Just like you wouldn't skip sunscreen, it's vital to choose sunglasses that offer complete protection against harmful UV rays. Your eyes are much more sensitive than your skin, so you should go for sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Often, this will be marked as "UV400" on the label, meaning the lenses block those damaging rays. Sunglasses with less than UV400 protection may not be doing the job properly, so, don’t forget to check the confirmation tag before your purchase.

Blocks maximum light

Your sunglasses should do more than just make you look cool – they need to effectively reduce the intensity of light reaching your eyes. A quick way to test this is with a mirror. If you can clearly see your own eyes through the lenses, your sunglasses might not be providing enough protection. Aim for sunglasses that block around 75-90% of visible light. This helps prevent your pupils from dilating too much, which would otherwise let in more harmful rays. Choosing the right light-blocking sunglasses is an investment for your eye health in the long term!

Consider the Size of Sunglasses

While it's true that larger sunglasses can offer more coverage, choosing the right size is about finding balance. The best sunglasses should protect your eyes from the sun's rays and fit comfortably. Look for a frame size that complements your face shape and doesn't constantly slide down your nose. Oversized sunglasses can be incredibly stylish, but it's all about finding a fit that works for you and your personal style. Remember, comfort is key if you want to wear your sunglasses all day long!

Consider the Size of Sunglasses

Colour of Lenses

Choosing the right lens tint isn't just about looking cool! While any quality lens tint will offer UV protection, the colour does affect how you see the world. Here's a quick guide to help you choose:

  • The Classics: Grey and brown tints offer the most natural colour vision, making them great all-around choices. They're perfect for activities like driving, cycling, and tennis where you need clear, undistorted sight.
  • Reducing glare: Grey tints are a good choice for reducing glare in bright sunlight.
  • Lighter Tints: Shades like yellow or amber, can be surprisingly helpful in variable conditions, enhancing contrast in low light or overcast weather.

Cost is not the only factor

Don't fall for the myth that you need to spend a fortune on designer sunglasses to get great eye protection. Any sunglasses with 100% UV protection will safeguard your eyes. At Specscart, we believe style shouldn't come at a crazy price. That's why we offer a fantastic range of designer sunglasses, all with complete UV protection, at prices that will make you smile.

Face Shape

Just like finding the perfect outfit, choosing sunglasses is all about complementing your facial features! While experimenting is always a blast (you never know what might surprise you!), here's a quick guide to get you started:

  • Round-shaped faces: Look for angular frames, like square or rectangular shapes, to add definition and balance.
  • Square-shaped faces: Opt for softer curves. Round or oval sunglasses will help soften your features.
  • Heart-shaped faces: Try wider frames with a heavier bottom, like cat-eye or aviator styles, to create a beautiful balance.
  • Oval-shaped faces: You're in luck! Most styles will look fantastic on you.

Material and Style

The material of your sunglasses impacts their style, durability, and how they feel on your face. Acetate, a plant-based cellulose, is known for its bold colours, lightweight feel, and hypoallergenic properties. Metal frames offer a classic, timeless look and can often be adjusted for a customized fit, but be mindful of corrosion if you sweat frequently. Consider your lifestyle and style preferences when choosing frame material.

Key Takeaways

Sunglasses are more than just a fashion statement – they're essential for protecting your precious eyes from the sun's harsh rays. By considering your face shape, lifestyle, and the features that matter most (like UV protection and light blocking), you'll find the perfect pair that makes you look and feel amazing. Specscart has a fantastic collection of stylish and protective sunglasses available at unbeatable prices.

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