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Kendall Jenner is Spicing up the Sunglass Game

Kendall Jenner is Spicing up the Sunglass Game

When it comes to fashion, Kendall Jenner knows no faux pas. Besides being the highest-paid model and the youngest among the Kar-Jenner siblings, Kendall is known for her immaculate style sensibilities. The supermodel and the newest face of L'oreal Paris has a penchant for 90s-inspired fashion and coastal-cowboy aesthetics.

Apart from being a phenomenal style dive who sets trends, Kendall can also be deemed the OG sunglass connoisseur. Her Instagram account is full of dreamy beach vacay pictures, off-duty looks, and runway-ready photographs. But, what remains constant is Kendall Jenner Sunglasses! If you want some eyewear inspiration from Kenny’s sunglasses closet, this blog has your back!

Revamp Your Eyewear Vanity with Some Sunglass Inspo from Kendall Jenner

Truth be told, Kendall Jenner sunglasses keep making headlines on Instagram and TikTok, and for the right reasons. Kenny has been photographed time and again wearing some of the most chic and classiest shades. A thorough look at the Jenner sister’s sunglasses style would reveal that she absolutely adores rectangular frame sunglasses.

Thank goodness that her initial inclination towards micro sunglasses has now shifted to a more wearable trend, as rectangular sunnies are something we all can donn. But, of course, Kendall’s sunglass closet has a lot more to offer. Well, without further ado, let us delve into some Kenny-inspired sunglasses and find an alternative to the same.

1. Kendall Jenner’s Effortless Attire

‘Aunty Kenny’ looks divine in this vintage Chloe, 1998, silk halter dress. After being paired with a black pair of sunnies, the entire ensemble gets a new kind of depth and personality. Rocking a silk slip dress with crisp black shades is, definitely, not everyone’s cup of tea, but Kendall does it phenomenally well.

Serve a stellar look like Kendall with our CHESTER 2-S. These square-framed sunnies are perfect if you are in the mood to recreate Kendall’s look, but of course with a personalised twist.

2. Vintage Flair, Finessed to Perfection

Kendall has absolutely perfected the vintage aesthetic and also added a distinct flavour to it. In this Instagram carousel post, seemingly from some time she spent in Paris, Kenny can be seen channelling a sophisticated all-black look with a chic black headscarf. Of course, the look is elevated by two notches higher because of her vintage sunnies. The headscarf-and-sunglass look is immortalised by none other than the very iconic Audrey Hepburn, who also made cat-eye frames very famous. And we must say, Kendall’s homage to Hepburn is absolutely on point.

The perfect vintage sunglasses do exist, and you can find them at Specscart. Our BUSK 2-S is the ideal pair to flaunt if you are in the mood to exude some old Hollywood glamour but on a budget.

Biker Chic - Reinvented

Kendall Jenner reinvents the biker chic look with her uber-cool brown jacket, baseball cap, and brown-tinted sunnies. The 818 Tequila founder is leaving no crumbs when it comes to street style. And, the best part is that this entire look is very wearable for normies like us.

Get your dose of Kendall Jenner sunglasses with our TARBOCK 2-S. These rectangular full-rimmed sunnies with a brown tint will be the perfect companion for all your high-street ensembles.

A fan of Kendall’s friend, Haily Beiber? Our latest blog on Hailey Beiber sunglasses will definitely make for a fascinating read!

Kendall Jenner Gives a New Meaning to Haute Couture

Kenny is killing it in this custom Balenciaga ensemble for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The outfit is an extravaganza in itself, with black tulle, pleats, and layers forming an exquisitely cohesive attire. And, the black boots add further depth and pizazz. But my favourite part is her moderately-sized sunnies. These chic frames gave a slightly upswept silhouette and a larger surface area, exuding a high-fashion, enigmatic, and divalicious feel.

Achieving that mysterious and high-fashion look is now easier with our NICOLE 1. These moderately-sized sunnies have a cat-eye structure that is not overpowering but incredibly flattering.

Well, the Kar-Jenners are the true-blue trendsetters, and Kendall aces the game every time. Her style is very wearable and feminine but with a touch of biker chic. On the other hand, when it comes to her sisters like Kim, it is very sleek and minimalist. Moreover, Kim’s sunglasses style is all about going extra and oversized. But we have to admit and accept that Kendall and the entire Kar-Jenner clan know how to create the right kind of buzz when it comes to fashion. Elevate your sunglass game by opting for Kendall-inspired sunnies from Specscart!

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