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Iconic Kim Kardashian Eyewear Moments

Iconic Kim Kardashian Eyewear Moments

If ‘risque’ had a synonym, Kim Kardashian would be it. The reality TV star is known for her bold personality, and an uncanny ability to stay ahead of trends. If there is a list of celebs who exemplify the ‘trendsetter’ tag, Kim would definitely be among the Top 5. Initially, Kim’s fashion sense was credited to her ex-husband Kanye West’s styling sensibilities. But, a murky divorce and a few red carpets later, Kim K has proven her calibre as a true-blue fashion clairvoyant.

While initially, Kim started her career with simpler aesthetics, she has evolved into a high-fashion mogul, popularising items like biker shorts, ‘pantaboots’, skintight latex dresses, nude or greige aesthetics, and exaggerated shield sunglasses. Kim’s fashion taste continues to spur mixed reaction, but the reality star and multi-million dollar entrepreneur does not back down when it comes to pushing the boundaries of fashion.

The SKIMS founder has been the poster child for certain brands like Balenciaga, Mugler, and Balmain, and most of her off-duty looks exude a minimal, futuristic, and sleek persona served with a la-carte of athleisure. Kim’s recent collaboration with powerhouses like Fendi (2021) and Dolce & Gabbana (2023), further established her stature as the queen of luxury fashion. Among her various style statements, Kim K sunglasses truly stand out.

I am someone who has always kept up with the Kardashians, and their show is my guilty pleasure. It is hard to keep off the drama, the tea, and the spicy mess of the Kardashians. Besides, the extra dose of fashion inspo that you get from the Kar-Jenners does not hurt anybody. In this blog, we will be looking at some of the most iconic Kim Kardashian sunglasses and see what makes them special.

Best 5 Kim Kardashian Sunglasses of 202

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account is an archive of sorts, where high-fashion meets high-street and athleisure. Along with eye-catchy ensembles, one thing that heavily reoccurs in most of Kim’s off-duty looks is sunglasses.

1. Kim Kardashian’s Biker Chic Sunnies

Kim K is serving true-blue ‘biker chic’ in her exaggerated patch-work pants, thigh high boots, and a black latex bandeau. With platinum locks and oversized black rectangle shades, Kim exemplifies high-street. Of course, the whole outfit is extra, exaggerated, and over-the-top, but let us admit it for once, it is quite difficult not to praise her boldness, creativity, and feist!

For sunglasses as stylish, crisp, and edgy like that of Kim Kardashian, our BUSK 2-S has got your back. These sunnies are excellent to sport with all your athleisure looks, as they provide a semblance of tailoring to any laidback outfit.

2. Kim’s Face-shielding Sunglasses

Kim’s love for face-shielding sunnies is no secret to anyone. The reality TV queen has been absolutely slaying in oversized ‘Bug-eyed’ shades and extra-large Kim Kardashian glasses even before they were a thing. A quick Google search is enough to tell us all that Kim has been sporting exaggerated face-shielding eyewear since as early as 2018. And nowadays, face-shielding sunnies are among the hottest eyewear trends.

In the above off-duty look, Kim can be seen wearing a red puffed-up trench coat, black boots, and a super-large pair of sunnies. The Reality Royal knows what she is doing, and is absolutely leaving no crumbs on the table!

For an eyewear as extra as Kim’s, look no further than our HENRY 1. These sunglasses are thick-framed, oversized and yet wearable - a deadly combo, indeed!

3. Kim’s Upswept Wraparounds

Kim and Demna’s (from Balenciaga) collaboration has been considered to be among the most memorable and iconic. The reality star’s suave taste in luxury fashion became evident to the whole world, when Kim started her journey with Demna.

In the above photo, Kim is sporting a Balenciaga ensemble - a belted dress and upswept wraparounds. Both the dress and the sunglasses are extremely ‘out there,’ and also extremely ‘Kim.’

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Want Kim K-inspired sunnies in a wraparound silhouette but at an affordable price? Well, our GRACE CB1 will not let you down. These stylish cat-eye sunglasses have an oversized feel and upswept design, which is meant to flatter different face shapes.

4. Kim’s Stylish Rectangular Sunnies

In another one of her captivating off-duty looks, Kim is just slaying in that one-shoulder jumpsuit, black boots, and a sleek hairstyle. For once, we can see the reality star donning moderately-sized rectangular sunnies, which are neither too large nor too small.

The sleekness of the outfit, the sunglasses, and the hairstyle are complemented well by the round extra-large earrings. Well, when it comes to looking put together, nobody can beat Kim!

Looking for sleek rectangular sunglasses that exemplify high-fashion, our WITHAM 2-S is precisely designed for that purpose. Its unique rimless frame and an accented nose bridge are sure to tug at your heartstrings.

5. Kim’s Thick-framed Cat-eyes

Basking in the pool never looked this good. The entrepreneur and reality star looks absolutely amazing in her thick-framed cat-eyes. The sunglasses are perfect for any kind of pool date or party!

For Kim K sunglasses that are thick-framed but wearable for everyday use, you have the WITNEY 2-S. These geometric acetate frames have an upswept silhouette for that extra feminine and flattering touch

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Kim’s exaggerated eyewear has always been the talk of the town. The Reality star and entrepreneur has been ‘keeping up’ with eyewear since 2018 or even earlier, and her choices have been truly ‘ahead of the times.’ If you want to slay in sunglasses inspired by Kim K’s chic and high-fashion looks, then Specscart’s collection has got your back. We have a ‘frame for every game!’

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