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Michael Jackson glasses your quirky self would admire

Michael Jackson glasses your quirky self would admire

Michael Jackson glasses can be found in the closets of almost each of his die-hard fans. Whether you have any frames inspired by the King of Pop’s styles or not, this article is a must read. The article will take you through some instances of MJ’s life. You may or may not have heard of these stories that we are about to bring to you. Also, you may fall for the various frames we have for you, designed with inspiration from ‘the gloved one’. After all, you can’t deny his quirky ‘Whacko-Jacko’ styling that has been admired all over the world just like his singing and dancing skills.

If you are someone a bit quirky like he was and love sporting some different looks, you might find some splendid choices of glasses and sunglasses here today. So, be ready for some surprises for your ensemble.

Also, this article is a tribute to the man who left the world of pop in June 2009. Michael Jackson died due to cardiac arrest from the overdose of a drug called propofol which he took owing to his intense insomnia. He was only 50 years old and was rehearsing for his next tour in the UK during these days. The tour was called ‘This is it’, which Michael’s soul may have taken very literally.

However, let’s change our vision or spectacles, if need be, and look at the bright side of his life instead. Let’s dive into his favourite styles of glasses and one of the significant questions that bothered many fans.

Why did Michael Jackson wear sunglasses all the time?

With a flattering appeal unmatched by peers, Michael Jackson’s sunglasses are seen as more of a style statement than anything else.

However, to leave nothing for assumptions, thankfully Michael answered this question in his book ‘Moonwalk’ himself for his fans. These are his exact words:

"If you were to ask me why I wear sunglasses in public as often as I do, I'd tell you it's because I simply don't like to have to constantly look everyone in the eye. It's a way of concealing just a bit of myself."

Some fans even say it acts as a barrier for him because he didn’t like crowds much as a shy person. The sunglasses were his shield from the rest of the world. And his angelic eyes were what he wanted to keep for himself.

Another fan, a part of the UKlovesMJ community on Facebook had this to say, “come on Mike tell the truth, you didn't want all those women fainting when they saw those gorgeous eyes, they invented the saying ‘drop dead gorgeous’ for you”.

It’s also said that his sunglasses were a way of protecting his eyes. After all, there were countless camera flashes attacking him all-around almost every time he was outside. When on stage, the spotlights too would always be on him. Thus, making it difficult to see while harming the eyes. So, sunglasses could be his weapon against the light surrounding him always.

Michael Jackson sunglasses in the Square style

While he was mostly spotted in Pilot sunglasses, Michael Jackson diversified at times with a pair of squares. It was around the time this style was becoming a favourite of many celebrities, so there was no reason for Michael to not try it as well.

One of the occasions where he is seen wearing the classic square style is when he visited the white house in 1990. There he was honoured with the Entertainer of the Decade award from George Bush, the President of the United States. There he also meets the Former First Lady, Barbara Bush who gets quite enthralled with Michael’s presence in the white house that day. Mesmerised by his appearance and magnificence, she also wrote a note about him in her diary that day, which she later included in her book “Barbara Bush: the Memoir”.

However, the first time he wore a pair of Squares was during his first world concert tour in September 1987. The tour was named the “Bad”. The solo singer, Michael Jackson, produced a total of $125 million for the tour organisers. This made a world record of the ‘highest grossing tour’ and of being the one ‘played for the most people ever’.

In 1989, he made a surprise appearance on the Arsenio Hall talk show with Eddie Murphy. Once again he was seen sporting an eccentric pair of black squares. That episode got quite famous and so did the square style along with it.

Want to experience the pleasure of wearing a pair of black square sunglasses like him? Here’s one we have for you. This one has modish streaaks in vibrant colours that speak of the modern times while expressing the high energy of the man himself. While you may not get brimmed up with a charismatic essence like him, you are bound to portray your love for him. The dark grey tint of the sunglasses, with the colourful hues at the temples and the stylish style all together make certain to get you a shower of praises if not camera flashes like Michael Jackson. Go ahead and give them a show!

Michael Jackson mirror glasses in the Pilot style

Much before Michael Jackson opted for the square, he sported the Pilot sunglasses. In fact, it was his trademark pair which he loved wearing wherever he was headed. Even after a short phase of wearing the square sunglasses style, he came back to his beloved Pilots. One of the pairs that he frequently wore in the later parts of his life was the mirror style glasses.

A speciality of the mirror coating on the glasses is that it blocks about 10 to 60% of light. Seems like Michael was quite annoyed with the camera flashes and decided to move a step ahead of regular sunglasses.

Here’s a story about one such pair. During his Victory tour in 1984, Michael Jackson used to wear a pair of pilot sunglasses with a gold wire frame and mirror coating in silver. His marketing manager used the pairs he wore in each concert in promotional contests. These were run by difference newspapers in all those towns that they visited during the concert tour. Once a week, the marketing in charge would take the sunglasses to Michael and get them signed. Jackson took some of these sunglasses to keep for himself and he gifted some to his friends. One of these friends was Corey Feldman who later sold the sunglasses at a gorgeous price like $27,500 to Michael’s fans. The marketing in-charge has confirmed through a letter that these mirror coated glasses which Corey was selling were indeed worn by Michael Jackson on stage during the Victory concert.

On many occasions, Michael Jackson was also spotted wearing mirror coated squares

We know you would love to don a style which the ‘man in the mirror’ donned himself. That’s why we bring to you what we call Hayes. With its elegant silver mirror tinted frame front and the temples that can’t help but stand out, these frames are sure to bring you the charms of Michael Jackson. Thus making you express your fondness for MJ in his style. These frames are made in metal similar to those of Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson reading glasses

In the 1990s and 2000s, Michael Jackson was often seen in reading glasses. One of these occasions was a speech in Japan, while many others were during his trial. The king of pop was accused of the molestation of a 13 year old cancer patient. Later, he also stood for trial regarding 14 different charges. These included conspiracy, child molestation and making minors drink alcohol.

The glasses he wore were of different kinds. One of them was a rimless rectangular style that suited his square shaped face unlikely well. Although, he didn’t wear them pretty often. At least not as much as his pilots. Yes, he loved pilots no matter if they were his reading glasses or sunglasses. One of his pairs looked similar to Specscart’s Alfred. These flat nose bridge glasses are in the gunmetal colour which commands a good amount of respect when worn.

Inspired by him, we have another pair called the Statham. These look very similar to what the Wacko-Jacko wore in the trials. Although, these have clear lenses, while his lenses were a little tinted. However, both, the one he wore and Statham, sport silver wire frames with a build of metal. The inspired pair also includes a district plum purple colour at the top bar to add some vibrance and energy to your look. That’s necessary because we doubt you having the same enthralling vibes that Michael Jackson brought to the table.

Finally, coming back to his rimless rectangular which he didn’t wear quite often, we have Helston that looks way similar to his one. Again, with silver temples made in metal.

All these pairs portray his unspoken charm which was visible even without his signature sunglasses. Well, that’s the class of the man you can’t deny.

Where to find these Michael Jackson glasses?

Wish to own Michael Jackson glasses and sunglasses for your ensemble? Well, Specscart is the best place to have them. To start with the reasons, Jackson's glasses are available at quite affordable prices at Specscart. Secondly, as with every pair of glasses or sunglasses that you order, these lenses too come fully loaded with all protective coatings. That too, free of any charge.

These coatings include an anti-glare coating which helps you avoid any irritation from lights like that of camera flashes or spotlights or the lights on the roads at night. Another coating is the anti-UV one which protects you against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet light. Thus, saving you from diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. Unfortunately, these are much more dangerous than vitiligo, the skin disease that affected Michael Jackson as they can even lead to permanent loss of vision.

A third coating provides scratch-resistance. This one is quite helpful if you are a clumsy being whose glasses keep falling here and there and may easily get scratched. To add to all these properties, the glasses frames are impact resistant as well. This ensures that you would be able to flaunt Michael Jackson frames day after day. Thus, captivating people and garnering the incredible admiring glances you deserve.

To protect your eyes better, we suggest you opt for blue light glasses. All you need to do is choose the ‘digital blue light protection’ coating option for your lenses while ordering. Then we’ll use the advanced X-blue lenses to make your eyeglasses that will protect you from the ill-effects of blue light emitted from digital screens all around us. Like Jackson had to be saved from the flashes, you too have to save your eyes from the laptop, smartphone and TV screens.

Don’t worry, these X-blue lenses are quite pocket friendly and make a great fast-fashion accessory as well.

Another reason why you would want to choose Specscart is the ability to try Michael Jackson glasses at home. Yes, we provide a free service to try up to 4 eyeglass frames for 7 days. If you don’t find the pairs you are looking for, you can always order another home trial package and then another, until you find the right frames. That too, without paying a pound.

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Lastly, unlike many other eyewear brands out there, Specscart promises free shipping worldwide and 24 hour dispatches on most orders to help you cherish your Michael Jackson glasses quickly under your budget.

Ready? We’re sure you are. So, buckle up and get your favourite Michael Jackson eyeglasses or sunglasses right away!

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