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4 Must-have Accessories for Eyeglasses

4 Must-have Accessories for Eyeglasses

One constant challenge for glasses wearers is maintaining their eyeglasses. However, it is something you cannot avoid at all costs. With proper care, you can easily increase the lifespan and quality of your glasses over a longer period. Accessories for your glasses become crucial if you are serious about their condition.

In this blog, we will explore the must-have accessories for eyeglasses. Investing in them is never a waste. Let’s examine these glasses accessories and their importance.

1. Protective Case

Protective Case

A protective case is like a home for your eyeglasses—they feel safe, warm, and comfortable in there. We often tend to leave our glasses here and there, which is a common habit for most people. However, these small mistakes can cause serious damage to your glasses, and in the worst case, you might even break them. That’s why using exclusively designed protective cases is a must—it will enhance the longevity of your pairs when you are not using them. The hard coating of the case protects the glasses from scratches and other potential damage, making a good case a saviour that adds to the durability factor.

2. Cleaning Solution

Cleaning Solution

When you wear your eyeglasses and go out, it is quite common to accumulate dirt, dust, and unwanted smudges. Getting rid of them is a must; otherwise, these particles can enter your eyes and cause potential damage. In such cases, a lens cleaning solution comes in handy. It is a highly functional and perfect eyewear accessory that helps in the cleaning process, removing dirt and dust from your glasses. Additionally, you will need a microfiber cloth to wipe off the particles—let’s learn more about them in the next point.

3. Cleaning Cloths

Cleaning cloths

A microfiber cloth or cleaning cloth is used to keep your eyeglasses clear and clean throughout the day. Spray the cleaning solution on your lenses and use a soft piece of cloth to wipe them. Using any other cloth can cause damage to the lenses of your glasses in the long run. Specscart uses microfiber cloths that are safe for your glasses. Not only that, but Specscart also offers stylish and interesting cleaning cloths, making it even more worthwhile.

4. Screwdriver


When you use your eyeglasses for an extended period, the screws might become loose in the long run. If you keep a screwdriver in your glasses’ cleaning kit, you will be able to fix your loose pairs instead of visiting an optician. However, keep in mind that normal screwdrivers usually do not work with your eyeglasses. You need to use screwdrivers that are specifically meant for glasses, ensuring better compatibility with the tiny screws of your glasses. You can check out Specscart’s accessories section to learn more about the glasses screwdriver.

Get a Cleaning Kit from Specscart for Free

Yes, we pack these essentials with your eyeglasses for free—there’s no hidden cost at all! When we pour all our love and effort into curating your glasses, we make sure to provide the must-have accessories so that you can pamper them in the best possible manner. All we expect from you is to take care of your glasses well. In case you need any help, you are always welcome to visit us at our store. Our team will love to assist you with your glasses.

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