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Perfect Glasses’ Styles For Different Office Dress Codes

Perfect Glasses’ Styles For Different Office Dress Codes

Styling your office outfit the right way can help you make a solid impression at your workplace. Keeping your professional workplace appearance spot on is no rocket science. All you need to do is not only rely on clothing but also explore the super stylish domain of accessories.

There is relatively less room to experiment when it comes to clothes for the office as every workplace has its own dress code. This is where fashion accessories come to your rescue!

Whether it is a wristwatch or jewellery, or even something fine as shirt cuffs, getting your accessories game right will certainly give you some bonus professional points at your workplace.

Glasses: Must-have for your office wardrobe!

If there is one accessory that you just can’t miss out on while dressing up for your workplace, it has to be a pair of glasses. It is the fine details where the magic happens and glasses are all about fine details.

But what makes up an ideal pair of glasses for the workplace? Well, it just needs to be ensured that they fit well with the dress code of your workplace.

Need any help? We have got you covered!.

Here are the best glasses styles for different types of dress codes for your workplace. Read on and you can thank us later!

Business Formal: Keep it simple!

As the name suggests, this professional attire carries a high level of formal quotient. It includes things like tailored suits in basic dark colours for men, skirt suits, and pantsuits for women, and complementing it with ties and pocket squares, just to name a few.

Which styles of glasses do you accommodate with this type of dress code? The key is to keep things simple.

Going frameless with rimless glasses can do wonders here. The sophisticated visual appeal that they carry will complement your dress exceptionally well. How can we not talk about the elite browline here? The all-black browline frames are an office masterclass. Be sure to make heads turn with them!

Business Professional: Tone down formal stuff by a bit!

When it comes to the formal element, business professional is a step down from business formal, but it still lies towards the traditional end. The kinds of dresses worn remain more or less the same, with more flexibility in the patterns and colours as compared to business formal.

Also, more chunky accessories are noticeable. Apply this rule to your glasses and you are good to go. Here are the styles that are perfect contenders!

Simple, sleek, and smart, the fantastic combination of timeless metal frames with retro round glasses is your go-to style here. Another style that needs a mention here is the contrasting tortoiseshell frames. A styling tip would be to opt for conventional patterns with shades of brown and amber.

Business Casual: Not so serious!

If your office dress code is business casual, your options widen, both in the case of clothing and accessories. Since you have the room to bring in a casual touch, you no longer have to rely on things like suits, skirt suits, ties, and stockings, which have high formal elements.

However, professionalism needs to be maintained simultaneously. An example of business casual attire for men would be tucked-in shirts with trousers, whereas women tend to style dresses like skirts, cardigans, and slacks.

Well, what about your specs? Whatever the occasion, pilots will always display a classic appeal. The variant that will go well here would be double bridge pilots with their traditional teardrop structure. Basic styles such as round and rectangular in thick chunky acetate frames will impart a sincere and confident look - something that you certainly need in a professional setup.

Casual: Take it easy!

A casual office dress code is just like your everyday style. The focus is more on comfort and leisure, with an extensive range of options to choose from. Casual office attire is the simplest to pull off and also the simplest to select. Men can go from crisp shirts to polo t-shirts, to even plain round tees. Women can style tops and blouses with skirts that are funkier. And the options definitely don’t end here!

To make a bold fashion statement with your glasses, you need to be looking for easy-going styles that have traces of playful elements. Going by the trends, square oversized glasses in acetate frames are a perfect contender here. If you are someone who likes contemporary stuff, nothing can complement your casual style better than transparent frames.

Glasses: Your office-style companion!

We have discussed the four most popular types of office dress codes and the styles of glasses that go perfectly with them. The next thing that you should consider is adding them to your wardrobes. And don’t forget to opt for blue light lenses as most of us spend our office hours over a digital screen, although to varying degrees.

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