Summer Heat And Your Eyes: How To Protect Your Eyes In The Sun?

Gemma Gough

Published on May 15, 2021, 3:39 am

Summer Heat And Your Eyes: How To Protect Your Eyes In The Sun?

After spending a boring summer scooped up in my home last year, I am looking forward to having fun in the sun.

I’m super excited about the restrictions being lifted from May 17. Pubs and restaurants will be opened with a maximum limit of 6 people indoors and 30 outside. You can also do overnight stays at your friend’s house and visit someone’s home in a group of 6. You may also plan an international holiday in green list countries like Portugal if they allow inbound travel.

Well, I am not planning to go outside the country, but I am definitely excited about picnics, beach holidays and seeing my friends after so long. We may go fishing or something.

As much as I love to welcome summers with open arms, I am also aware of the miseries it inflicts on our eyes. This is why I take some personal safety measures to make sure that my eyes are safe from the heat.

I would love to share these tips with you guys. But first, let’s find out why looking after your eyes is important in summer.

Summer and Your Eyes

Summer and Your Eyes

Knowing about the potential hazards is important to keep your eyes healthy all through the summer. Here are some of the most common things that can damage your eyes in the warm months.

1. Summer Allergies

It’s not just cold weather that can lead to eye allergies. Summer rains and warmer temperatures give the perfect opportunity for mold to grow. Also, summer is the best season for seeds to get to their peak.

If you are allergic to any of these two things, you may find yourself dealing with the symptoms of eye allergies such as itchy or dry eyes.

2. Corneal Burns

Too much sun exposure can burn the surface of the cornea. This could lead to temporary blurriness in your vision and gritty eyes. While you can’t put sunscreen on your eyes, wearing designer sunglasses is one of the smart ways to protect your eyes.

3. Eye Infections

You may still develop eye infections in warm weather. When you are out doing summer activities such as swimming or camping, you are exposed to more pathogens. Chlorine in the swimming pools can irritate the thin tear film on your cornea causing eye infections.

If you are planning these pool parties, make sure you protect your eyesight by using the right gear. There are glasses that you can wear underwater too and they don’t hinder your vision.

4. Tired Eyes

We are out a lot during the warm months which makes sense as we don’t get sun here in the UK so often. However, those never-ending pool parties, beach trips and vacations can leave you with little sleep and cause tired eyes.

5. Dry Eyes

Dry eye is a very common problem. Without an adequate amount of tears, your eyes become more vulnerable to infections. If left untreated, it could lead to eye inflammation or become one of those things that can damage your eyes.

The high temperature outside with the cooling of the air conditioner and fans inside could contribute towards dry eye symptoms.

Tips to Protect Your Eyesight in the Summer

Protect Your Eyesight

Summer is the best time to take a vacation. But a vacation from eye care should never be on the cards. It’s important to make sure that you take proper safety precautions to help your eyes live their best life.

I have to follow suggestions for looking after your eyes this summer:

1. Wear Sunglasses

Summer is the time for outdoor activities. This means a lot of UV time for your eyes. The obvious way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses.

Too much UV light can trigger severe eye problems or premature ageing of your eyes. Using sunglasses that block at least 60% UV work best in the summers.

When you buy sunglasses from us, you get 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Even when you buy prescription glasses online from us, you will get an Anti-UV coating on the lenses for free.

2. Wash Your Hands

During the warm months, our hands or palms get sweaty. The germs or bacteria on your hands could easily be transferred to your eyes when you rub them with your hands. So, make sure that you keep your hands clean and germ-free.

3. Use Goggles when You go into the Pool

Swimming is a great fun activity. But the chlorine can cause irritation to your eyes. Even when you go swimming in the ocean, wear swim goggles to take care of your eyes.

4. Wear Hats

Hats are the best summertime accessory (after sunglasses). Minimize your risk of UV damage and wear hats when stepping out in the hot sun. They add to your style and shield your eyes at the same time.

5. Use Eye Drops

As I have said that summer weather triggers dry eye problems, use eye drops or artificial tears to keep your eyes lubricated. Consider using the ones that don’t have any preservatives so you could use them more often.

6. Hydrate Your Body

You are at a higher risk of dehydration when it is hot outside. I don’t know if you know this but dehydration degrades your body’s ability to form tears. Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated will ensure optimum tear levels in your eye and prevent dry eye syndrome.

7. Sleep Well

This is one of the most common ways to protect your eyes in the long run. We know you have a busy schedule during summers, especially on the weekends. But, think about your eyes and go to bed early so you can get an adequate amount of sleep.

You may be unable to sleep due to your excessive screen time. Wear blue light glasses while working in the office during the day so you get to sleep better (and more) at night.

Will Glasses Protect Your Eyes in the Summer?

Yes, they do. Where sunglasses keep your eyes covered from UV harm, they also don’t allow seeds and debris to get into your eyes. This way, your shades prevent eye infections by giving proper coverage to your eyes.

Not only sunglasses, you may go for oversized eyeglasses or boxy frames with wider lenses that also protect the area around your eyes. They are extremely stylish as well. You can check out our range of oversized sunglasses to give yourself a stunning makeover this summer.

Summer can be a tricky time for your eyes. You want to go out and have fun but that can’t be possible when your eyes aren’t feeling good. Even when you feel the slightest problem with your eyes, come to us and get a free eye test in the UK.

Make sure you don’t exhaust your eyes from your summertime fun. Give them timely breaks and take special care of your eyes.

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