The story behind "Specscart Rocket"


Published on December 12, 2020, 4:25 pm

The story behind "Specscart Rocket"

It’s not often that you get to hear of innovation in the eyewear industry. Eyeglasses and the industry as a whole are traditionally characterized by high prices and lackluster service, and we aim to change exactly that. 


Since the day we’ve laid our foundation, we’ve been churning nothing but innovative ideas to make glasses more convenient to you.

The modern customer loves faster delivery. To some, the absence of it is also a deal-breaker. If a retailer doesn’t deliver a product in weeks, the customer is no longer interested in buying it. For instance, Amazon Prime shot into prominence for its unparalleled faster delivery and has witnessed a great increase in orders now. 

The estimate of the average number of Amazon orders per year of an Amazon Prime and non-Prime member explains the drastic preference for immediate delivery. 


According to the findings of Statistics, an Amazon Prime member places an average of 24 orders per year, compared to those who are non-Prime customers with an average annual order of 13 orders. With fast delivery, people are more likely to shop more, ‘cause it meets their needs in no-time.

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Recent research from Invespro also suggests -
  • 56% of online consumers aged 18 to 34 prefer same-day delivery

  • 62% of online customers are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery products

  • 49% of customers confess that same-day delivery makes them willing to shop 

  • 96% of online customers consider fast delivery to be same or next day delivery. 


Specscart Rocket


Our innovative and leading service that manages to offer glasses at a lightning speed is named Specscart Rocket. The vision of a University student who wanted a new pair of glasses immediately to take his final year exams the very next day.


We’ve all faced the hours, days, and probably weeks of waiting to get our prescription glasses. The process itself is quite long which is why not a lot of eyewear retailers tend to offer faster delivery. 


Your prescription may play a bigger role in late delivery, only if your lenses come with high strength. They can take a lot of time to be cut and glazed, but other than that, there’s no other possible reason why glasses aren’t delivered within the first two days. 


On average, the delivery time in the UK is about 10 t0 15 business days. That’s about half a month. We can’t possibly imagine such a delay while buying our shoes, headphones, or an outfit. With online shopping, people anticipate a change in purchasing that’s one step ahead of the past and result in a convenient solution. 


Frankly, shopping is at times a very therapeutic practice. The complete experience, from selecting to buying and then receiving is a thoroughly joyful cycle. But, the hindrance of waiting… for more than a week might undermine the shopping experience that customers are looking for nowadays. 


The problems and questions led to our leading solution - Specscart Rocket. 


Aside from just providing people with glasses in times of emergency, we thought to offer them at all times. Cause, why not?


Whether you scratched, dropped, or broke your glasses, or need a frame for attending a new job interview, you can rely on us. You don’t have to schedule a day to go glasses shopping, just place an order and you’ll receive them within the same day.


Like a friend, Specscart Rocket has always got your back. 


From a young fashion enthusiast to emergency needs, same-day dispatch of glasses and sunglasses is now successfully possible. 

How does Specscart Rocket work?

Once you place your order, the maximum turn around of your glasses would be 24 hours. From getting your prescription to designing and delivery, you’ll get them the very same or the next day, depending on the time of ordering.

Only the very few, complex prescription lenses require more time in delivery but the rest are at your doorstep in a flash. 

How did we make it possible?

No middlemen supply chain

By cutting out unwanted middlemen supply chains, we are able to produce all of our eyewear in the UK itself. Removal of the unnecessary middlemen resolved various business hurdles, from designing and manufacturing our own eyewear to delivering frames directly to customers became exceptional creative freedom for a startup. 

We get to continue delivering British quality eyewear, while you get them at a fair and transparent price point. 

Without having to go through designers, license holders, and manufacturers, we took things into our hands.  It allowed us to manufacture our glasses and then deliver them as fast as possible to our customers. 

State-of-the-art Laboratory

Handcrafted in-house in our Manchester-based advanced laboratory, we get to carefully manufacture and craft our glasses. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced machinery in our labs produces the best quality and design in eyewear across the UK. 

Moreover, the labs help to immediately create glasses in a day. Giving us the tremendous advantage of creating lenses shortly after order placement and dispatching them as fast as possible. 

Once we're ready on our behalf, our final delivery is handed over to the Royal Mail 1st class. Being the fastest and the most flexible delivery service, Royal Mail offers a dedicated assurance of next-day delivery.

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