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Stunning Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages Who Wear Glasses

Stunning Hairstyles For Women Of All Ages Who Wear Glasses

In 2023, wearing eyeglasses has become so chic that even people who do not need them for practical purposes have begun wearing them as a fashion statement. Oh, how quickly time changes! Once considered to be bland, boring, and geeky, spectacles are now synonymous with style and gravitas. From the most fashion-forward celebs to famous influencers, everybody is flaunting men’s and women’s prescription glasses and owning them like nobody’s business!

However, despite being a prominent accessory, many people still find it difficult to style their outfits, makeup, and hairstyles in tandem with their eyewear. Well, fret not, as the fashion maestros of Specscart are here to save the day (Wink wink)! We are a young and vivacious eyewear brand that loves seeing spectacles styled in unique, funky, and flattering ways. So, to ensure that you look and feel your most beautiful even while taking care of your vision, we have curated a list of stunning hairstyles that are ideal for eyeglasses-wearing women of all ages.

Top 5 Hairstyles for Women of All Ages Who Wear Glasses

A wise person on the Internet once said that good hair speaks louder than words. Well, the echoes ring even sharper when your hair complements your eyeglass. The eyewear-hairstyle combo is a match made in heaven, and can instantly highlight your best features and add a charming glow to your face. So, after the big build-up, let us finally check out the best hairstyles that you can don with prescription glasses for women.

Low and Tousled Ponytail

The first hairstyle that every eyeglass-wearing woman must try or incorporate into her routine is the low and tousled ponytail. Tying your hair at the back and creating a strategically messy look radiates a carefree aura while accentuating your features. The hairstyle is best if you have an oval-shaped face. The best part is that the tousled ponytail hairdo is very quick, easy, and hassle-free. You will not have to spend hours getting it right.

A hair tie, your go-to hairspray and a few bobby pins are all you need to ace the hairstyle. Simply secure your hair in a pony, lock the base with a small bobby pin and some hairspray and rub the hair at the edge of your hairline to get those naturally falling face-framing stands. Voila, it’s done!

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A low and tousled ponytail would look good with a lot of different glasses. But, if you want a pair that stands out, then our MEASHAM 4 will definitely make the cut.

Blunt Fringes

Blunt Fringes

The second hairstyle that looks good on women of all ages with glasses is blunt bangs or fringes. They are a chic, edgy, and incredibly cool hairdo that seamlessly complements spectacles. As glasses can make your face appear small, adding fringes can help frame the face.

However, the way your fringes are framed or trimmed and how they are styled make a mile of a difference. Style your hair and bangs immediately after you step out of the shower. Begin with blow drying and then set them as per your preferences. But, if you are opting for the blunt-bang look, make sure to visit the salon regularly and get your bangs trimmed, so that they do not come in between your eyes and women’s prescription glasses.

Blunt bang hairstyles pair well with a lot of different frame styles. But, for a modern and high-fashion touch, it is best to opt for tinted lenses, as they add a layer of oomph and style! Our PADDINGTON 2 is customisable with solid, gradient, and polarised tints in nine different high-utility tints, such as purple, brown, grey, green, and more.

If you are an eyeglass-wearer, then accessorising is also possible with jewellery. How? Read our blog to find out!

Bouncy Waves

Bouncy Waves

Bouncy, healthy, and lively waves work amazingly well with glasses. The volume of the hairstyle breaks up the heaviness of your glasses and creates a cohesive look. Whether you have long hair, a bob, or a lob, bouncy and healthy curls look extremely well with spectacles, especially the feminine variants like cat eyes. Moreover, it is quite simple to create a messy wave. All you need is a wide-barreled curling wand, some hair gel, and a leave-in conditioner.

The most suitable spectacles for women with a bouncy-wavy hairstyle are cat-eye glasses. Our LEEDS 2 exemplifies the feline-inspired look with its sharp upswept silhouette and ultra-feminine colour.

Space Buns

Space Buns

Space buns are quirky, fun, and vivacious. And, the best part is that they look amazing with eyeglasses. If you want a youthful look, then the space bun-spectacle combo is perfect. Likewise, space buns also pair well with bangs. So, it is a win-win from every angle.

A space bun hairstyle may seem complicated at first. But, trust us, it is not ‘rocket science!.’ All you have to do is simply part your hair down the middle, and secure one section out of the way. Then, take the other section and pull it back to the desired height.

Thirdly, tightly clasp the hair with a thin hair tie. Then, wrap the hair around itself until it forms a bun. Secure the hair in place with bobby pins. Finally, repeat the same steps for the other part of your hair.

Space buns are a funky hairstyle, so it is best paired with funky glasses. Our ARLEY 1 is a super-stylish spectacle that is duo-toned and hued with a vibrant and captivating royal blue and caramel brown colour.

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>High Bun

Last but not least, a high bun also looks amazing with glasses. Women, irrespective of their age, who wear prescription glasses, can wear a tight high bun and look like a million bucks. A high and tight bun accentuates your features, including the cheekbones and jawline, and provides a lifted look. Moreover, it is easy to make and you will not have to spend hours creating the updo.

A high bun with women’s prescription glasses creates a contrast between the hair and the face and the culmination is that your most beautiful features are highlighted. To achieve a high bun, all you need is a good-quality hairspray, a hair tie, and a tooth comb.

A high bun creates a sleek and lifted look, which can be further elevated with the help of a metal-framed cat-eye glass. Our CHELSEA 1 redefines the beauty of the cat-eye aesthetic and is perfect for times when you want to look ultra-feminine and flirty wearing a high bun.

Get Super-stylish Women’s Glasses for Different Hairstyles

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