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Here’s why swimming goggles are more important than you think

Here’s why swimming goggles are more important than you think

Swimming is fun-sport and is very useful. It is one of the most intense sports and uses almost every muscle. Swimming lifts our mood and reduces stress. It is low-impact cardio and provides a full-body workout. It improves our sleep cycle and builds endurance. It helps to maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. Phew!

During the pandemic, everything was shut down. People were not allowed to go outside and do any work. Shops were closed, gyms, swimming pools, everything was out of bounds and people had to stay at home during the lockdown.

But as things got better, gyms and indoor swimming pools started opening again late last year. Shops are opening, and people are taking care of their workouts and health.

While there are a lot of blogs out there about the right swimming technique and different strokes, I thought of writing about the right pair of swimming goggles. While we don’t offer them (yet!), sports glasses are something of our specialty.

Benefits of swimming goggles

Goggles are an essential wear for a swimmer's wardrobe. These goggles are specially designed to see underwater and also to protect the eyes from salts and chemicals like chlorine. These tight water glasses protect our eyes by making an air pocket around the eye and blocking water from getting inside the eyes during swimming. There are reasons why swimming goggles are advised to wear during swimming. The reasons are -

  • Crystal clear vision - The watertight design helps to open our eyes with confidence while swimming and can have a crystal clear vision under the water. This is also beneficial for people doing swimming in the local pools. When one experiences a clear vision, then it becomes easy to notice somebody’s legs or hands who obstruct while practising.
  • Protective shield for the eyes - The eyes often look red and itchy and it seems that one had too many sleepless nights. When going swimming without the goggles, our eyes may look red and itchy. The swimming pools are often filled with water which causes red eyes and irritation. But it is important to keep the pool clean and sanitary and chlorine does this work. Chlorine is not good for our eyes and can harm our eyes. Wearing swimming goggles is the best and safest way to protect our eyes. Prescription swimming goggles are also available for the ones who use prescription glasses. Some goggles have UV protection to save the eyes from sunburn.
  • More fun with your swim - Wearing goggles and doing underwater swimming gives a different feeling. Whether it is outdoor or in some local pools, the clear vision under the water gives the confidence for swimming. If one can gain confidence enough while swimming, one feels safe and motivated. The goggles help body movement easily under the water.
  • Sporty look - We often wear sports glasses and sports prescription glasses for a sporty look. Doing workouts every day and getting a toned and healthy body is what we all dream about. You can top off that look with swimming goggles!

It is often found that the swimming goggles become foggy and the vision becomes blurry and unclear. A swimmer faces obstruction when the goggles become foggy. There are reasons for the glasses’ fogginess. Let us find out the cause!

The air pressure inside the swimming goggles increases due to body heating. Perspiration forms around the eyes due to further heating. The cold water outside the goggles allows it to cool down. As they come in contact with each other, the water droplets are formed, and thus one experiences foggy glasses.

It is often said that when there is a problem, there is a solution too. Some of the solutions are

  • Try to buy high-quality swimming goggles as they are pretreated with an anti-fog coating. It is very important to take care of our eyes and do our work with full concentration and these anti-fog glasses will help to do so.
  • Do not touch the goggle lenses with your hands. If they are touched with our hands then the anti-fog coating might erode and will lose its effectiveness beforehand.
  • Use any anti-fog spray to restore the anti-fog coating in the lenses. It cannot be used always as one cannot stop swimming and use the spray. But instead, one may use this spray and can avoid the fog in the glasses.

These are some of the solutions for the fog problems in swimming goggles. Along with anti-fog coating, one should also use anti-scratch coating for better protection of the eyes and can swim worry-free.

Sport is what one should try to get involved in for a healthy lifestyle. And when we talk about sports, swimming plays a significant role in a healthy and muscular lifestyle. Sports can help us to keep out many diseases and keep our muscles and bones strong. We can always style with our exclusive sports glasses and can flaunt our look.

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