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Tinted glasses for indoor use: What should you know?

Tinted glasses for indoor use: What should you know?


If your eyes hurt while being outdoors due to the harsh sunlight and you strongly prefer to wear sunglasses at all times when outdoors, it is possible that your eyes are adapted to the dark lens tints in your sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a crucial part of sun protection, as they prevent the harmful UV rays of the sun from entering the eyes. Thus, sunglasses help prevent problems like cataracts and macular degeneration. However, they have one downside - religiously wearing sunnies means that your eyes might experience trouble adjusting to different saturations of light.

Thus, you might experience some problems when moving from an outdoor space to an indoor area, as your eyes are habituated to darker tints. As a result, when you are indoors, your eyes may feel uncomfortable from light. In such a situation, sunglasses become too dark to wear outside, and tinted glasses come to the rescue.

If you are stuck in a murky situation, wherein your eyes prefer tints but most sunglasses are too dark to wear indoors, tinted sunglasses for women and men become important.

Is It Okay to Wear Tinted Glasses Indoors?

Image of a woman wearing tinted glasses indoors

To begin with, there are no side effects of using tinted glasses all day while being indoors. However, there is an adjustment period that some people will go through, especially those who have never worn prescription glasses or any other kind of eyewear.

Tinted eyewear can affect how some people perceive colours. However, the issue is more prevalent among people with existing eye disorders or colour issues. Moreover, since these glasses block certain wavelengths, it helps in increasing contrast and elevates the quality of your vision. As a result, you get a sharp vision through which even the tiniest details become visible.

While most people adjust to these lenses from the get-go, some have to deal with certain issues that go away on their own within a few days.

Are Tinted Glasses Suitable for Eye Sensitivity

Image of a woman experiencing eye strain

Of course, style is a major factor why most people tend to buy tinted glasses, but are there health benefits to it?

  • If you have migraines or any other chronic condition and cannot bear bright lights, then the tinted lens could work as a therapy for your eyes. In fact, FL-41 tint has been shown to increase the blinking frequency and provide protection from bright sources.
  • Pink tinted glasses block blue wavelengths that are responsible for most eye problems, thereby reducing migraine and vision discomfort triggered by bright artificial lights.
  • Light-tinted Glasses - They enhance contrast and mitigate eye fatigue. Besides, with a light tint of 20 percent, light tinted glasses can be the perfect solution for eyes sensitive to indoor light.
  • Lately, if you don’t have any underlying eye condition or light-sensitive eyes, then the choice of the lens colour comes down to your personal preference.

Top 5 Tips to Use Tinted Glasses Indoors

Getting the tint of your choice is now easier than ever. For most people, tinted lenses are as much of a fashion statement as a necessity.

But no matter whether you are wearing tinted glasses indoors because it looks stylish or your poor vision demands it, there are a few tips that’ll help along the way. Here is a roundup of a few things that you must consider before buying tinted eyewear for indoor use.

1. Get an Eye Test

The best way to determine the most suitable lens tint for yourself is to get an eye test first. The optician will examine your eyes and suggest you the best lens tint that might help your vision in the best possible way.

This becomes even more crucial if you have an existing eye disease or disorder. NHS offers eye tests for free to people younger than 19 or older than 60. We also give a free eye test to everyone in the UK at our local stores in Walkden and Bury. You can either book the appointment online or call us at the store.

2. Lighter Tints Work Better

Lenses with dark tints pose a significant threat to your vision. When you wear them regularly, your eyes become used to the darker view which makes lights seem even brighter and painful. As a result, your eyes actually become sensitive to light. This is why you must avoid using dark lens tints indoors.

When you are indoors, your eyes need protection from blue light emitted by computer screens and fluorescent or bright LED bulbs. So, choose tints that filter out blue waves and reduce eye strain.

3. Do Not Forget Anti-reflective Coatings

As tinted lenses dim your vision by blocking most of the light, having an anti-reflective coating on the surface will enable more light to reach your eyes. When the light levels are optimal, your eyes would feel less strain.

Also, an AR coating will reduce reflections on the lenses and make your tinted glasses look even more stylish. So, never forget to get an anti-reflective filter when buying tinted eyewear.

4. Avoid Polarised Lenses

If your eyes cannot stand glare, then having polarisation filters on the lenses might seem like a good idea. However, it can increase the darkness of your lenses and vision problems when worn indoors.

Your vision will turn dark and you’ll struggle to read or use your smartphone indoors. So, make sure that tinted glasses for indoor use have no polarisation filter on the lenses.

5. Prioritise Your Health

Although tinted glasses look super stylish, you must put your eye health first before selecting a tint. For this, you have to get an eye test first and get suggestions from your optician.

When choosing lens tints, make sure you consult a good optician. Tell them about your lifestyle and any vision problems you’re having so they can pick out the best lens tints for you.

Image of a health planner

Final Thoughts

Simply put, it is absolutely safe to use tinted glasses indoors. They offer functionality and style in a single package. So, if your eyes need more assistance to adjust to lights while moving from indoor to outdoor spaces, tinted glasses are an excellent choice.



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