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10 Best-Selling Glasses - Picked By Our Customers

10 Best-Selling Glasses - Picked By Our Customers

Okay, enough of me showing you a few frames that I think you would like and then you choose from them. Let’s turn the table for a moment. How about instead of me giving you the options, you choose from what your fellow shoppers are going for? Sounds more fun (and convincing) right?

I can understand just how hard selecting a pair of glasses can be. So I thought telling you about our most popular frames will narrow your options. Well, I am not going to show you all the frames as there are just so many! So let’s just do it 10 at a time.

Best Selling Glasses - Top Picks by Our Customers

Let’s make your glasses hunt a little easier. All the frames that you’ll see in this blog are our top-selling products that our customers can’t seem to get enough of.

Even if you are not aiming for vision correction, these glasses are loaded with advanced coatings to protect your eye health. And the fashion vibe goes without saying.


Fletcher 6


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Nod to Modern Classic

Famous for its soft aesthetics and minimal designs, Fletcher makes for effortless smart daytime looks. This sheer beauty is a clear winner when picking clear glasses frames for men & women. Pair it with denim or country club outfits and add versatility to your daily style.


Cheshire 1


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Reclaim Vintage Flare

Dressing up for success? Pull off an impressive corporate image with Cheshire. Stealing the limelight in work settings, Cheshire is not distracting but makes a subtle fashion statement. Toss on a blush pink top, a boss-babe blazer and coordinated shoes to look office glam.


Telford 4


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Offbeat but Practical

Regular eyewear silhouettes are so yesterday. Hit refresh with Telford and get an insight into the future of fashion. Play the angles and pair Telford with chic shirts, minimal knits, chinos, summer dresses, blazers and waistcoats for a head to toe chic look.


Brampton 3


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Reinvented and Reengineered

Nail the smart and sophisticated look with Brampton. The boldness of the pilot silhouette is balanced by the subtleness of the wireframe. From all your athleisure wear to smart casuals, pilot eyeglasses will add a little punk to your daily get up.


Disley 3


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Feisty Yet Feminine

Step up your summer glamour with Disley - a striking beauty with fierceness written all over it. Disley will certainly dress up a basic t-shirt and good old pair of jeans giving you a chic vibe. Get this outfit-making frame as your next prescription or non-prescription glasses.


Read 1


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Cuz Nothing Beats Class

Boasting contemporary details and polished professionalism, Read looks great on men and women alike. The sharp angles of this silhouette look perfect against round faces. Style it with a collared shirt or graphic tees to give your look a geek-chic flavour.


Haworth 3


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For a Warm Summer

Haworth is here to give a warm hug to your summer outfits. Change up your look and add some edge to it with this retro-inspired right-on-trend frame. Whether your look is bohemian, edgy or something in between, Haworth will accentuate the simplest outfits.


Wilford 2


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Sheer Timelessness

Want attention? Get attention with Wilford. With its classic tortoiseshell detailing cut to a bold square shape, Wilford is hard to miss. The vivid colour scheme looks flattering on all skin tones. Bring on your lacklustre outfits and breathe a new life into them with this frame.


Peter NA3


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Old School Cool

When it comes to minimalist eyewear, my mind instantly goes to this conventional frame. The thin metal rim is almost invisible but makes you appear friendly and approachable. Just the thing you need to nail a job interview. It fits well in your life outside the office as well.


Parker 1


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Spiderman Glasses

In case you are seeking an all-rounder frame, have a look at Parker here. The classic shape makes you look responsible at the workplace while the sporty appeal flaunts your fun-loving side. Wear anything you want as Parker will flow seamlessly with any outfit.

I hope that you’ve spotted your next pair of glasses here. And with the prices that we offer these glasses at, you might end up buying two pairs for the price of one.

Worry not if this list wasn’t up to your taste. As I said, there are so many glasses in our top picks that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out our most popular glasses and spot your faves there.

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