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Breaking the norms of conventionally: Unusual glasses are the way to experiment with style

Breaking the norms of conventionally: Unusual glasses are the way to experiment with style

Do you remember Groucho glasses? They were better known as nose glasses, and you would probably remember them for their thick black frame, along with attached features like thick bushy eyebrows and moustache and a large plastic nose. These odd glasses were among the most widely popularised and used props in the world.

Dispersing the conventions

If you are an experimental soul and not afraid to embrace the unconventional, then you have landed on the right page.

Trying to know the unknown and familiarising yourself with the new and exciting trends from the fashion world should be your muse. Some of the offbeat and unconventional styles are the greatest examples of the designers pushing their limits of fashion to bring out something that is an open challenge to the contemporary way of living.

The saga of unusual glasses

Straying from the mundane, a lot of celebrities have experimented with their glasses style, and they sure have become an eye-catcher and a talk on various platforms. You all remember the iconic snooker legend Dennis Taylor and his oversized inverted glasses. Those glasses were made to support his vision while playing snooker, but soon his glasses gained popularity, due to their inverted style and that actually became a ‘Dennis Taylor’s thing'.

Well, this trend is actually a sea of unusual glasses, and you might want to take a deep dive into it and experience the odd styles of all time.

Inverted cat-eye glasses

Inverted cat-eye glasses

Cat-eye glasses are the best example of ‘the best look doesn't have to be over the top’, but what happens when your glasses go upside down? That’s exactly what these glasses offer; one must have never imagined a style that would go upside down.

If Dennis Taylor could pull off super oversized upside-down glasses, that too in a world championship, why not these pretty looking cat-eyes. These glasses feel like an unexpected happening in the middle of an ordinary day, and they took over the internet just like a wildfire.

Round and square glasses

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Now, you must have absolute faith in all your style lords if you want to pull off these glasses. This mismatch-asymmetrical style carries an extra load of excitement on both round and square sides. We did wonder how one could actually wear glasses; that have different shapes on both sides. However, this did happen when one of our friends wore these glasses effortlessly and came to work. His glasses stole the show that day, and it was paired with just a shirt and denim pants, no extra effort, just stunning.

Jam Jar glasses

Nevertheless, due to their unconventional round glasses look, these glasses were actually widely used in movies. It offers a distorted view of the world, a mad and nerdy vibe you could ever ask for. Imagine the coolest person in your class, one day coming in wearing these jam jars. It would surely be a surprise but we believe that if a person knows how to carry an accessory with utmost confidence and style, it will absolutely suit them. The best example of these glasses is Professor Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter; one could never imagine her without those glasses.

Shutter shades

These glasses are not the inventions of today; they go way back to the 50s. These are super unusual sunglasses, and our wildest guess is that, they must have been used to block UV lights but also serve the purpose of being stylish sunnies.

These glasses were brought back to the mainstream in the 80s, but they couldn’t grab much attention until Kanye West happened. Exactly these glasses gained a sudden surge of popularity when Kanye donned them in his music video and wore them on multiple occasions.

PS- Well, not a perfect choice to block UV rays and blue light!

Lace sunglasses

You all must have heard of lace dresses, but have you ever heard of lace sunglasses? Fenty queen Rihanna was once seen in these lace sunnies with her iconic nude make-up look and caramel brown hair. We usually know that Riri has a unique taste when it comes to her choice of shades and glasses, but this was among the trickiest ones that she pulled off confidently and beautifully.

These glasses give an absolutely mysterious vibe of laced masks and are sure a pick to try out once!

Honourable mention

Mickey mouse glasses

When we are exploring the galleries of unconventionality, how could we miss Lady Gaga’s iconic Mickey Mouse glasses in her official music video of ‘Paparazzi’. Gaga is known for pushing the boundaries of fashion, and her shades proved that she is the leader of the clubhouse from a parallel Disney World.

Would you like to try out some offbeat and unusual glasses frames? Check out our Stark glasses for an experimental style like no other.

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