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Top 4 Lens Colours for Cycling Glasses

Top 4 Lens Colours for Cycling Glasses

Cycling, also known as biking, is a popular leisure activity and a means of eco-friendly transportation. The proportion of cyclists has accelerated since the pandemic, and a DfT spokesperson from England recently stated that we can expect more and more people to choose walking and cycling for everyday journeys by 2030.

The government has also made significant investments to achieve the feat. In addition, in 2021, 6.5 million people in England participated in cycling, for sports, leisure, or travel. All in all, we can safely say that cycling is an integral part of the English community.

Among the various strategies to promote cycling within the British community, creating dedicated cycling lanes and making safety equipment available can make a mile of a difference.

For instance, helmets, knee pads, cycling glasses, etc., can encourage more people to take up biking for various reasons, and help the English government’s ‘Cycle Revolution’ project see the finish line!

At Specscart, we aim to make cycling safer, sleeker, and more efficient with our cycling glasses!

What Are Cycling Glasses Good For?

As the name suggests, cycling glasses are an important part of the cyclist’s or biker’s arsenal, especially designed to protect their eyes from harsh sunlight, dust, and flying debris.

Cycling glasses for men or women can enhance the joy of riding a bike, make it safer and more secure. Casual sunnies and shades are not able to achieve such unique feats. Usually, you will find that cycling glasses have a wraparound design for better grip and enhanced visibility.

Some of the key pointers to consider about cycling glasses are -

  • Cycling glasses make the process bike rider safer and more efficient.
  • Cycling glasses are especially designed to protect the wearer from insects, flickering lights, debris, dirt, and so forth.
  • Cycling glasses are more than a fashion accessory; they are a utility for frequent or occasional bikers.

Why Do You Cyclists Need Special Cycling Glasses?

Man riding a

Caption: Cycling glasses are an important tool for cyclists

Cycling is an incredibly popular sport in the UK, and cyclists are the all-rounders when it comes to sports. They have to swish through the cycling lane, dodge debris and other elements, manoeuvre the potholes and cracks on the road, and so forth.

Therefore, it is important for cyclists to wear a gear that protects their eyes and streamlines the biking process. To begin with, cycling glasses should be light and their nose pads and temples must sit comfortably under a helmet.

They should also protect the cyclist from flickering sun rays and must come with high-contrast vision. As the eyes of a cyclist have to constantly adjust to changing light conditions and the play of shadow and light, special protection becomes imperative. Lastly, anti-glare technology is crucial for cycling glasses for men and women.

Which Tints Are Best for Cycling Glass Lens?

The tints of a cycling glass are the colour of the tints. The tint can be solid or gradient, and it serves as a light filter. Besides, cycling glass tints also enhance contrast, improve sharpness, boosts colours, and so forth, thereby elevating the biking experience!

However, it is noteworthy to remember that cycling glass colours are not simply external. Our perception of colour depends on the tint of the lens, irrespective of the external hue.

For instance, there can be a black cycling glass that is polarised and simultaneously comes with a silver, and pink coating. However, interestingly, our perception of the colour black remains unaffected.

Now that we know the basics, let us examine which colours are the best for cycling glasses!

Amber tinted lenses are excellent for cycling glasses because they enhance visual acuity and are expert-recommended for cycling. Amber provides an incredibly bright field of vision for the cyclist and is also ideal for minimal to no sunlight.

2.Brown To the untrained eye, brown might not be a fashionable colour, but when it comes to cycling glasses, brown truly does the work. Brown coloured lenses for cycling glasses filter out blue light waves and enhance green, thereby improving clarity, contrast, and depth perception.
Glasses with brown hues offer as much protection as black lenses. Hence, they are appropriate for undulated terrains, such as roads and mountain biking on scorching sunny days. Besides, they are also useful at night.

3.Pink Pink is an excellent cycling glass colour. It improves contrast, mitigates eye fatigue, and increases visual acuity. However, pink cycling lenses also distort colours, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.

Pink lenses for cycling glasses are best for low light conditions, such as fog, mist, dusk, dawn, and overall gloomy days. Besides, they work well on both roads and mountains. One pro tip is to keep your pink-tinted sunglasses aside if it is an extremely sunny and bright day and you are planning to ride your bike in a clear area!

4.Yellow Last but not least, yellow is a great colour for cycling glass lenses. They filter out blue light rays, enhancing focus, depth, and distance perception. Similar to their pink counterparts, yellow lenses for cycling glasses are best for cloud days and low light.
So, if you are contemplating biking on a cloudy, hazy, or gloomy day, grab your reliable yellow-tinted cycling glasses. Avoid green cycling glasses on sunny and bright days.

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it, the four best lens colours for cycling glasses. At Specscart, we aim to revolutionise the world of cycling glasses by offering premium technology at amazing prices.

So, there we have it, the four best lens colours for cycling glasses. At Specscart, we aim to revolutionise the world of cycling glasses by offering premium technology at amazing prices.


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