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Best Women’s Sunglasses Trends for 2024

Best Women’s Sunglasses Trends for 2024

The tides of eyewear fashion swing like a pendulum. One year, it is pilots’ time to shine, whereas, in other seasons, browlines might be stealing the limelight. And when we specifically talk about 2024, it is an exciting time for women’s sunglasses trends.

From breezy ‘blue crush’ colours to crisp black silhouettes, the go-to accessories for women get an uber-stylish makeover this year, and we are all for it. So, without much wait, let us dabble into the best women’s sunglasses in 2024!

What is the Current Trend in Women’s Sunglasses for 2024

1.90’s Inspired Minimal Tinted Sunglasses

Inspired Minimal Tinted Sunglasses

The latest runway fashions are a testament that the 90s are the new 24’s! After a few years of egregious fashion, wherein voluminous sleeves, intense colour blocking, and avant-garde silhouettes were the norm, it is now time for 90’s minimalism to take over.

Various top-tier luxury brands, such as Helmut Lang from Austria, Italy’s 16Arlington, etc, have been observed paying homage to old couture shows from the 1990s. Such simple structures, clean lines, and sober necklines paired with a modern touch are what 2024 is all about.

Such fashion influence is bound to trickle down to the eyewear and the erstwhile alternative trend of minimal eyewear is about to become a mainstream phenomenon.

Therefore, minimal yet head-turning tinted sunnies from the 90s are a major women’s sunglasses trend of 2024.

They have a quaint charm, and they add an unfazed confidence to any of your outfits. Besides, the fact that these shades are available in gentle and subtle tints, which infuse another layer of fashion and cohesion into your looks!

2.Crisp Cat-eye Sunglasses

Cat-eye Sunglasses

The trend of taking inspiration from bygone times continues, as the second most trendy sunglasses style for women is crisp cat-eyes. Of course, cat eyes are a timeless eyewear accessory.

The history of cat-eye frames is quite fascinating. Their charm and appeal date back to the 1920s when Madame Altina Schinasi wanted to devise eyeglasses that catered to women’s beauty and facial needs.

Fast forward to 2024, cat-eye sunglasses are among the most sought-after women’s sunglasses styles of the season. However, this year, the iconic cat-eye frames evolved into something more modern and elegant.

Cat-eye shades with customisations, such as clip-ons, unique accents, and contemporary patterns are a major hit this year. And, the best part is that you can style them easily and effortlessly.

3.Sustainable Sunglasses

Sustainability has been a major influence in the eyewear world. And, this year, the eco-conscious sentiment reaches women’s sunglasses style.

According to a study by McKinsey, European consumers are increasingly wanting ‘fashion players to act responsibly and consider the social and environmental impacts of their businesses.’

In a survey of 2000 people, it was found that 67 percent consider using sustainable materials as an important purchasing factor.

In 2024, the surge of sustainability reaches the eyewear arena in full swing, and women’s sunglasses in eco-friendly materials, such as wood, acetate, etc are all the rage.

And, as Specscart X Sustainability has always been a thing, you can try out our exquisite wooden sunglasses. They add an old-world and rustic charm to your outfits and are an easy way to revamp your eyewear vanity.

4.Women’s Oversized Sunglasses

Women’s Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized utility and protection garments have made their way into the high fashion world. Elements like cargo pants and ultra-big pockets have propped up into the designs of luxury fashion houses like Christian Dior and Hermès.

So, to complement such exaggerated silhouettes, oversized sunglasses are bound to sprout everywhere.

Oversized sunglasses, undoubtedly, are a cult classic. But, this year, their charm maximises by 2x. Women’s oversized shades with double-bridge designs, unique details and accents, and flattering shapes are trending.

And, the best part is that any type of eyewear shape, such as pilots, round, square, etc, in an oversized silhouette will make the cut.

Now that we know about the most popular women’s sunglasses of 2024, you can also check out the glasses trends for women in 2024.

What Are The Trendiest Women’s Sunglasses’ Shapes in 2024?

A lot of the shapes in women’s sunglasses, such as round, rectangular, cat-eyes, pilots, etc, are timeless. But, of course, certain shapes are more in demand during specific seasons and vice versa. In 2024, the most trendy sunglasses shapes for women are -

1.Cat-eye Sunglasses for Women

As we have already mentioned, cat-eye sunglasses ornate with unique and special details are all the rage. Besides, they are a cult-classic shape in the world of women’s eyewear. Cat-eyes sunnies are worn by various celebrities, from Marilyn Monroe to Bella Hadid.

And, the time has never been more right to invest in a pair. For all your brunch dates and candle-night dinners, cat-eye sunnies will have your back.

2.Rectangular Sunglasses for Women

One of the most trendy and flattering sunglasses shapes for women in 2024 is rectangular sunglasses. Various A-list celebrities, such as Kendall Jenner, are known for their long-held devotion to crisp rectangular sunnies.

The wide upper and lower rimes, angular edges and moderate surface area flatter a lot of face shapes, especially round-shaped faces, triangle-shaped faces, and more.

And, guess what? We have a blog on Kendall Jenner’s best sunglasses moments, and rectangular sunnies pop up quite a lot!

3.Round and Chunky Sunglasses for Women

Lastly, round sunglasses for women are another popular shape for 2024. They have a quaint charm that is hard to resist.

The comeback of these ladies' sunglasses is a testament to the fact that vintage and 90’s inspired fashion trends are at the pinnacle of the style world in 2024.

Our face shape guide can help you understand which eyewear shape will suit your facial features the most!

What Colour Sunglasses Are Trending in 2024?

Colour Sunglasses

Black is a classic when it comes to sunglasses colours. But, this year, various other hues are also topping the charts when it comes to women’s sunglasses. Blue Crush is a hue that everyone is smitten with these days.

From the latest shows of J.W. Anderson in London to Fendi in Milan, we are seeing this soothing colour everywhere. And, undoubtedly, blue sunglasses in sober and muted tones are bound to gain popularity, as well.

Likewise, owing to the Alt-bride fashion trend, women’s sunglasses in white are also gaining trend this year. Indeed, white sunnies are a timeless piece, but their mainstream acceptance has increased manifold this year.

Lastly, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2024 is Peach Fuzz. So, sunglasses in muted peach colours are being adorned by the most stylish celebrities and fashion influencers.

Update Your Sunglasses Style with Sass

Sunglasses are a pair of accessories that can undoubtedly make you the ‘IT’ girl. Look around, and you will see that whenever your favourite celebrity or influencer puts on a pair of trendy women’s sunglasses, her entire aura changes effortlessly and instantly.

Well, that, my friend, is the prowess and potential of sunglasses. These sun-protective gears are a true-blue statement. At Specscart, we strive to help you ace your sunglass style with ‘AFrameforEveryGame!’

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