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Cat Eye Sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses featuring the upsweep edges are the must‐have for all retro worshiper as well as avant‐ garde lovers. Characterise the unique female‐elegance, cat eye sunglasses have led the trend of women’s eyewear for decades ‐ and they are still one of the most popular styles nowadays. Cat eye shades’ clever twist from traditional round frame creates the ultimate delicacy for women’s everyday styles. The rich variations of sizes and colours today also re‐define the cat-eye sunglasses as the quintessential accessory for women. Thinking to be fitted in the cat‐eye sunglasses for your new season’s look? Or interested in cat-eye sunglasses frames but not sure whether they’re your cup of tea? Then you may want to know how to choose the right pair of cat‐eye for yourself. Never think about going for cat‐eye sunnies? We’ll make you think again. Cause all bold ladies like cat‐eye frames to perfect the styling, and all perfect women like the confident looks when having a cat eye sunglasses on!

Iconic Cat‐Eye

Cat eye sunglasses are without a doubt, the iconic revolution in the eyewear history as it creates the elegant styles that are suitable for women. And the design of cat eye frames was inspired in the 1930s, during when glasses are only manufactured in the masculine styles. Wanting to bring the changes to the eyewear, to make it something manageable for women, Altina Schinasi introduced the glasses with unique and avant‐ garde styling. Took the inspiration of Harlequin masks, Altina’s creation featured the exaggerate finish and the upsweep edges that have never been seen in the earlier eyewear designs. Such style ‐ which is called as ‘cat‐eye frames’ nowadays, was the big breakthrough of the eyewear industry as it not only adds variations to eyeglass’ designs, but also blended the fashion statements into the sunglasses’ frames. After a decade of cat‐eye design’s launch, it started gaining the widespread love of women, especially after Audrey Hepburn made the style famous in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The delicate silhouette of cat eye sunglasses soon became the must‐have essentials for ladies. A little dress paired with elegant earrings cannot go without the cat‐eye shades anymore!

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Modern Twists

The modern cat‐eye frames now do more than just correcting the eyesights. Follow its initial as just for prescription glasses, cat eye sunglasses took over the fashion trends and continued creating the iconic styles for women. Recently, along with the changing perception of eyewear, cat-eye shades are re‐introduced with various types of tints that make the fashion statements. The richer variations of women cat‐eye sunglasses also re‐make its classic origin as the best style highlighter. Apart from the small cat‐eye frames that were introduced in the earlier time, they now also come in the bigger face front with the softened edges that are suitable for various face shapes. And cat‐eye frames in different materials also twist the retro design with interesting detailing and premium textures. When they are paired with the latest inspirations such as the translucent finish, dropped temples, or jewellery decorations, they are re‐defined as the most essential elements to match women’s bold mind. If now you are persuaded to get a pair of cat‐eye sunglasses ‐ just bear with us for a moment! As you might want to find the smartest way to style your cat‐eye look!

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Women’s Must‐Have

The huge ranges of cat‐eye sunglasses mean that they can easily smash whichever dress codes! If you like the sharp look that showcases your confidence, the triangle‐shaped cat-eye frame will be the perfect match. Took the inspirations of upturned edges from the original cat‐eye design, the triangle sunglasses twist the classics with the extreme taste of avant‐garde. Whether it be the times of parties or the beach‐side activities, the triangle frames are just the exciting highlights that shout out loud! The recent cat‐eye frames come with the rounded edges are also the soft neutrality that suits multiple occasions. Their soft lines paired with detailing on the frame feature the elegance of the cat‐eye finish and matches well with all women’s everyday style! Check out our latest Cat‐eye collections here to get ready for your new looks. If you like the vintage‐made frame, cat eye sunglasses are the designs that you can’t miss; If you are the fashionista and love the top of the trend inspirations, cat‐eye shades are indeed what you need. And the best of all, cat‐eye frames are ideal to go with any type of tints, such as mirrored effect, graduated tint or dark tint, that meet all your preference and wearing purposes. So even if you are not a cat‐eye fan ‐ you’ll still love the styling goes with the cat‐eye sunglasses!

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