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Clear Glasses Frames

Out of the stunning range of glasses available on our site, clear glasses have to be our favourite. Needless to say, they are having a moment in recent years. From mega-celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Bebe Rexha, Kit Harrington to Tom Hanks, clear glasses frames are everywhere. And aren’t they a beauty?

You can do so much with them - wear them for prescription, use them as blue light blocking glasses, or simply opt for non- prescription ones for fashion. With these almost invisible glasses, you can blend in or add a pop of colour to give an ultra fashion statement. Whatever your choice of fashion and self-expression feels like, clear glasses frames completely cater to your needs.

Clear Glasses Clear Glasses Frames

Match your face shape

With any frame that you’re about to choose, always consider your face shape before buying. First, you have to find out your face shape, and then choose the frame that’s contrary to your face shape. For instance, if you have a square face shape then you’ll have more angular and boxy facial features that can be softened using round frames, Aviators or Oval glasses.

Complement Your Outfits

Most clear glasses frames are lighter in shade so light coloured outfits are mostly suited to match any of your looks. If you don’t want your glasses to lose their limelight, pair them mostly with light coloured clothes. Dark coloured outfits aren’t viable as it takes away the attention from your face, making see-through glasses look less impactful.

Makeup Tips for Women

Going with a similar tone of light coloured outfits, clear glasses frames are most suitable with light coloured makeup. You can keep your makeup fresh and light while wearing transparent glasses to not cause any distraction. Going with heavier makeup will only distract people from your look and put a major focus on the dark circles of your eyes than on the frames.

But the most important thing is that it completely depends on you how you wear them. They can be both formal and casual, so their versatility is a plus point. Another great thing about clear glasses is that they look great with tints, so you can also go for Transition Lenses. They also suit most skin tones!

Mens Clear Glasses

Men’s Clear Glasses

Clear glasses for men usually consist of subtle styles. Apart from the see- through frames, there are light colours as well, such as dusty blue and brown.

Here are some of the bestselling clear glasses for men at Specscart.

Apart from these popular styles, you can always go for pastel colours without worrying about stereotypes. Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in!

Womens Clear Glasses

Women’s Clear Glasses

There is an even wider variety of clear glasses for women to choose from, with a range of pastel colours like pink, orange, champagne and even red. Apart from the classic and popular cat eye, explore shapes like square And round. Here are a few of the bestsellers.

Here are some of the bestselling clear glasses for men at Specscart.

If you are confused which style to go for, you can try 4 frames for free at your home, using our Try at Home feature.


Yes! Clear glasses frames have been in trend for the past few years, but the latest additions to the collection are translucent tints that give the frames a crystal-like look.
The great thing about them is that they suit all skin tones and are perfect for most occasions. You just need to find the best shape of clear glasses for yourself. Also, slightly bigger transparent glasses are more in trend, because they do not overwhelm your face in the way solid coloured frames do. Depending on the frame colour and outfit you wear them with, they can look anything from quirky, trendy, casual, etc.
Learn more about frames and face shapes here.
Wear them with lighter coloured clothes to keep the attention on your frames. It will emphasise the crystal-like effect of the clear glasses, bringing out their rich colours.
Similarly, wear lighter makeup so that it doesn’t distract from the funky frames. For example, Eye shadows with a softer tone work well.
And as mentioned above, your overall look depends on the outfit that you wear with clear frame glasses.
For the best look, wear transparent glasses with lighter shade clothes. While all colours go well with them, lighter shades ensure that the attention stays on the face.
For the ladies, neutral makeup works best.
You can clean clear glasses the same way as normal frames using the free cleaning kit provided with all Specscart frames. Spray the frames with the cleaning solution and rub them with a microfibre cloth. If you want to clean your previous pair of glasses and don’t have a cleaning kit, rinse them under lukewarm water and use gentle dishwasher soap. Dry them with a soft cloth and avoid using harsh materials like a towel.
A lot of people ask us how to clean clear plastic glasses frames. If these glasses have already turned yellow or cloudy, there’s very little you can do since the chemical process cannot be reversed. You can repeat the above step and wash them gently with lukewarm water and vinegar, which might make some difference.
The best option is to go for high-quality acetate glasses.

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