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Get Free Blue Light Lenses for the Next 48 Hours

Don’t forget to take some time away from screens this festive season, and as a gift from us, enjoy free Blue Light lenses on all frames for the next 48 hours! Select Digital Blue Protection’ as your lens coating once you have chosen your frames, then at checkout, enter the following code to redeem your free lenses.


Benefits of Glasses That Block Blue Light


Prevents eye strain

Digital eye strain, which is frequently experienced after extended computer and mobile device use causes tired and dry eyes. Blue light glasses help in reducing eye strain.


Helps in better sleep

Melatonin production is significantly suppressed by blue light, which aidsin the timing of your circadian rhythms and sleep. Blue light blocking glasses helps you to sleep better.


Provides Clear Vision

Our X-Blue Lenses help in blocking high energy wavelengths that create a glare, enhancing your vision and visual comfort.


Fits in all Frame styles

Our X-Blue Lenses can easily be added to any of our stylish frames, from non-prescription glasses to single vision and even varifocals.

Choose From 1000+ Eyewear Styles

Reducing eye strain comes with the added advantage of premium quality fashionable eyewear styles to match your kind of vibe. Look good with our trendy frames and feel good with blue-light-blocking lenses. Since it’s Specscart, it will all be at unbeatable prices - that’s a promise.

And Here is Some Advice

While working on screens for long hours, make sure to take frequent breaks. Consider looking at distant objects or taking a walk outside the room to give your eyes a rest from focusing at the same distance for extended periods. There's a popular term called the 20-20-20 rule, suggesting you look 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes of screen work to reduce eye strain.

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