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Protect Your Eyes From the Sun with Transition XTRActive Cycling Glasses

If the intensity of the sunlight bothers you, go with the Transition XTRActive lenses as they darken in the sun. The lenses remain clear with a slight tint of grey while indoors and get dark as sunglasses as soon as you get out in the sun. Whether your work involves a lot of travel or you enjoy mountain bike rides, these cycling glasses block 100% UVA and UVB rays. The transition from clear to dark and vice versa happens in seconds and they offer great versatility.

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Cycling Glasses - Ride in Style

Cycling glasses offer the best protection while enjoying a ride in the sun. These glasses protect your eyes from dust and glare. And who doesn’t like a bit of style with vision correction? You can select the best pair that suits you by exploring the wide range of colours, styles and sizes in our collection of cycling glasses. Don’t worry about the affordable pricing and good quality as we care for all your eyewear needs.

Showcase Your Style With Colourful Tints

Whether you are a beginner in sports eyewear or not, you can go for colourful tints in our photochromic glasses. Wearing colourful lenses while enjoying a ride can boost your mood and also enhance your style. You can get the Transition GEN 8 lenses in seven tint shades while Transition XTRActive lenses come in three tint shades.

Enjoy Clear Vision

If you don’t want to go for tints, enjoy clear vision with our clear fully loaded lenses in the best cycling glasses. They include free anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coatings.

Cover Your Eyes with Cycling Goggles

Are you out looking for cycling eyewear to shield your eyes? Insects, debris and dirt can get inside your eyes and distract you from the ride. Cycling goggles ensure a snug fit on your face with flexible bands. These cycling glasses for men and women give you full coverage on the sides, top and bottom which helps protect against insects and wind.

Try flexible & durable frames during a Bike ride

Bike rides on roads are always risky. Dust and debris can get inside your eyes due to unfavourable weather conditions. Poor road conditions can lead to accidents and eye injuries. Protecting your eyes from potential injury is completely in your hands. Opt for bike glasses made from high-grade material like TR90. They offer the flexibility to bend when you stretch them and do not break easily after a fall.

Mountain Bike Glasses

If you love an adventurous ride on the mountain, you must take extra care of your eyes. Overexposure to the sun and low-hanging branches can get in the way and impact your eyes badly. Explore our collection of mountain bike glasses as they are designed to offer you maximum protection.

Polarised Cycling Glasses

The glare coming from natural forces like water or snow can distract you from enjoying a good bike ride. You can go for a polarised tint with your cycling sunglasses during the checkout. It not only offers complete protection from UV rays but also avoids glare offering better vision.

Prescription Cycling Glasses for Men

Attention, Men! With our prescription cycling glasses, you can look super cool while protecting your eyes. Discover casual styles in our collection of cycling spectacles for men. You can go for rectangular, squares, rounds etc. in different colours and materials.

Cycling Glasses for Women

Women always love to explore fashionable choices. Our collection of cycling glasses doesn't limit them either. You have vision correction and sun protection while opting for different shades and styles in fashionable cycling eyewear. Go for typical wraparound glasses for a professional athlete look.

Try Your Favourite Pair at Home

Are you confused about which cycling glasses will be a good fit for you? You don’t need to make an impulsive choice. Try different frames of cycling glasses from the comfort of your home and choose the one that suits you. Our Try at Home 2.0 which includes 4 frames, 3 lenses and 1 laser will be delivered to your doorstep. Choose the pair that you love from the comfort of your sofa.

Your options are not limited at Specscart. Whether you are looking for mens glasses frames or want to give your wardrobe a stylish upgrade with top women’s glasses styles, you can browse through other styles as well.

FAQs on Cycling Glasses

What is the purpose of wearing cycling glasses?

Cycling glasses can protect your eyes from debris, dust and harmful UV rays. The impact and scratch-resistant glasses also shield your eyes from the potential harm that can be caused by accidents and falls.

No, cycling goggles are protective eyewear that comes with flexible frames in rubber and plastic. Cycling glasses come with clear fully loaded lenses in various protective coatings.

Our cycling glasses come with clear fully loaded lenses and three coatings namely anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-glare. Prescription cycling glasses along with this protection also offer vision correction.

You can select the frame of your choice from our collection of cycling glasses and send us the prescription. We will not charge you anything if you want to add anti-glare, anti-scratch or anti-UV coatings to the prescription glasses.

If you love cycling at night, go for clear cycling glasses as tints can hamper your vision during the night. However, Transition lenses can be a great choice as they become clear during the night and get dark when you’re in the sun.

Yellow and orange cycling glasses are best when the winter haze and foggy days try to cloud your vision. These tint colours provide enough contrast and boost clarity in your vision.

Wearing glasses during cycling will protect your eyes against -
  • Air flow which can cause your eyes to tear up.
  • Flying dust, debris and insects.
  • Bright sunlight and UV rays.

Apart from these, impact- and scratch-resistant glasses will help shield your eyes in the case of a little accident or fall.

The most important part of any sports glasses is the material - it should be flexible, strong and lightweight. All our cycling glasses are made with the modern TR90 material.
The lenses should also be fully loaded with anti-UV and anti-glare coatings.
Lastly, their fit should be very comfortable and secure.

Brown coloured lenses are great at filtering bright sunlight, plus they also provide some protection against blue light.

For cycling at night, clear cycling glasses are the best option. Tinted lenses can hamper your vision in low light conditions.

Our range of cycling glasses includes activewear styles that can also be worn as regular glasses! They are perfect for the gym, running or even a casual day out.

There is only one difference between our normal cycling glasses and prescription cycling glasses - vision correction.

Our regular cycling frames come fully loaded with anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-scratch coatings. If you need vision correction and have a prescription, you can also get these fitted with prescription lenses at no extra cost. Prescription cycling glasses will help you see better while you are on the road - so it is important to get your eyes tested and update your lenses at regular intervals of 1-2 years.

You can choose any cycling glasses on our website and get them with prescription lenses. In case of clear, single vision lenses, we offer prescription cycling glasses at no extra cost! Please note that these come fully loaded with standard anti-Uv, anti-Glare and anti-scratch coatings.

Are you looking for ways to stop your prescription cycling glasses from fogging up? Here we will tell you a few simple tricks that will help you avoid your glasses from fogging up.

  • Use anti-fog sprays: A quick spray of this solution on the lenses will avoid fogging.
  • Surfactant Films: If you don’t have an anti-fog spray, don’t worry! Simply wash your glasses and soapy water and dry them off after a while. It will also help prevent fogging on the lenses. Any dish soap or baby shampoo would do for this.
  • Keep them clean and free of sweat, oil and residue!
Cycling glasses try to increase visibility and protection with a different material and protective coatings.. There are many reasons why you should opt for cycling glasses:

  • These glasses provide you with a clearer vision which further increases your cycling performance.
  • They will protect your eyes against debris, dust, bugs, etc.
  • Cycling on a sunny afternoon? These glasses will protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and these glasses contrast the light coming into your eyes. Therefore you still see clearly with eye protection.
  • At last, these glasses look cool! Yes, these glasses look super cool on any person with any face shape.
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