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Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Digital Blue Glasses

Digital Blue Glasses

The X‐Blue UV Lenses

If you spend most of your day in‐front of digital devices such as Tablets, smartphones, laptops etc. Digital blue glasses is the answer to protect your eyes. Constant exposure to digital blue light could lead to minor headache and eye‐fatigue. We’ve engineered the most advanced blue light filter lenses ‐ The X Blue UV. In today’s world where we’re surrounded with all types of digital devices, a strong protection is much needed against them. Even small children are exposed to Tablet screens which could be harmful for their delicate eyes. We suggest users to use blue light blocking glasses not only as their most intimate accessory but also as a modern day protection against the digital screens.

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Blue Light Glasses

Digital lights are more
harmful than you think!

Digital Devices emit harmful blue light that results in eyestrains and dry-eyes. Digital blue lenses act as a barrier against these harmful rays to protect our eyes

Digital Blue Glasses

Standard Lens Vs Blue Reflect Lens

Though standard anti-glare lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, they are not able to reflect 100% of the blue light. Blue reflect technology is specially designed for the modern age millennials who spend 80% of their time in-front of the digital screens.

Digital Blue Light Glasses
Digital Blue Glasses
Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Buying Digital Blue Glasses

Prevents Dry Eyes

Buying Blue Light Glasses

Enhances Vision Clarity

Blue Light Glasses

Suitable for all frames

Digital Blue Glasses

Prevents Eye Strain

X-Blue Benefits

Precaution is better than cure and digital blue glasses are the best precaution against modern age devices

Good for Night Driving against high beams!

How To Buy these lenses

01 Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
02 Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Variofcal or Non-Prescriptive.
03 Lens Coating - Choose “Digital Blue Protection” in the Lens coating option. Your Glasses will now come with X-Blue Lenses.
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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Questions On Your Mind ?

Everyone who uses smartphones, tablets and laptops in the modern age needs protection against the blue rays - Whether you have prescription or not.
Yes all the digital blue lenses come fully loaded with 100% UV protection for everyday use.
You can add Digital blue lenses to any of your favourite frames for an additional £55 £25
Yes, All the frames can be customised with Digital blue lenses.
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