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X-Blue Lenses

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum (just like UV rays), but with a short, high energy wavelength. It is one among several colours, like Violet, Indigo, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Also, these merge to form white light which we see when the sun is shining.
Apart from the sun, LED lights and digital screens like TV, laptops, phones, tablets also emit blue light. Our made in the UK glasses that block blue light have a lens structure that blocks most of the blue light from passing through and reaching your eyes.

Effect of Blue Light on Eyes

Is blue light all bad? Not at all! Blue light has been linked with boosting alertness, helping our memory and improving attention spans. It also helps regulate our circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle.
It is overexposure to blue light - especially at night - that makes things trickier. While more research is needed on this, some experts believe that like UV rays, excess blue light can have a harmful effect on eyes. To limit this exposure, try to cut your screen time, use “night mode” on devices and use blue light blocking glasses.

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Here is what Specscart family says about X-Blue Lenses

Blue Light Blocking Glasses - X-Blue UV Lenses

If you spend most of your day in front of digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops etc. Blue light glasses are the answer to protecting your eyes. Constant exposure to digital blue light could lead to minor headaches and eye fatigue. We’ve engineered the most advanced blue light filtering glasses ‐ The X Blue UV. In today’s world where we’re surrounded by all types of digital devices, strong protection is much needed against them. Even small children are exposed to tablet screens which could be harmful to their delicate eyes. We suggest users use blue screen glasses not only as their most intimate accessory but also as a modern-day protection against digital screens.

Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses

Digital Lights Are More Harmful Than You Think!

Digital Devices emit harmful blue light that results in eyestrains and dry-eyes. Digital blue light filter glasses act as a barrier against these harmful rays to protect our eyes.

Standard Lenses Vs Blue Reflect Lenses

Though standard anti-glare lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, they are not able to reflect 100% of the blue light. Blue reflect technology is specially designed for the modern age millennials who spend 80% of their time in-front of the digital screens.

Instead of an anti-blue light coating on the surface like some other brands, our X-Blue lenses have a different lens structure, which means that the anti-blue light properties are in-built. This leads to a greater percentage of blue light being blocked, along with longer life.

Benefits of Glasses That Block Blue Light

Precaution is better than cure and digital blue light glasses are the best precaution against modern age devices. Good for Night Driving against high beams!

Relieves eye strain Relieves eye strain
Fits in all frame styles Fits in all frame styles
Helps in clear vision Helps in clear vision
Avoids dry / sticky eyes Avoids dry / sticky eyes

Blue light glasses in general help you avoid eye strain, fatigue and tiredness in this digital age.


People’s Champion.

4.8 out of 5 Trustpilot

People’s Champion.

How To Buy Blue Lens Glasses?
Blue Light Blocking Lenses UK
Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Varifocal or Non-Prescriptive.
Lens Coating - Choose “Digital Blue Protection” in the Lens coating option. Your Glasses will now come with X-Blue Lenses.

Happy Customer With Blue Light Glasses

Need inspiration? The Specscart customer family love to sport their blue light glasses for the computer screen and other digital devices.!

Questions On Your Mind ?

I don’t have a prescription? Do I still need glasses that block blue lights?

Everyone who uses smartphones, tablets or laptops in the modern age needs protection against the blue rays - whether you have a prescription or not.
Blue light glasses have lenses that are treated to block most of the blue light from reaching your eyes. Since the anterior parts of our eyes are not good at blocking blue light, they reach the retina and can harm it. Blue light glasses can help prevent that.
Yes all the digital blue light blocking glasses come fully loaded with 99.99% UV protection for everyday use.
You can add Digital blue light lenses to any of your favourite frames for an additional £15 for non-prescription glasses and £25 for prescription ones.
Exclusively handcrafted in Britain, we ensure to provide high-quality blue light glasses to our clientele base. Also, all our frames can be customised with blue light lenses. Simply choose your favourite style of glasses and select ‘Digital Blue Protection’ during the checkout process - whether you have a prescription or not.
Researchers and clinical studies have suggested that there is a link between migraines and blue light exposure. It has been found that blue light wavelengths can intensify migraine headaches.
X-Blue lenses are absolutely crystal clear. Blue-cut technology blocks 99.99% blue light without making the lenses tinted. The lenses are completely clear.
Yes, blue light glasses unburden your eyes from the strain put on by watching screens all day.
Yes, they are meant to be used just like any other eyewear. You can wear blue light glasses when working on screens and wear them all day if you have been prescribed corrective lenses by an optician.
Absolutely, blue light blocking glasses provide safety against digital screens. They are safe to wear and go a long way in keeping your eyes relaxed.
Well, it depends on how you talk about it. Computer glasses and blue light glasses exist for the same purpose, that is, to protect against harmful blue light emitted from screens. While people generally require only protection when it comes to buying computer glasses. Blue light glasses can come with single-vision lenses, varifocal lenses, or non-prescription ones.
Working or playing on computers all day will strain your eyes and the blue light emitting from these screens can harm your retina. Computer glasses work brilliantly when it comes to protecting against the harmful rays.
Prescriptions are only meant to correct refractive errors. If you had an eye-check recently and weren’t prescribed lenses by the optician, you won’t need one before ordering computer glasses to protect against the light emitted from computer screens.
Research shows that blue light emanating from screens can be extremely harmful to your retina. Computer screen glasses work wonders when it comes to throwing off the harmful rays coming from the computer screen.
No, they absolutely do not. In fact, computer glasses exist so that you can work or play on the computer unhindered by the harmful blue light emanating off it.
Yes. There’s no doubt about that. To know how blue light blocking glasses benefit us, you will need to understand how our bodies operate with blue light around. Our bodies secrete the hormone ‘melatonin’ when it gets dark to help us sleep. But, in the age where we use screens all day long and even at night, the body does not receive this signal of darkness to induce ‘melatonin’. This hampers our sleep cycle.
Blue light blocking glasses stop the blue light from reaching our eyes. Using them helps ensure no such false signal of it being daytime (when it’s sleep time) is sent to the body. Because of this the body induces melatonin at the right time, helping us sleep properly when we want. And with better quality sleep comes a reduction in stress as well. So, that’s killing two birds with one stone. Even in daylight when we use computer or smartphone, the constant blue light absorption hurts our eyes and deviates concentration often leading to regular eye-strain, dry eye and headaches but with an active protection like blue light glasses, it slows down to zero.
If you need vision correction, whether single vision or varifocal, we suggest having a coating of ‘Digital blue light protection’ on your regular prescription pair. Otherwise, you should use a pair of non-prescription ones with the same coating when using a computer. Also, it’s always better if your lenses are loaded with anti-glare and anti-UV coatings. With Specscart you don’t have to worry about this particular aspect, as all our lenses come fully loaded. That too, at no extra cost.
The best glasses for eye protection are firstly blue light blocking glasses that help you solve the issues of eye-strain and dry-eyes while enhancing clarity of vision. Specscart offers a coating of ‘digital blue light protection’ that helps ensure these qualities exist in your glasses. Plus, the anti-glare coating that comes free with all our glasses blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays. Blue light majorly harms the UV rays that it projects. For that reason, Specscart also adds an anti-UV coating with its glasses for free to provide you 99.99% protection against harmful UV rays.
Yes! Blue light glasses are meant to protect your eyes against all sorts of digital devices - including TVs, smartwatches, gaming consoles, etc.
Yes. Specscart’s glasses with ‘digital blue light protection’ coating are specifically useful for continuous browsing on computer screens. In addition to providing 99.99 % UV protection and 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, these glasses also help reduce the strain and prevent the drying of the eyes. Ultimately, these glasses don’t let your eye-health degrade by any chance and also improve vision clarity on the side.
Blue light glasses have lenses that are treated to block most of the blue light from reaching your eyes. Since the anterior parts of our eyes are not good at blocking blue light, they reach the retina and can harm it. Blue light glasses can help prevent that.

Here’s how Specscart’s X-blue lenses are great -

  • Our X-Blue lenses have the blue light filter as part of the monomer (the actual components that make up the lens structure), rather than as a coating.
  • They also don’t have the vivid blue reflection that spreads across some lenses.
  • It offers best-in-class protection against blue light rays, with blocking percentage one of the highest in the industry. The exact protection depends on factors like the material, prescription and the thickness of the lenses.
That’s why our blue light glasses can be used for a variety of purposes, from gaming and work to online classes.
Most of the people who wear blue light glasses have observed the following changes -

  • Lesser eye strain, particularly after working on computer screens for hours on end.
  • Better sleep quality.
  • Lesser fatigue.
Apart from this, according to some experts anti-blue light lenses can also help prevent conditions like cataract and macular degeneration.
Blue light glasses simply block the harmful blue light from reaching your eyes. They are made in such a way they don’t let this wavelength of light pass through. While blue light is a part of natural light, overexposure to it through digital screens can be harmful.
At Specscart, you get protection and fashion, both! Yes, all our frames can be customised with blue light lenses. Simply choose your favourite style of glasses and select ‘Digital Blue Protection’ during the checkout process - whether you have a prescription or not.
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