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Full-rim glasses are stylish eyewear that continues to rise in global marketability. Most eyeglass frames are full-rimmed. These eyeglass frames come with lenses fully outlined with a variety of materials such as plastic, metal, titanium, acetate or wooden materials.

Full-rim eyeglasses are the most popular and the best type of frames to focus those beautiful eyes. Nothing holds attention more than a full-bodied look. It gives you elegance, style, maturity, and class.

Full-rim frames not only refine your look, but it also affects the comfortability of the eyeglasses. Depending on your style or fashion, you may choose from different types of full-rim eyeglasses.

Most Popular Fashion

Most popular Fashion: Full-rim eyeglasses

Full-rim frames are the favorite of most people for their stability and tolerance for most face shapes. These full-rim glasses are many people’s first choice of eyewear shape, and style.

There is no denying that Full-rim glasses are the most popular eyewear frames style amongst women and men. Especially for men, these frames are the best selling because of their strong built quality and broad face coverage. Women also love to wear full-rim glasses for their look and style.

These eyeglasses can be put up with frequent accidental drops which are perfect for people with leaning to sports or just people who love to drive. People who are a little careless about their stuff, full-rim eyeglasses frames are best for them.

Full-rim glasses can also hold large and thick lenses. People who have a big eye prescription number must choose frames with full-rim.


Full-Rim glasses for men and women

Full-rim glasses come in endless styles, sizes, colour and materials for men and women. These frames are most durable, sturdiest, lasting and most impact-resistant. Fullrimmed eyeglasses frames are perfect for men and women who are looking for a classic design with a touch of modern style.

Metal frame eyeglasses are currently the hottest trends in men’s and women’s fashion. Full-rim goes well with metal frames. These eyeglasses frames are trendy and noticeable. The full-rimmed metal frame with leather details has a retro vibe which will look stylish with denim looks.

The retro black full-rimmed cat-eye frame is a great choice for working women as they give you a smart and mysterious look that is bound to intensify your professionalism.

Colour, Styles and Textures available for Full-Rim glasses

Don’t worry fashion lovers, full-rim glasses available in varieties of patterns, textures, shapes and colour.

Matte Black Frames Eyeglasses

Shiny/ Matte Black frames eyeglasses

Black is simply the most popular colour for full-rimmed glasses. Black colour glasses never go out of fashion. These can be available in shine or matte finishing. Matte black gives you black colour without the extra shininess. They are versatile, classic and unisex. Black colour eye frames go well with every outfit. If you choose black colour full-rim eye frame, it will give you an extra-modern aesthetic look without being too bold.

Clear Full Rim Glasses

Clear Full-Rim glasses

Clear or transparent full-rim frame glasses are the mood right now. These frames are modish, classic and the safest choice. You can choose fully clear glasses or go with some bright, eye-catchy style. These eyeglasses will add a little extra spark to your personality. You can choose a transparent frame for a more subtle look. Clear transparent frames are one of the top trends for both men and women. You can wear transparent eyeglasses frames with or without prescription lenses and have a style boost.

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Tortoiseshell Design Full Rim

Tortoiseshell Design Full-Rim glasses

The Tortoiseshell design is trendy, fancy, timeless and ever-popular. These frames are light and flexible, usually made with plastic and acetate. You can find tortoiseshell full-rim eyeglasses in different colours. Classic brown is the most common shade available. You can forget about the boring brown tortoiseshell frame- there are so many different colours available that you will be sure to find the ideal one for your skin tone. You can choose from different colours for a modern take and to be a little peppier. Tortoiseshell glasses are one of the most versatile and popular eyeglass frames for both men and women.

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Full Rimmed Cat Eye

Full-Rimmed Cat-Eye glasses

Full-rimmed cat-eye glasses frames have that classy vintage appeal. They immediately add magic and charm to your outfits. You can choose from the wide range of full-rim cateye glasses for you to experiment with. Cat-eye glasses are sure to gain more ground with their classy and graceful feel. Bright and bold colours make for an ultramodern style.

Shop Full-Rim eyeglasses

Shop Full Rim Eyeglasses

Specscart is one of the most well-known places to buy eyeglasses. Full-rim glasses comprehend the majority of Specscart eyeglasses. A variety of materials like plastic, metal, wooden frames, acetate, available in full-rim eyeglasses. We have the coolest and trendy full-rim eyeglasses that will leave you awe-struck.

We also have prescription full-rim glasses and non-prescribed glasses to add some fun to your lifestyle. The full-rim glasses offer fashion enchantment for reality tests through the detail of different colours and designs.

We have more than thousands of eyeglasses designs, with a choice of colours, shades and textures to suit your taste and personalities.

We offer a ‘try at home’ option. You can choose a maximum of 4 frames to try at home. After choosing the preferred eyeglasses shape, colour, and material, the frames will deliver to your home. Once they arrive, you have seven days to make a decision. We also offer next day delivery service with free shipping across the globe.

Shop all eyeglasses at Specscart now. See what’s new in our stores and shop by style, colour, shape and more.


Yes. Absolutely. You can order full-rim glasses of any style no matter whether you want it for prescription glasses or the non-prescription ones.
Not much. A hunky-dory pair of full-rim glasses starts from £ 25.
You can choose from an assortment of styles including Wayfarers, Aviators, Geometric, Oval, Cat-Eyes, Round, and Rectangular. The variety of options for colours and patterns is no less either. From luscious blues to blush pink, from tortoiseshell to Havana, we have the most flattering colours ready for you.
No worries. We offer you a free of charge try at home service using which you can try up to 4 frames for 7 days at home. If you love any of those, order it and we’ll dispatch it for you within 24 hours. If not, you can try 4 frames again and then again until you are pleased.
We dispatch most orders within 24 hours. Although, in case of stronger prescriptions or varifocals, it may take us up to 7-10 days to dispatch your order.

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