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Protect eyes with digital blue light Protect eyes with digital blue light

Protect your eyes with digital blue light
protection coating to fight the harmful rays

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Standard Lens Vs X-Blue Lens Standard Lens Vs X-Blue Lens

Standard Lens Vs X-Blue Lens

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X-Blue Benefits Headaches eye strains X-Blue Benefits Headaches eye strains

X- Blue Benefits
Headaches and eye strains troubling you?
Not anymore!

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Gaming Lenses For Peak Performance

You know the importance of gaming glasses if you are a gamer, whether by passion or by profession. You understand the eyestrain, headache, blurred vision and dry eyes that come with long hours of gaming. We understand it too. That’s why we are introducing gaming glasses with X- blue UV lenses that not only help you feel better but also sleep better and play better. So, why compromise with your gaming experience when you can make it better along with your health?


Gaming Glasses Blocking Blue Light

While gaming your eyes are subjected to harmful blue light that leads to strains and headaches. Gaming glasses protect you against this light while improving your performance.


Why blue light protection is the weapon you need?

Weapon You Need
Weapon You Need
Weapon You Need
  • Eyestrains, poor sleep, etc. take away the fun of gaming.
  • X-blue UV lenses prevent these issues.
  • They help you level up in your game.

Standard Lens Vs X-Blue Lens (Gaming Lens)

Standard Lens
Gaming Lens

Standard lenses even with their anti-glare and anti-UV coatings aren’t able to block 100% blue light. The technology used in gaming glasses i.e., X-blue lenses, is for gamers to help them amp up their performance while protecting their eyes.

Rewards from X-Blue Lenses

Rewards block blue light

Block Blue Light

Rewards prevent dry eyes

Prevent Dry Eyes

Rewards minimize glare

Minimize Glare

Rewards sleep better

Sleep Better

Rewards reduce eye strain

Reduce Eye Strain

Digital Devices emit harmful blue light that results in eyestrains and dry-eyes. Digital blue light filter glasses act as a barrier against these harmful rays to protect our eyes

Glasses for gaming in style

Gaming in Style
Gaming in Style
Gaming in Style

Want to flaunt your skills with glasses for gaming in style? Nothing appeals more than comfort and quality in style. At Specscart, you can use the blue light protection coating to make any of your favourite styles of frames into gaming glasses. So, find what suits your face shape, your complexion, and your gaming attire to get yourself a brand new avatar. And show off your gaming expertise with gaming glasses in style!

How to buy gaming glasses?

Blue Light Blocking Glasses UK Blue Light Blocking Glasses UK Blue Light Blocking Glasses UK
01 02 03
01 Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
02 Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Variofcal or Non-Prescriptive.
03 Lens Coating - Choose “Digital Blue Protection” in the Lens coating option. Your Glasses will now come with X-Blue Lenses.

Questions On Your Mind ?

Yes, both are the same as the same X-blue UV light protection coating is used to protect your eyes from blue light.
Gaming glasses help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light while also improving your performance in the game.
The digital blue light coating varies for both non-prescription and prescription lenses. While it will cost you £25 for prescription glasses, it will cost you only £15 if you are choosing the non-prescription ones. The cost of the frame will depend on your choice. Both frame and the blue light coating on lenses collectively make you an affordable pair of gaming glasses.
Gamer glasses can be cleaned like any other pair of glasses. You can use Specscart’s Lensguard solution. If you want more solutions, find them here.
Yes, since gaming glasses are just like any other pair of glasses with the X- blue UV lenses, you can wear them outside without any hesitation. In fact, they’ll only help you strongly against UV light.
Gaming glasses are available in all styles and colours. So, you can easily find the frame that suits your face shape and complexion and we’ll add the blue light protection lenses with it to make gaming glasses for you.
We’ll get your glasses dispatched in 48 hours of receiving the order. However, if you have strong prescriptions, it might take us about 7-10 days to make your pair from scratch and dispatch it for you.
ALL glasses on our website can be fitted with gaming or X-Blue lenses. Just pick your favourite pair! You can browse the glasses here.
Yes, simply fill in your prescription details during the checkout process.
It depends on the particular keyboard, but multicoloured ones usually do emit blue light.

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