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Glasses Prescription Simplified

Eye tests are crucial to ensure your vision is at its best. But reading eye prescriptions is something that confuses even the smartest minds.
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However, reading an eye prescription can be puzzling for many people. Let’s simplify the puzzle:
“How to read a prescription?”

How to Read an Optical Prescription:

Here is a video to help you understand your prescription with the relevant visuals. We have simplified all the terms for your easy understanding of the complex terms used in your eye prescription.


What is CYL in eye prescription?

Cyl or cylinder in your eyes shows irregularity in the shape of your eyes which is also known as astigmatism.

SPH in your eye prescription refers to the power that is required to correct your vision. If it is a negative number it means you are short sighted and if it’s a positive number, it means you are long sighted.

If you have a prescription of 2.5 or lower, you will be considered legally blind in the UK. A prescription of 2.5 is equal to 20/200 vision. But in case the vision can be improved with glasses or contact lenses, it won’t be considered as a blind prescription.

The eye axis refers to the location of astigmatism on the cornea, measured between 0 and 180 degrees. A normal eye axis typically indicates no significant astigmatism or a minimal level below 0.50 diopters. Astigmatism above 1.5 diopters usually requires corrective eyewear, while a measurement of zero diopters suggests the absence of this refractive error.

"BVD" in an eye prescription stands for Back Vertex Distance, indicating the space between the back of corrective lenses and the eye s cornea or spectacle plane. It’s usually mentioned in high strength prescriptions

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