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Metal Frame Glasses

Strength and flexibility of metal for your eyes


The history of metal glasses speaks that these metallic beauties are loved since ages considering various properties and features it offers. From being light- weight, strong and corrosion-resistant, the metal glasses frames have evolved from reflecting just the black and boring shade to a new accessory altogether. Nowadays, metallic frames have gained high popularity just like their counterpart plastic frames. However, the best part and the unique quality of the metal glasses is their stability and durability to carry on for years without any issues. These glasses frames are a kind of one-time investment which when bought once remains as good as new for years. Metal frames come with the soft silicone or plastic-based nose pad that is attached through a metal wire. This makes the nose pad extremely comfortable as it is convenient to adjust as well. Metal glasses are not limited to any shape, you can get a huge variety of several shapes and sizes


Some of the metal frames are made from pure metals while some are mixtures or alloys of metals. However, the best part about metal frame glasses is their ability to withstand any weather conditions, moisture, sunlight, wear and tear. The following metals and alloys are widely used to create metal frames for the glasses:

titanium metal

It is one of the strongest metals along with being light-weight and never corrodes. Apart from that, Titanium is also hypoallergenic, i.e. it does not react with skin or cause any allergic reaction. Owing to this property, Titanium is one of the best choices of frames for children as well. Besides, Titanium frames are also available in several colour variants.

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stainless steel metal
Stainless Steel

We all are aware of the sturdiness of the stainless steel. The strength and the light-weight of the stainless steel is suitable for crafting metal glasses frames. Also, they come with pocket-friendly prices and are comparatively cheaper than other metals and alloys.

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almunium metal

Aluminum as a choice of frame has the features of being corrosion resistant, strong and flexible. However, a very small percentage of people develop an allergy from the use of aluminium frames.

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flexom metal

As the name says it is way too flexible material for the frames and can bend to an unimaginable level. Flexon is nothing but an alloy of Titanium with other metals. Although the frame remains corrosion- resistant, hypoallergenic, durable and light-weight, the frames are so flexible that it can be twisted and bent to any angle. Even after twisting and bending the frames comes back to their own shape and size.

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monel metal

It is a mixture of nickel with other metals and is flexible as well as corrosion resistance. Monel is cheap and the worst thing about it is that it may cause allergic reactions to some people.

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beryllium metal

It cost less than titanium and is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic, strong and flexible.

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You can get metal frames in any shape, style, colour, size and pattern that you can think of. From round, square, geometrical, aviators and unusual shapes, metal frames are available in all shapes to suit with your face structure. Also, there are full metal rimmed glasses wherein the entire glasses lens is surrounded by metallic wire / frame; half metal glasses with metal frames only covering the upper part of the glasses lens i.e. the browline of the specs; and rimless consists of only metal temples without any metal surrounding the glasses lens.


Metal frame glasses can be used not only as an accessory to flaunt but also to match with your prescription. Due to the quality of flexibility, strength and light-weight, the metal glass frames are used as metal reading glasses as well as for correcting distance vision correction. Beside, the hypoallergenic property of the metal frames does not react with the skin at all, even when it is used 24 x 7 in any harsh weather conditions, beach water, heat, etc. Plus you can always choose the advance coatings of anti-glare, anti-UV and anti-blue light blocking as per your preference and usage.

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Forget your worries of finding the best glasses frames as Specscart has the latest and trendiest collection of metal frames including branded designer glasses. You can get any shape, colour or rim-style designer metal glasses of your choice at pocket friendly prices that suits your budget that too with same day dispatch. However, if you wish to check out if they suit you and how flexible they are, just opt for the try on glasses available at Specscart and use them for a week. You will definitely find them lighter in weight than plastic ones and free from allergy along with being strong and unbreakable.


Metals like Flexon, Monel, Beryllium, Aluminium, Stainless steel, and Titanium are used in metal glasses frames at Specscart.
You can check out our guide to fix scratched metal glasses here.
Yes. Metal glasses frames are very much in style in this new era. That’s because they add sleek and sassy remarks to your appearance without going overboard.
Yes. You can try upto 4 frames for 7 days at your home. Don’t worry, it’s all free of charge. In fact, we also provide you a returns label, for you to return your package without any hassle when the time comes. Also, you can always try more frames after returning your current home trial package if you wish to.
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