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Oval Glasses

Oval Glasses

Curves that define your eyes, style and expressions

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Oval Frame Glasses - Let softer edges sharpen your looks

What is common between Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, Julia Roberts and Kylie Minogue? It is not just their celebrity status or their attractive looks. Not even their designer outfits or beautifully toned bodies. The common thing between all of them is that they all wear eyeglasses. And that too oval glasses. Not only female but their male counterparts like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp have also been seen sporting the oval frames.

What makes the oval glasses frames popular

What makes the oval glasses frames popular?

Oval frames are high in demand due to the softness and elongated shape. The oval frame glasses vary from small to highly oversize. The oval glasses are a hot favourite of not just celebrities and public figures but also many people across the globe like them. Not only the size, but even the frames have also seen variations. Gone are the days of boring glasses frames that used to hurt your looks. Instead, attractive oval frames rules the map. Double bridge, browline, flatter top or flatter bottom, oversized, etc. are some of the distinguishing variants of oval glasses. Moreover, there are designer frames with extremely thin to thick frames, multiple colours, broad frame line, pattern, texture, and even bejewelled detailing on the frame, which makes it more appealing.

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Face shape that complements oval glass frames

Face shape that complements oval glasses frames

Since the oval frame is soft and round, it can cover the flaws of sharp and pointed features of the face. Thus, people with square, triangle, heart and diamond face shapes can opt them. The soft roundness of the oval frame tends to juxtapose the hard, angular jawline and the pointed, sharp features. People with the broad square forehead, pointed cheeks, angular chin, and sharp jawline can benefit from oval glasses, since it adds softness.

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Variants of the oval glasses for men and women

Although, the basic shape of the oval glasses is curved which resembles an egg. These timeless oval-shaped frames can enhance the persona and may exude professional smartness or enigmatic charm. The shape of the oval frames has also seen several improvements and enhancements. Oval glasses for men have grown from being completely curved, to the inclusion of slight pointers, sharpness and angles on the sides, which display little masculine features. For instance, people with triangle face shape may select oval glasses which have rounded bottom but flattened on top. On the other hand, oval glasses for women have not changed much in shape. Rather there is addition of more detailing, thickness, broadness, etc. that showcase creativity and high fashion-styling.

Also, the asymmetrical shape of lenses has been doing the rounds and found favour by many. This includes a difference in the top and bottom curves of the frames. Whereby, the upper portion of the frame is larger than the bottom part and vice versa. This is done to meet any of the two purposes. Either to match with the face shape or for adding more style and attractiveness to the frame.

Needless to mention, the style of the rim also play a great role in giving altogether a unique appearance to the user. Where a full rim may give the hint of intellectual, introvert or maybe nerdiness. On the other hand, the half-rim may express charm and playful persona. While the full-rim may appear more professional, serious and expressive.

Oval Prescription and reading glasses
Oval Prescription and reading glasses

Oval prescription glasses are used where the person is experiencing either nearsightedness or farsightedness and require corrective glasses to get clear vision. Oval prescription frames also includes oval reading glasses that are crafted according to the prescription issued after a comprehensive eye test. While selecting frames, always present the correct and latest prescription to get the corresponding lenses.

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Select the right oval glasses

As variants of oval glasses lenses are available, thus, you need to be a little careful when selecting the right shape of eyeglasses. Look for the best material of the frame, the thickness of the lens, prescriptions, besides being suitable not only to your face shape but also the eyes colour, hairstyle, skin tone, hair colour, and your overall persona. Of course, detailing, branded designer glasses, bejewelled, colours, rim-style, texture, and size play a key role in determining the glasses. Take some time, try glasses at home and finalise the frame after you are fully satisfied. Else, you may also take expert advice from your friends, or the assistance at the store. Get your favourite oval shaped glasses online and enjoy the next day delivery.


Almost anybody can don oval glasses and benefit from their softer edges. Especially, if you have angled jawlines, pointed cheeks, and edges. That means faces with a square or triangle shape will look more appealing than others with them. Go through our blog to know more.
Yes. Celebrities like Megan Fox, Zoe Saldana, and Kylie Minogue have made this quite evident. The best way to know how stylish they will look on you is to get them for yourself.
Yes. Oval glasses st Specscart are available for a free home trial. You can choose up to 4 frames for 7 days to see how they look on you. Don’t worry. Shipping of the trial package is free on both sides.
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Yes. At Specscart all orders are shipped free of any charge.
It will take us less than 24 hours to dispatch your order once it’s received. Although, if you have a complex prescription or choice of coatings, we may take about 5-10 days to make you the best pair ever from scratch.

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