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Round glasses have been there since the inception of glasses. However, it was the 1920s that marked the ‘bursting onto the scene’ moment for round eyeglasses, when function took a backseat and it was their style that made them invincible. Go ahead and order small round glasses frames for a nostalgic and sophisticated fashion statement.

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Buy Circle Glasses Frames

Buy Circle Glasses Frames
Buy Circle
            Glasses Frames

You can buy circle glasses frames from us. From retro-inspired thin wire frames, to sharp rimless men round glasses, to chunky acetate frames, our collection has got it all covered. There is also a spectrum of colours to choose from to equal your moods and occasions.

You can buy circle glasses frames from us. From retro-inspired thin wire frames, to sharp rimless men round glasses, to chunky acetate frames, our collection has got it all covered. There is also a spectrum of colours to choose from to equal your moods and occasions.

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Round Glasses Frames For Men And Women

You just can’t resist admiring the versatility of this retro style. There are multiple options of circle glasses frames for both men and women, for all face shapes and for all occasions.

            Glasses for Men

Round Glasses Frames For Men

Men, styling your round frame glasses is super simple. Remember John Lennon’s thin-wired frames and the classic flair with which he styled them? Well, you can do the same! If vintage frames are what appeal to you, the stunning tortoiseshell frames will be a spectacular pick. It doesn’t end here! You can go with rimless pairs, the thick acetate frames in bold colours, and the list goes on.

            Glasses for Women

Round Glasses Frames For Women

Ladies, round gold glasses are what you can certainly rely on to keep things chic-like. The champagne pink clear frames - or even other lighter pastel shades - are a definite showstopper. The rose gold metal frames are no less than jewellery for your eyes. We just cannot miss out on the round frames that adopt the sassy upswept ends of cat-eye, making them aesthetically supreme. Want to try these for yourself? All you have to do is book a free try at home glasses order and get your favourite selects right at your place.

Best-Selling Home Trial Packs

The pain of choosing new spectacle frames is often overlooked. But, Specscart solves the problem with its curated Home Trial Box.

The pack includes 4 of our most popular glasses based on customer reviews and ratings, delivered to your doorstep!

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So, 1 click is all it takes to try out fan-favourite frames from the comfort of your home!

Purchase Round Prescription Eyeglasses

Eyesight correction in style! Our collection of round prescription glasses will not only convince you of their function but also their style because we know that glasses are not just a mere eyesight correction device. Purchase round prescription eyeglasses from us, and remember to submit your prescription in a one-step hassle-free process. If you are not aware of your prescription, visit our eye test studios to avail our free eye test service. What could be a better deal than having your own round frame glasses men collection.

Purchase Round Prescription Eyeglasses

Big And Small Round Designer Glasses

When it comes to styling your glasses, you have the complete freedom to experiment with the sizes of the frames. Our designer round glasses for men collection are designed taking into consideration this golden rule. Our collection ranges from sophisticated small-sized frames ideal for those elite gatherings to funky oversized ones with a casual easygoing aura around them, that is exactly what circle glasses men are. Looking for glasses that will meet your early needs? Our glasses will reach you in 24hrs dispatch time.

You can check out other styles over our website, whether your need is glasses frames for women or you are looking to buy men’s glasses.

FAQs About Round Glasses

What are round glasses called?

Round glasses are the one with circular shapes. They have perfect curves and no corners making them a perfect accessory for one with angular features.

Are round glasses in style 2024?

Round glasses are in trend for every season, but yes round glasses are in style for 2024 and for the coming years as well.

What face shape is good for round glasses?

Round glasses are a splendid retro option for Oval, Square, Heart-shaped faces.

Yes, they are! And they are not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because the modern-vintage look they portray is something almost each one of us admires.

Several of them. You can choose something like the classic black or white or something sprightly like orange. You have blue, blush pink, red, grey, gunmetal, crystal, and even patterns like leopard or tortoiseshell on round glasses to choose from.

Specscart dispatches your orders within 24 hours of receiving them. If the glasses need to have lenses with complex coatings and prescriptions, it may take upto 7-10 days instead. Don’t worry, we always try to make them at the earliest.

Yes, you can try these round glasses, or in fact, 4 of them, for 7 days at the comfort of your home. That too, totally free of charge because shipping is also free both ways.

Angular frames like square, geometric and cat-eye suit round face shapes particularly well.

Round metal glasses have got wildly popular in Korea in the past few years, that's why they're sometimes also called Korean glasses.

You can simply choose the "Save Prescription Later" option during the checkout process. You'll be able to send a photo later via email or post.

Round frames are no longer thought of as a nerdy style. You can wear these with any outfit and at any occasion. While metal round glasses give an elegant look, acetates ones are more chic.

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