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Round Sunglasses

A Retro Round-up of Pep and Class
Round Sunglasses

Let round sunglasses add some stylistically appealing highlights to your personality. Embrace the sunlight with the trendy shades, and impress all with the best sunnies. This season, polish your smart look with a vintage feel and circle sunglasses! The perfectly round shape is the classic remake that shouts out loud about your personality. There’s no better match than these circular sunglasses that can go so well with the young souls and make a statement. Sunglasses have become the everyday carry essential that gives you the cool look and protects your eyes from the harmful sunlight. Nowadays, the round shades come in rich variations for you to choose from. The introduction of new tint colours, frame colours and materials create distinct textures for circle sunglasses. Moreover, when loaded with polarized coating, the sunnies even reduce the glares and offer you improved comfort while enjoying a sun shower. You can also customize you sunglasses by adding a prescription to them. While these sunglasses create the new trend of the eyewear, we’ve got some tips for you to choose the pair ﴾ or pairs! ﴿ that suit you the best and compliment your personality. As each face shape, hair colour or skin tone goes well with different designs of rounds, here we’ve got some ‘secret formula’ for you to follow, so you won’t be confused by the huge selections of sunglass! Ready? Let’s take a look at the easy guidelines for choosing both men’s and women’s round sunnies:

    Stylish Dark Grey Round wayfarer Sunglasses Frames Tom Archer
    Blue and Turquoise Green Frame Sunglasses  Tom Archer
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    Dark Black Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Gunmetal Sunglasses for Narrow Faces Tom Archer
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    Brown Round Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    Brown Shady Sunglasses Tom Archer
    RYAN WA3
    bright indigo blue designer grey tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Gold Frame Sunglasses with Black Accents Tom Archer
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    Black Round Wood Sunglasses with Grey Tint Tom Archer
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    Brown Beauty Stylish Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Gold Circular Sunglasses Tom Archer
     Black Green Tint Sunglasses Tom Archer
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    Blue Round Sunglasses Online  Tom Archer
    Brown frame sunglasses Tom Archer
    CILO JR3
    matte black designer round brown tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Brown and bronze sunglasses in Round Metal Frame Tom Archer
    Black & Gold Round Glasses Tom Archer
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    Wooden Tortoise Round Sunglasses with Grey Tint Tom Archer
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    Comfy Black Framed Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Grey Round Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    Wild Look Cat Eye Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    Black & Grey Sunglasses Round Frame Tom Archer
    CILO JR1
    Black Round Metal Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Black Round Metal Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    dark brown round green tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Silver Sunglasses Round Frames Tom Archer
    CILO JR4
    New Arrival
    Round Brown Wood Sunglasses With Grey Tint Tom Archer
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    black and red round tortoiseshell full rim dark grey tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    Gold & Black Browline Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Gunmetal Sunglasses with Cool Tint Tom Archer
    Gunmetal Frame Tom Archer
    Black and Turquoise Sunglasses   Tom Archer
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    Green Round Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    black round designer brown tinted sunglasses frames Tom Archer
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    New Arrival
    Brown Wood Frame Sunglasses with Grey Tint Tom Archer
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    Dainty brown sunglasses Tom Archer
    RYAN CB1
    Gold Frame Round Sunglasses with Brown Lens Tom Archer
    CILO JR2
    Silver Framed Sunglasses Tom Archer
    Classic Double Bridged Sunglasses  Tom Archer
    Gold Browline Sunglasses, Gold Eyeglasses Tom Archer
    matte black designer indigo blue grey tinted sunglasses frame Tom Archer
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Round Sunglasses for Men

Gentlemen, you know sunglasses are one of the few essential you always need, don’t you? As we all know, shades are what feature your cool look, it’s super important for you to choose the right design that complements your style. And also, a pair of circular sunglasses can complement many face shapes. If you are of the square face shape, the round sunnies are more than ideal to style your look. Don’t forget, we have an extensive collection ‘circle sunglasses mens’ to help you style. But before that..

Here’re how circle sunglasses can set you apart:

  • For the retro look: Vintage round sunglasses with a proper fit on your cheekbones feature the most of your masculine style! The retro 50’s styling is what catches all eye and will never go unnoticed.
  • For the avant‐garde look: Let’s go rebellious with the circle sunglasses in brow bar design. The round pairs with the straight browline are must for you to steal the show. Keep in trend with the brow‐fashion!
  • For the hipster look: Round sunnies finished in the thin metal can truly reflect your hipster aesthetic. While you’ve dressed up in the vintage T-shirt and the ripped jeans, you can’t forget the round shades to complete your look.

The comeback of the round sunnies, again, creates the new fashion that has become insanely popular amongst the celebrities, iconic models and the youngsters. And choosing the best pair of rounds can be more enjoyable when you’ve got the above simple tips. Just a pair of circular sunglasses can add variations to your everyday look. But what if you’re still not sure about which round pairs to go for? Don’t worry, our team is always there to assist you and help you in finding the best match! Sounds good? Then it’s time to visit our collections of polarized round shades for men!

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Round Sunglasses for Women

Get a pair of round sunnies-the most recommended one for all the ladies out there! Their sleek lines matched with the metal finish talks of women elegance. And it’s also the soft neutrality that suitable for both formal and informal style. Just like the ‘circle sunglasses mens’ collection, we have an upclass collection of styles for women as well. But, before you get a pair, it’s important to know how to pull it off.

Here’re how to flaunt your pair of circle sunglasses:

  • For the formal look: Round shades finished in the metal frame is the best style that gives you the confident and elegant look.
  • For the retro look: The perfectly round sunglasses paired with the brow bar design can easily shout out loud for you and show off your taste of vintage. Or if you prefer the frames of the soft style, circle frame structure with tortoiseshell prints are ideal to match all hair colours, skin tones and emphasises the retro taste.
  • For the charming look: Circular sunglasses added with wings become the cat-eye sunglasses that highlight ladies’ summer dress code. Composed of the fusion of the classics and the modern, cat‐eye frame is definitely the design that gives you a sharp look.
  • For the bold look: Oversized round sunglasses with the larger lenses and bold lines remakes the retro rounds with the avant‐garde soul. The thick frames can easily smash your summer looks by imparting modern looks. Ladies, get some round sunnies. Have a look at our collection!
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Oval, square, heart-shaped faces are the ones that round sunglasses can complement the best.
Yes. Sporting the modern-retro appeal, these retro round sunglasses are still used in this day and age to spruce up one’s look. Even celebrities like Beyonce and Robert Downey Jr. love to flaunt their round pairs from time to time.
If you have a prescription and don’t want the hassle of switching between your prescription pair and your sunglasses, you can get your round sunglasses made with prescription lenses. You can choose to opt for Transitions as well.
No. Specscart currently has no service to provide sunglasses for home trials.
Not much. We dispatch each order within 24 hours of receiving it. Although, if you have a complex prescription, we might need about 7-10 days to make your round sunglasses with proper lenses from scratch for you.

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