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For the love of the game.

Actics Cycling Glasses

Make sure you zip through town in glasses that have great looks and the perfect fit.

Football Glasses Football Glasses

Bike around town in comfort!

Actics cycling glasses are made of premium acetate material which is durable and super strong. They feature a wraparound style which fits you snugly and doesn’t come off easily.

Actics Football Glasses

Combining secure fit, strong material and a sporty design.

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Gym Glasses Gym Glasses

Improve your performance on the field with impact resistant frames and lenses - complete with anti-UV and anti-scratch coatings.

Actics Gym Glasses

Workout styles that work out the best for you.

Golf Glasses Golf Glasses

These gym glasses stay in place ensuring a comfortable workout experience.

Actics Golf Glasses

Tee-off in style with golf glasses!

Running Glasses Running Glasses

Follow the ball perfectly with curved frames and arms that provide a secure fit. Anti-glare and anti-UV coatings help on a bright sunny day.

Actics Running Glasses

Grippy running glasses perfect for all kinds of running — from jogging to a snack run.

Tennis Glasses Tennis Glasses

Great for casual runners who are looking for the basics - comfortable fit, scratch and impact resistant, plus a sporty design.

Actics Tennis Glasses

Sporty designs that work just as well off-court.

Cycling Glasses Cycling Glasses

See the tennis ball well while also protecting your eyes. The frames are lightweight, yet durable TR90. They wrap around your face for a contoured fit.

Actics Glasses Series

Performance glasses and goggles for all kinds of adventures. From riding to racing, from planks to pilates.

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Actics combines durability, fashion and vision correction to
create eyewear that is as sporty as it is stylish.

UK Sports Glasses

How many times do we see people wearing the same glasses to the gym and their classes? At Specscart, we believe there should be #aFrameForEveryGame, and Actics is a step in that direction. The collection features high performance sports glasses with impact resistant polycarbonate lenses. So that you look better, see better, and play better.

Tinted Sports Glasses

From running to football, check out the most popular sports glasses online.

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Most Popular Sports Glasses

Performance Sunglasses and Goggles for Bike, Run, Snow & Adventure.


The best eyewear for sports is Actics sports glasses and sunglasses. Made with flexible and strong materials, these frames last a lifetime while enhancing your game experience.
Different sports require different types of frames, which has led to development of sport-specific frames. Sport frames are constructed of highly impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate, and most come with rubber padding to cushion the frame where it comes in contact with your head and the bridge of your nose. You’ll need them for the following reasons -
  • Dust and debris
  • Fast moving objects like balls
  • Better visual clarity for greater performance
Any pair of sports sunglasses should provide ample protection from UV and blue light damage that can occur from being out in the sun too long. For tennis (and golf for that matter), green lenses seem to work best.
This is because green lenses actually offer greater contrast, increase how vividly you see colour and allow for more natural light transmission. This helps you to distinguish the ball much more easily.
The best cycling sunglasses play a pivotal role when it comes to keeping your vision clear and your eyes free of grit, debris and rain. Nowadays, cycling sunglasses have become just as much fashion as they are function, but all Actics eyewear is manufactured to the highest standards to improve visibility and, of course, ensure your eyes are protected at all times. Check out for the best performance. feature here.
You need to protect your eyes because of the following reasons -
  • Because of dust and debris which can enter your eyes
  • Because of sweat
  • For better visual clarity with prescription sports glasses
The most important features of sports glasses are their design and materials used. In terms of design, they have a wraparound style that fits snugly around your head. So even if you’re running and coming to a stop suddenly, they don’t usually come off. It is also important that you get accurate sized glasses with the perfect fit.
Sports glasses are special frames that you can wear while playing games like football, tennis, cricket etc. These are the main features that set them apart -
  • They should have a better fit than normal glasses.
  • Both the frames and lenses should be made of a strong material which doesn’t break or scratch easily.
  • They should provide better visual clarity for a great on field performance.

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