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Add a pop of colour to your life with tinted glasses

Convert any pair of glasses to sunglasses with your tint of choice. Look at life with a new perspective!

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Choose among Normal, Graduated and Polarised tints.

How To Buy Tinted Lenses

Blue Light Blocking Lenses UK
Select the Glasses of your choice. Then click ‘Buy & Select Lenses’.
Select your Vision Type : Choose from Single Vision, Variofcal or Non-Prescriptive.
Lens Coating Select “Sunglass Tints” in the Lens Coating option. Finally choose the type and colour of your tints.

Green Tinted Glasses

Green Tinted

Green Tinted Glasses
Green Tinted Glasses Men

Being useful in both sunny and low-light scenarios, green lenses can help to reduce glare and improve contrast perception. Green is one of the more popular coloured lens options because it’s not too out there, but it still adds some colour to your regular sunglasses. And while adding a green tint to your glasses is fashion-forwards, the lens colour is also functional.

Brown Tinted Glasses

Brown Tinted

Brown Tinted Glasses
Brown Tinted Glasses Women

Amber and brown tints reduce glare and block blue light, brightening vision on cloudy days and increasing contrast and visual acuity, especially against green and blue backgrounds such as grass and sky. Choose amber and brown tints for fishing, baseball, golf, hunting, cycling, and water sports.

Grey Tinted Glasses

Grey Tinted

Grey Tinted Glasses
Grey Tinted Glasses Men

Grey is a popular neutral tint that allows the eyes to perceive colors in their purest form. Grey tints reduce brightness and glare. Choose grey for driving and outdoor sports such as golf, running, or cycling.

Tinted Prescription Glasses

You don't have to choose between good looks and good eyesight! While tinted glasses started as a style trend, they are also used for better eyesight. That is why you can choose any glasses on our website and get them with prescription tints. While non-prescription tinted glasses are used mostly for fashion, blue light protection or in conditions like photo-sensitivity, tinted prescription glasses also add vision correction to the mix. You also won't have to switch between glasses and sunglasses when you are out in the sun!


Tinted glasses are the best example of fashion meets function. They are a very distinct style statement, helping you stand out from the crowd. They make your eyes look obscure, almost mysterious. In fact it is one of celebrities like Robert Downey Jr’s favourite looks.
On the other hand, tinted glasses also help people with light sensitivity (also called photosensitivity). Sharp lights can be disorienting for some people, even causing eye pain. Tinted glasses help filter some of that light out, providing relief to the eyes.
Yes! You can get both prescription and non-prescription glasses with a tint.
Tinted glasses have a mysterious look similar to sunglasses, without totally hiding the eyes. Some also believe that these glasses help hide wrinkles and dark circles near the eyes. Whatever the reason, it is surely an iconic look!
Apart from light sensitivity, tinted glasses may also help against migraines, visual stress and vertigo.
Tinted reading glasses can help people with light sensitivity. Black text on bright white backgrounds can cause glare, which makes focusing on the page difficult - even for people without any such issue. That is why tinted glasses can improve the readability of text.
All our glasses - whether tinted or not - come with free anti-UV and anti-glare coatings. So when you buy tinted glasses from Specscart, you can rest assured about UV protection.
Since tinted glasses filter some light coming through the lens, they can help reduce eye strain. But to properly protect yourself against computer Vision Syndrome, getting Blue Light Glasses is a great idea.
Yes you can! Apart from single vision frames like tinted reading glasses, you can even opt for tinted varifocals.

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